Madison is electing Republicans

The city spooks the rest of the state

A homeowner here on the west side of Madison WI is one up on his fellow progressives. Not content with the usual yard sign, a home in the affluent Greentree neighborhood lights up “Black Lives Matter” from the front window in neon electric lights! (Puts our Blatz beer sign to shame!)

→ In the Emerald City, an All Lives Matter sign would be prosecuted as a hate crime.

“Systemic racism is real,” says the City of Madison’s director of civil rights. City government requires its employees to be re-educated in white guilt camp in course work like:

  • “How to keep privilege, supremacy, and other forms of oppression out of government;”
  • “Communicating about race & oppression;”
  • “Implicit bias;”
  • “Racial equity / Social justice, Part 1 [of 3].”
BLM neon
‘Black Lives Matter’ in neon lights!

The city won’t explain how all this race shaming prevents teenagers from stealing our cars or popping a cap into a rival gang banger. Madison’s public schools are doing their part by defunding the police and firing disciplinarians. On the flagship campus of the University of Wisconsin, Critical Race Theory leaves no stone unturned — even one weighing 42 tons.

Wisconsin voters are watching

Keep up that kind of claptrap, former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz warns, and you’ll lose the state legislature to the Republicans once again:

You are going to hear a lot in the coming months about how the Democrats just can’t win unless they get fair [redistricting] maps. That’s partially true, but only partially. Even with fair maps, Democrats have to hone their message to appeal to voters beyond Dane County. The obvious solution is for the party to strengthen its center-left. Emphasize issues like hard infrastructure … And, importantly, de-emphasize culture war issues. The more Democrats adopt the language of Critical Race Theory, the more they will lose.

Undeterred, Madison Mayor Satya (in this post), the civil rights director, and alders including Yannette Figueroa Cole here on the SW side demand Democrats in the state legislature vote against Assembly Bill 414. The bill would prohibit counties, school districts, and municipalities like Madison from mandating its workers practice critical race theory.

→ Tell bill author Rep. Gae Magnafici you support AB 414. Tell State Rep. Chuck Wichgers you also support his Assembly Bill 411 banning teaching CRT in state-supported schools.

Out-state Democrats who vote with Mayor Satya will face the judgment of their voters. The two bills will be among the last Gov. One-Term Tony ever vetoes.

Chamberlin Rock being hauled away
Creator: Bryce Richter | Credit: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Copyright: Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System 

Blaska’s Bottom LineRepublicans ought to put the Chamberlin Rock (or facsimile) on a flatbed truck and parade it through Lancaster and La Crosse, Bonduel and Beloit, Waukesha and Winneconne. Maybe another float with the decapitated Colonel Heg. Photo montage of the State Street kristallnacht last summer. Guys bellowing into bullhorns, wielding baseball bats, and waving molotov cocktails (smoking, for verisimilitude). Followed by the Madison art museum Cop as Pig mural. It would be ever so educational.

What floats YOUR float?


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11 Responses to Madison is electing Republicans

  1. Liberty says:

    “The city spooks the rest of the state”

    The way Progressives think and behave is not normal to most people in the real world. They see the decay happening in Madison and don’t want it knocking at their door. Too late for that, I’m afraid. Madison may be the epicenter of bizarre and subersive, but the stuff is spreading, even in places where you’d least expect it..

    My advice: Next time pay better attention who you’re voting for.


  2. Bill says:

    Yes, we should vote for all Democrats! What could go wrong?

    As your statistics that are printed right next to where I’m writing state: Madison crime 2020
    Shots fired up 74%
    Burglaries up 21%
    Stolen Vehicles up 47%
    Theft from autos up 22%
    Homicides + 150% (10 compared to 4)

    Milwaukee homicide up 95%
    Chicago homicide is once again through the roof.

    The southern boarder is being overrun with people from God knows where.

    Afghanistan is collapsing.

    Federal spending is Way, Way Up.

    It’s all GOOOD!


  3. One eye says:

    Toriana Pettaway was just a few years ahead of her time. She would thrive in Madison now.


  4. Bill says:

    I just read this really great quote from another article on another subject. The article is called “Living by Noble Lies” which was written in The American Conservative by Rod Dreher.

    The quote is from the end of the article and it goes like this: “The point is this: authority is not the same thing as power. An institution that has squandered its authority has nothing left but power. And if it doesn’t have power to coerce others — as in today’s churches — what does it have? If it does have the power to coerce others, including those who don’t accept its authority, it risks being or becoming a tyranny.”

    The point is that in politics the Democratic party who once welcomed all points of view is now a party that has its members goose stepping to a lock step point of view or be ostracized. The Democrats used to laugh at just how neanderthal and back step we, Republicans were. How in the Laurence Welk, Leave it to Beaver period of time we were.

    When guys like our former Democrat Mayor, Dave Cieslewicz warn the Democratic party of just how far off center they are by pushing the language of CRT on the rest of us, you know just how far the Democrat party has gone and what it is willing to do in order to get what it wants.

    I say this as a life long Republican who would gladly vote for Dave in any race he ran in as at least I know that he brought a love for his community and more importantly, all the people in it, to his office.

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    • richard lesiak says:

      “Lock step point of view or be ostracized”; that’s funny. You continue to beat up on the Dems, but look at the gop. Cheny and Graham are just two that come to mind for being censured lately; there are many more.. In favor of masks; they will threaten your family, they want to cut off your paycheck, beat up teachers, disrupt meetings, on and on. How about owning some of your party’s nonsense for a change.


      • Bill says:


        I don’t know where you get your information from but I can tell you as one who reads from many conservative news outlets as well as conservative blogs, listens to state and local as well as national talk radio, Miss Vicki, Dan O’Donnell, The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, I don’t hear anyone who is a republican or a conservative talking about threatening anyones family, cutting off anyones paycheck, beating up teachers and so on.

        I don’t see Republican or conservative leaning individuals out there smashing store windows like here in Madison because of something that happened in another city either. BTW- As a conservative, I was one of those folks who went down to State Street and volunteered to clean up the mess the rioters and looters had left behind as Madison has been the city I have lived in for some 30+ years now.

        If you do find a source that Republicans or Conservatives are calling for violence, prove me wrong, please cite it so that I can see it for myself.

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        • Liberty says:

          I too, have yet to see one conservative I follow issue threats or riot.

          Thank you for helping clean up the mess that rioters made. That’s the difference between you and them.


    • Liberty says:

      “… who would gladly vote for Dave in any race he ran in as at least I know that he brought a love for his community and more importantly, all the people in it, to his office.”

      He may talk more coherently than the rest of the them, but he’s cut from the same cloth, in my opinion.

      I remember a time when he prioritized a trolley over police resources, and only gave in because there was community outcry.

      Sure, that was over a decade ago, but has he really changed? Looks like more of the same to me.

      “Cieslewicz felt Rhodes-Conway, who was elected in April 2019, was off to a good start in her first year, especially with the progress of her ambitious Bus Rapid Transit initiative, funded in part by a controversial wheel tax Rhodes-Conway shepherded through the Common Council.”

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      • Bill says:


        You do have a point there. I guess I think a little better of Dave than I do of Satya as a person and as a Mayor.

        But I’ll tell you this: I wouldn’t find myself stumping for either one of them against a Republican that is a True Conservative.

        But those are hard to find here in this town.

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  5. AdamC says:

    Give Justhea Smollstein a bunch of bullhorns and pay her to parade all over Wisconsin condemning typical white Wisconsin frat boys for getting away with a brutal attack on her.

    Come to think of it WHY haven’t the Governor, Dane County Executive, Mayor, BLM, et al. been beating the drum nonstop for the past year to solve this heinous crime????

    Oh wait…. because they know it is a hoax. Just like every Madison leftist knows it’s a hoax…. but they can’t bring themselves to say it out loud.

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  6. georgessson says:

    Yep, CRT sure didn’t stop the kid Mylee Sanders from killin’ classmate Shay Watson, or Perion Carreon, 19, & Andre Brown 16, (SIXTEEN) from sending a head shot to 11 year old Anisa Scott. Or two juveniles who killed the Golden Goose -two Dr’ in the Arb. Mores the pity: equality/equity undoubtedly encouraged them. Sure didn’t dissuade ’em…

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