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Biden is virtue signaling a political prosecution of the 4 George Floyd cops

Before Chauvin is even sentenced! In our system of jurisprudence, even Mafia dons are entitled to a fair trial. The measure of true justice is taken in the difficult cases; have we preserved the rights of unpopular defendants? No Captain … Continue reading

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Madison schools: quit teaching racism

Sorry we got caught Have you read a less sincere “apology” than that uttered by Madison WI public schools for its discussion groups segregated by race like some Mississippi Burning bus station? “This message did not convey our intention in … Continue reading

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Madison schools: Press #1 if you’re white, #2 if you’re not

We have crossed the Rubicon, if not the racial River Hades itself. Madison WI public schools are enforcing racial segregation. Bad enough, but MMSD is also pre-judging (the root word of prejudge) the police officer who saved the lives of … Continue reading

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Do black lives matter only when taken by blue lives?

BLM protests prevented 300 police shootings  but caused up to 6,000 other homicides! Another take on the George Floyd/Derek Chauvin trial: Did you detect any evidence, testimony, or even postulation that suggested racial animus? An epithet uttered? The defendant’s past … Continue reading

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How long will Madison ‘progressives’ resist body cameras?

After the Chauvin conviction. Former Madison WI mayor Dave Cieslewicz: “George Floyd’s brother, Philonise … talked about bans on choke holds, the curtailing of qualified immunity and requiring that police officers have their body cameras on at all times. Yet … Madison … Continue reading

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Derek Chauvin gets the death sentence

Bad cop, coerced verdicts We cannot say the verdict of guilty on all three counts in the George Floyd trial today is unwarranted. It’s certainly not surprising. But it may be as political as it is judicial.  Every state writes … Continue reading

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