‘My mom works at La Follette H.S. and I fear for her every day’ 


Today in Kids Do the Darnedest Things:

Stolen Auto – 12:03 p.m. OnStar contacted dispatch to report that they were tracking a stolen auto around Turner Ave/Hob St.  The vehicle was slowed down by OnStar and it eventually stopped on the Beltline Ramp at Rimrock Road.  Two AAM juveniles fled on foot and have not been located.  The vehicle’s registered owner was contacted.  Investigation continuing.

EAST: Information/Disturbance – 12:59 p.m. Officers responded to concerns over a potential fight at La Follette High School due to ongoing disputes between two groups of female juveniles. One of the groups was contacted by officers. — from the police chief’s daily log.

Sound the klaxons! Alert the social justice warriors! Convene the Common Council. Play the race card!

White Parents are organizing! 

So advises one JT Jenkins, who advises his social media followers:

Heads up: the white parents at this meeting are gearing up to go to school board mtgs pushing for EROs. 

This comes after a slew of neighborhood meetings earlier this week in the La Follette high school attendance area. Parents and neighbors are reeling from two school-related shootings in the span of a week in which three young people were injured. (“Two charged with attempted homicide.”)

In the last two weeks, a 17 year-old was shot on a city metro bus after a 15 year-old mishandled a gun and unintentionally fired it. Then a week later, a 16 year-old suffered a non-life threatening gunshot wound during a prearranged fight where a 21 year-old brought a gun to what was to be a fist-fight, according to police.

Monday evening, the Glendale Neighborhood Association and two alders hosted a meeting at Sennett middle school with a panel comprised of MPD chief Mike Koval, the LaFollette High School principal, the Chief of Security and MMSD Assistant Superintendent. Sennett meeting

Mr. J.T. Jenkins, exhibiting the attributes of a good Madison social justice warrior,  was on the scene and calls out the “racists” who complain about gunfire: 

The recent shootings apparently are the permission these folks needed to pull out all the racist complaints they have about kids of color and to try and get La Follette to lock down and lock up. 

They want MORE police in schools, more police patrolling the neighborhood at lunch and after school, and generally seem to feel under siege by the LaFollette kids in their neighborhood. Sooo much dog whistle racism here OMG. “Fight clubs” and weed and cursing in the streets, etc etc

They “have money and can raise money” and plan to buy and try and install permanent metal detectors at school (GoFundMe already started).

They also blame Jennifer Cheatham for the Behavior Education Plan and the perceived increase in violence at school (one parent has their kid circulating a petition to remove Cheatham).

Most of the mobilized parents are gearing up to lobby the school board for more funding for MPD and EROs at upcoming meetings

This drew a fist pump from Dean Loumos ally Anna Moffit, who tried her darnedest on the ad hoc committee to expel cops from our schools. 

Let me know if you want to connect some time. My [successful school board] opponent [in the April election, Gloria Reyes] is a former cop and trained EROs in the school board race, and she won. I tried to offer alternative and proactive strategies to reduce violence in the community, but the Madison establishment (police chief, mayor and police union, business folks, etc.) really pushed back and amplified the “security problems” and need for safety.

(Some would suggest it was the shooters who amplified the “security problems.”) Jenkins confirms: “Yeah Cheatham is def under attack by the parents I met last nite.”

La Follette H.S..png

‘Even black people’ are concerned about school violence

No! What?! Derail the Jail activist Brandi Grayson chimes in:

The problem is that even black people believe in the bullshit that they’re talking. And brown folks. This is Madison — where Black & Brown folk have little analysis around white supremacy racism & /or how to address the hurt, desperation & hopelessness that so many of our families are facing. As I often say — the design of the system of white supremacy racism is genius — the more you dig into the sand the more the hole fills up. 

At that point, other parents joined in, starting with Danny Peterson:

If my family member was a student at the schools, I definitely would like one if not more armed officers in the school. Do you really want your children in a school without armed officers if a shooting broke out? Kids would be innocent sitting ducks…. you have got to have a way to stop the threat, to think it can be stopped any other way is asinine

Peyton Barber agreed. “If metal detectors and police aren’t the solution then what is? Please explain.”

‘I had to take cover in my own home’

Someone identifying him/herself as CJ CJ:

This is a step in the right direction. Gotta start somewhere! The majority of kids complied, refrained from complaining, and were actually grateful to feel safe going to school today. … My kids are safer now than they were yesterday. And that’s the bottom line.

Isabell Martinez Duran:

Having one officer on school ground is not enough to protect our children against random shooters that want to kill not just kid but people. One officer is just not enough for him to get there in time. Our teachers need to be armed to protect our children those that can get a permit. It’s sad to say that this is the way our country is going. But how else will you protect our children when when we’re not around. If everybody carried a gun a person like that will think twice about doing what he or she wants to do two people or children.

Ashley Corbin of Lake Edge:

We live 0.1 miles away for my daughter to take a city bus assigned to Sennett [middle school] so she has to take a regular bus and is TERRIFIED daily. My heart hurts for her and I try to provide transportation when necessary.

Renee Abel Collinge of Heritage Heights:

I attended the meeting last night. One of the vice principals took a head count mid-meeting and announced the count – there were 100 people there. … We then broke into small groups and talked about the top immediate needs of LHS in terms of making the school a safer place. As far as I could tell, the top three were:

1) Keeping EROs in school

2) Random security checks involving wanding and checking bags/implementation of security measures funded by the grant (cameras,”hotel locks” on all the inside doors, and more secure outside doors)

3) Getting specific kids that need the extra help the resources that they need. 

An interesting note: a student in attendance asked when was the last time Dr. Cheatham has been in the building at La Follette. The answer was last April.

We’ll give Bonnie Langrehr of Glendale the last word:

I am sorry that you and your family have to endure this. It’s not right. It’s bad enough I had to take cover in my own home but to send a child out in to this environment is unthinkable. This is why other communities that surround Madison are becoming so popular and growing so fast … Parents are worried about sending their kids to La Follette High School.


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12 Responses to ‘My mom works at La Follette H.S. and I fear for her every day’ 

  1. “My mom works at La Follette H.S. and I fear for her every day”

    Kids are such snowflakes these days. 😉


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    My Mom Works At La Follette And I Fear For Her Every Day.

    Kids worried about their parents?? There’s something SERIOUSLY F****D UP about that!

    However, little, if any, doubt exists that LaLaLoonyLeftyLand Logic thinks there’s no problem, no problem WHATSOEVER!

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      well, one of those high paid, pampered, money sucking, lazy, big benefits teachers has a kid worried about her. A big pension and benefit package awaits after an early retirement. After everything walker and the gop has given to the people teaching our kids now they even want cops in school. Will their demands ever end. Next they will be demanding chalk and pencils. Before you know it they will want to be reimbursed for the supplies they need to buy.
      We need compromise here. Maybe walker can put together a deal for them. If a teacher buys their own gun and ammo he’ll let them refinance any student loans down to a very manageable 11.5%.


      • richard lesiak says:

        My sister was a teacher all her life. Do the “great” teachers you know think walker is great? Do they think your great? You RWNJ’s demonized them for a very long time. Now you act like your so concerned about them and our schools. BS.


  3. Batman says:

    “The problem is that even black people believe in the bullshit that they’re talking. And brown folks. This is Madison — where Black & Brown folk have little analysis around white supremacy racism & /or how to address the hurt, desperation & hopelessness that so many of our families are facing. As I often say — the design of the system of white supremacy racism is genius — the more you dig into the sand the more the hole fills up.”

    Hey Brandi Grayson; when was the last time you had an original thought? Repeating the talking points from your afflicted victim centric SJW play book has become nauseating. It is not whitey’s fault there are so many dysfunctional black families with violent feral kids. Unwed young people making babies in self-defeating circumstances is not because of white supremacy or racism.
    Your (it’s never my fault) ideology is toxic to everything it touches.

    Have a listen to Taleeb Starkes. He’s not buying what you’re selling.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      “Have a listen to Taleeb Starkes.”

      Listening may not be the best approach for the talented Ms. Grayson, whose recent silence I, and I may not be alone on this, have enjoyed immensely.

      And if, as I strongly suspect, listening is AWOL in her undeniably enviable skill set, would reading be a stretch as well?

      Pity if that’s the case, she be hatin’ White Folk. That demographic includes, and this is where it gets good, White Lefty Guilt suffocated White Lefties.

      Anywho: Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed by Jason L. Riley


      Or heck, anything by superbly credentialed Dr. Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, and other similar Minority Conservative with the temerity to leave the Lefty Plantation and think for themselves.

      The Gotch


  4. Batman says:

    Zoltar (06/04/2018) wrote:

    “Anything that falls outside the ideological views of a Progressive must be heavily piled on with demonizations until their opposition crumbles under the massive weight. What they fail to see is that their own demonization tactics are also a boat anchor dragging Progressives into the abyss of complete moral bankruptcy.
    Progressives are souls lost within the absurdity of their own illogical bubble that’s being sucked into a black hole of evil, and the evil they face is themself.”

    Hope you don’t mind the reprint Zoltar.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Tom Paine says:

    Do any non-libtards really believe they can put Gangsta Kulture back in the bottle? Why do so many continue to suffer the delusion that the problems of racial “integration,” will only get better? Doubt that? What is the recent history of social relations in Madison and MSD? Guns ain’t going back to the dealers; gang activities are not about to experience a reformation.

    And, the luxury of delusion may seem comforting, but the fundamental contradictions will only continue. Good Luk wid that.


  6. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    It’s encouraging to see that Madison liberals are starting to be held accountable for their lunacy (it was a long time coming). What they fear most is this kind of grassroots push-back, so let’s hope it continues–and grows. In the meantime, we can expect the usual tiresome claptrap from Brandi and her ilk to continue at fever-pitch.


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