Biden is virtue signaling a political prosecution of the 4 George Floyd cops

Before Chauvin is even sentenced!

In our system of jurisprudence, even Mafia dons are entitled to a fair trial. The measure of true justice is taken in the difficult cases; have we preserved the rights of unpopular defendants? No Captain Dreyfus sham trials. No Chicago Seven railroad jobs. Even Timothy McVeigh had rights.

For that reason, the announcement by President Biden’s attorney general, Merrick Garland, of federal civil rights charges against the four Minneapolis police officers charged in the death of George Floyd is a travesty. Pure politics, not justice. A nasty bit of cop-hating virtue signaling by an insecure administration eager to pander to the dictates of critical race theory. We turn once again to attorney Andrew C. McCarthy, who has been following the case at National Review:

At best, the Justice Department’s indictment of Derek Chauvin and the three other former Minneapolis cops involved in George Floyd’s killing nearly a year ago is overkill. At worst, it is an exercise in political zeal that could undermine the accountability being achieved by state prosecutions. In the meantime, it is abusive — ironically so given that the charges are brought under the guise of upholding civil rights, though it obviously has not dawned on the Civil Rights Division’s social-justice warriors that police have civil rights, too.

Lady Justice blindfolded

McCarthy deplores (for one thing) the timing of the Justice Department’s indictment. The statute of limitations was nowhere near expiring. It serves only to pressure the trial court judge to drop the hammer on Chauvin. What’s more, it prejudices the jury pool that will decide the fate of the other three police officers. As if the Chauvin jury had not already been prejudiced by U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA, who travelled to Minneapolis to demand more street violence if the jury did not convict the disgraced cop.

McCarthy also points out that Chauvin will spend most of the rest of his life in prison and that (as the Werkes has said before) it will be hard time — a white cop convicted in the death of a black man? Dead man walking.

Furthermore, no evidence was presented at trial that George Floyd was singled out because of race or any protected class. 

Double jeopardy?

Finally, federal charges are most often brought when a state court fails to act, as was common in the Jim Crow South. McCarthy is scratching his head. “It does not make enforcement sense for the federal government to prosecute these defendants after they are convicted and sentenced to hard time by the state, based on the exact same conduct.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Thank good ol’ Mitch McConnell that Merrick Garland is not a Supreme Court justice!

What is YOUR verdict?

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5 Responses to Biden is virtue signaling a political prosecution of the 4 George Floyd cops

  1. Normwegian says:

    And, the line of future LE applicants dwindles, as the line of those applying for early retirement increases exponentially.

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  2. This move is setting up what follows after Chauvin’s trial gets thrown out by the appeals court or the current judge rules it’s a mistrial.

    The Biden administration’s DOJ is virtue signaling that the mob does in fact rule over the justice system.

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    • Bill says:

      I agree Steve. To those in power the police and other law enforcement are expendable pawns. To be used, then thrown away when it suits the purpose of the moment. I am not a police officer, nor have I ever been one, but I can assure you that given the opportunity to provide protection and security for one of our overlords, I would decline such an opportunity without a second thought.

      My question would be: How long do you think it will be that the police and other law enforcement officers say Hell No to providing security for the politicians and the rest of the ruling elite in this country?

      I’d say, at the rate we are going; 5 years!

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  3. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    American Thinker has a good piece on Chauvin’s trial; “At a practical, as opposed to a legal, level, Judge Cahill has already overruled several defense motions, including a change of venue, and shows no signs of wanting to overrule himself. He does, after all, live there, and knows that his
    home and family, as well as his personal safety, are at risk to the mobs that have shown a willingness to burn, loot, and murder — the other meaning of BLM in practical terms. We may natter on all we wish about the principles of justice, but justice is in the hands of flesh-and-blood individuals, and courage is not always the predominant response.”

    Here’s the link:

    I think Chauvin was prematurely condemned. He was tried in the court of public opinion shaped by the fear and retribution of the mobacracy as framed by Ms. Media and found guilty. I think Officer Chauvin only got “social justice”. Although he’s entitled to it, he didn’t get any real justice, the kind that Lady Justice, (the blindfolded lady who holds the scales and sword) administers.

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