Removing the rock of faux outrages

Until the next unreasonable demand.

Is it just me? Is Blaska the outlier? Is your irascible bloggeur the only one in high dudgeon today? (Wouldn’t be the first time.) Anyone else think the removal of a glacial erratic boulder from the campus of the University of Wisconsin is the most stupid, egregious display of Woke virtue signaling ever? (Need more adjectives and adverbs, STAT!) Please tell me I’m not going crazy.

Neither the Babylon Bee nor the Onion can make this stuff up. It is its own parody. A 42-ton boulder — not fashioned into a likeness of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest or Donald Trump — tumbled up on the Madison isthmus by the same impersonal glacier that formed Madison’s chain of lakes 12,000 years ago. Somehow, THIS is your symbol of white oppression? 

Why? Because someone 100 years ago used a racial pejorative to refer, generically, to big rocks like the Chamberlin Rock. A term that, guaranteed, not one of the campus’ 40,000 cosseted students has ever heard in their young lives. That was only discovered in a mouldering issue of a 1925 newspaper. “University historians have not found any other time that the slur was used,that newspaper helpfully informs today.

Chamberlin Rock
Is no one damning its removal?

Through some bizarre progressive alchemy, the rock, named after a long-ago university president, has become a “painful symbol of the university’s racist past.” Notice the absence of the qualifying adverb “allegedly.” For it is given that the University of Wisconsin-Madison was racist and today, with its removal, likely is only a little bit less so. Because a noisy claque of social justice warriors is on the prowl. On a campus where young men once mustered out of Camp Randall on these very grounds to fight slavery and secession in the South. Now THAT is skin in the game, unlike the grievance studies majors playing little Miss Snowflake.

No baseball bat and bullhorn needed when playing the race card in Madison WI. Over-educated college deans, salaries well into six figures, will bow and scrape like reverse Stepin Fetchits. No history, either.

Loud and stupid is no way to go through life, kids.

‘Further harm’?

Campus chancellor Rebecca Blank couldn’t muster the spine to say, “Hey Kids, we’ll get back to you on that. If you want to stomp and shout over a big blank stone instead of making a difference in the world, I’ll sell the popcorn.” No, instead, we get this mealy mouthed subservience to stupidity: 

“Removing the rock as a monument in a prominent location prevents further harm to our community while preserving the rock’s educational research value for our current and future students.”

That is the WI State Journal quoting the university’s director of campus planning and landscape architecture, who appears to be as white as a loaf of Wonder Bread. And as clueless.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The Werkes hopes that some future generation will look at the rock in its new, undisclosed location and ask “What were they thinking back in 2021?” Now THERE would be some educational research value.

What will be the next Madison artifact to go?

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53 Responses to Removing the rock of faux outrages

  1. One eye says:

    Congratulations to the black student union for resurrecting a word that had been dead for God knows how long.

    [Blaska edit:] XXXXX

    Rumor is they’re going after Brazil nuts next.

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    • One eye says:

      There’s an Abbot and Costello routine in here somewhere.

      Can’t say it
      The word
      What word?
      The word everyone now knows
      If everyone knows it why can’t you say it
      it’s not allowed
      not allowed by who?
      the people that pointed us all to the word
      why did they do that?
      … third base!


    • Normwegian says:

      You raised the Brazil Nut flag…standby for the fallout. Maybe I can stock up before they relocate them to a yet to be determined location.


      • One eye says:

        I recommend Farm and Fleet – huge selection of nuts.

        Just one more thing, maybe you really old people can tell me. If there’s objects for the heads and the toes … what about all the other body parts in between?

        I trust the SJWs are scouring microfiche to find the answer.


    • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

      Brazil nuts? LOL Next some marketing geniuses will be changing the name of my favorite brand of frozen pizza, namely SCREAMIN’ SICILIAN. Give it time.


  2. fritzderkat says:

    What will be the next Madison artifact to go?
    Ought to be Lincoln. That should about do it, huh?


    • One eye says:

      Not Lincoln. The answer is in your question.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      They’ve had their eye on Lincoln for some time, and my bet is they’ll take him down eventually–either by ‘persuading’ the spineless administrators at UW-Madison to do it, or more likely they’ll simply pull it down themselves while the brave heroes on the UW police department stand by scratching their asses. They’re also agitating to change several names of campus buildings–i.e., any of them named after a white male.


  3. AdamC says:

    The photos accompanying the article speak volumes.

    White males literally doing the heavy lifting under the watchful eyes of miserable-looking woke SJW’s.

    A boulder that was called by an offensive term by people a century ago and today weak individuals feel oppressed by a term not used since the last millennium.

    At least those white males doing that heavy lifting got paid, unlike the miserable SJW’s watching.

    The entire Sociology department at the University would probably be unable to move that rock plus none of them wants to do any actual work amnesty anyway.

    They would rather order others to do hard dangerous work while watching. Gee…. what does THAT sound like?

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    • Liberty says:

      “…literally doing the heavy lifting under the watchful eyes of miserable-looking woke SJW’s.”

      That’s what SJWs do. They whine, riot, take, earn useless degrees, and repeat inane theories while the rest of us actually do the work .

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  4. Wm. Tyroler says:

    From the WSJ article: “The rock will be placed on publicly accessible university-owned land southeast of Madison near Lake Kegonsa, where it will continue to be used for educational purposes by the geoscience department.”

    So we’re supposed to believe that transporting the “racist monument” (!) to a different public setting somehow removes its — what? penumbral racist taint? You have to have a heart of pre-Cambrian stone not to laugh.

    Also from the article, a sage observation from, one can only assume, a typical bien pensant Madisonian: “It’s not the rock’s fault that it got that terrible and unfortunate nickname[.]” No, it’s not Racist Rock’s fault — it’s the Wisconsin State Journal’s fault! So why isn’t the WSJ being made to pay a price?

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  5. pANTIFArts says:

    Backstory: Earlier this week “The Werkes” ran the story of Mayor Dave and his interactions with the uber woke “Max”. Comments on “The Werkes” digressed to Mayor Dave’s moderation policies on posts running contrary to Liberal thought. I wanted to find out for myself, and the smarmy “Max” was due a smack-down, “woke” toes stepped on, and a few oxen gored. While “sharing” with “Max”, a bubble of consciousness that had been rising for years popped in my mind.

    Wokeness REVOLVES around forcing the “other” to do something, no matter how insane it might be. Create a problem, ignore the obvious actions that YOU could take to solve it, and force the “other” to do the unexplainable. (Then, I guess everybody meets back at the clubhouse for group massages.)

    If they decided that elderly P.O.C. couldn’t get to the drugstore they would propose some elaborate tax funded plan. Posters would be made. Hundreds would show up to protest for hours a day, weeks on end, racking up Hundreds of Thousands of man/hours. And still, “Grandmaw” isn’t getting her meds. I think, with Hundreds of Thousands of Hours of “free time”, SOMEBODY could offer her a ride.

    RE the “Rock”–
    The so-called “N____-head” was a real thing. They are ironstone concretions, very common in the shale and mudstone overburden above coal seams, (I’ve seen hundreds of them). I don’t doubt some Madison residents were familiar with them, as they occur in the Mazon Formation of No. Illinois, and the Illinois Coal Basin of Ill, Ind, and Ky. They are almost always spherical, often perfectly round, and totally black. (nothing, even remotely, resembling your “Rock”) I would have hoped that a UNIVERSITY would have had someone who knew this.

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      This entire “Rock” thing should have been laughed off from the very beginning, and the snowflakes told to just ignore the rock and find safe space. It would make MUCH more sense to ban all WOODPILES, as THEY were the mythological hiding places for racial epithets, — and a much more common phrase.

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  6. Mr. Forward says:

    What’s that racist rock going to get up to in some obscure corner of the University plantation? Before you could keep an eye on it now it’s unsupervised. A very large ankle bracelet might be in order.

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  7. richard lesiak says:

    Wonder how Tommy T. came to decide the rock had to be moved. He is running that place ‘ya know.


  8. Scott F says:

    From the WSJ Article: “David Meyer, a UW-Madison alumnus and Madison resident since 1976, said he used to walk by the rock all the time while on campus in the ‘70s, but never knew its complicated past.”

    Neither did anyone else, until the recent wave of mass insanity swept the land….. This should now stand in its new resting place, symbolic of the petrified brains of those who now control our institutions of higher learning….. On Wisconsin….

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  9. georgessson says:

    I over-used the “like” key today B/C all comments, sans one, were relevant and insightful.

    My contribution is only a back-drop:

    At that time, the KKK was huge, a resurgence even in CA, etc.. Tho more of a social group than race oriented. Membership prior & post to that era shows almost a decade of KKK infatuation. Leave it to the race-baitin’ virtue signalers in MDSN to find but a single well-buried slur -but keyword searches have made it easy now. Embarrassing that any one is NOW embarrassed 10 decades later.



    • richard lesiak says:

      how many decades have passed since the Confederate flag first appeared? Are you embarrassed yet?


  10. Liberty says:

    “Rebecca Blank couldn’t muster the spine to say, “Hey Kids, we’ll get back to you on that. If you want to stomp and shout over a big blank stone instead of making a difference in the world, I’ll sell the popcorn.”

    No, this is the face of most leadership today, whether in academia, corporate America, politics, and even policing. We’re surrounded by weak people who know better but run for cover at the first sign of pushback.

    Make a real difference? Ha. This is about looking and playing the part, not about actually doing things that better people’s lives.

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  11. Bill says:

    Stoned, these people are really stoned..

    That is all I can say.


  12. Madtownforsure says:

    I can’t wait until all of the news stories start when the students go back to high schools and those threatening police officers are no where to be found while the same thugs that are joy riding and smashing stolen autos will terrorize the others. If the locals have the guts to tell it like it will happen.


  13. Alan Potkin says:

    See our new eBook, “Excavating and Archiving Orwellian Memory Holes”, in which MadTown’s characteristic clinical insanity and institutional spinelessness figures bigly…

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  14. Jon Burack says:

    I’ve already emailed some friends and relatives about this lunacy. One thing perplexes me. It was not the rock that uttered the dread word, it was the newspaper in 1925 writing about the rock. Why has the focus of faux outrage not centered on the newspaper? No political payoff in that, I suppose. But truly, it seems so unfair to the vast forces of nature that deposited the rock among us. I thought the lefties all love nature. I suppose it, too, must now be purified. But think of what it will cost to remove ALL the offending rocks anywhere. Talk about infrastructure spending, this wil cost a lot.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      I suggest you and other readers e-mail Gary Brown, Director of Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture ( as I did and give him an earful. One question you might ask him is how he justifies spending $50,000 of taxpayers’ money on this ludicrous exercise in virtue signaling.

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  15. A Voice in the Wilderness says:

    There are examples of true oppression worldwide: the Tower of London and the Auschwitz museum complex located in what was German-occupied Poland come to mind.

    In having the Chamberlin Rock removed, the BLM crowd missed their chance for real guilt-tripping. They could’ve had a bronze plaque engraved with the offending slur and appropriate virtuous thoughts engraved and affixed to the rock on public display for all time.


    • Liberty says:

      “German-occupied Poland ”

      Thank you for correctly stating this. So many people get this wrong. Auschwitz was indeed located in then GERMAN-occupied Poland, but it was a product of the German Nazis. Fact: Millions of Christian Poles were victims too.

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  16. Anonymous Reader says:

    The rock is a bane, it’s all about the Deodand.

    By the way, this means liberals and progressives are actually superstitious animists. They need a witch doctor to help them.

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  17. A Voice in the Wilderness says:

    Famous Madison artifact I was glad to see the last of: the Nails ‘n’ Tales sculpture near Camp Randall.

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  18. Mr. Forward says:

    The rock’s lawyer, Garner Moss, points out the rock has been educating geology students for almost a century and therefore has tenure. Mr. Moss says he intends to file an illegal dismissal suit. “We will be asking for punitive damages and full restoration. My client has done nothing wrong and is eager to return for the fall semester.”

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  19. richard lesiak says:



  20. Mr. Forward says:

    A boulder administration would have demanded a recount. The rock only asks to start with a clean slate. Never meant to aggregate anyone.

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  21. Bill says:

    Why do we, the sane people, allow these people to have any at all, credibility?

    They belong in Mendota!

    They are NUTS!

    We have truly given the inmates the run of a crazy train of their own making. The problem is that they have been allowed to make we, the not crazy people, a part of their crazy train and now their crazy train has replaced what was normal with their new normal.

    Lunatics Anonymous, that is where they belong, in a NUT HOUSE.

    Why do we, the sane people, insist on joining them?

    BTW- The way I heard it, the statue of Abe Lincoln was supposed to stand up out of his seat every time a virgin girl walked past him. Since his statue has never stood up, there must not of ever been a virgin on campus here in Madison since his statue was installed.

    Should the statue of Abe Lincoln be removed because rumor has it that he will stand whenever a virgin girl walks by and the statue never has? This could quite conceivably be thought of as a slam on every virgin girl on campus.

    I demand that we do something about this right away. I am offended at the thought that virgin girls on the campus here in Madison have been so traumatized by this obvious insult.

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  22. Bill says:

    More importantly.

    I thought the U.W. Madison was a place of HIGHER LEARNING! With the removal of this rock, the university has just announced that it is NO LONGER a place of higher learning as it will accept rumors and tales from yesteryear whether true or not, to be the guide posts on how to run the university.

    I demand that our Republicans in state office remove all funding from the university of Wisconsin, Madison as they no longer use FACTS in order to decide how the university is run!

    FACTS are an important thing. We are living in a time that ignores FACTS in order to accommodate feelings.

    Therefore, since the university of Wisconsin, Madison, no longer bases its decisions on facts, why then should we the citizens of Wisconsin pay our hard earned taxpayer money to support such an institution?

    All I can say about the supposed leadership of this once great institution of higher learning is:

    Stupid is as Stupid does!

    Only you people are not just stupid, you are IDIOTS!

    That means YOU, Chancellor Rebecca Blank. You and the rest of the idiots who made this decision. You need to hang your heads in shame. Shame, shame on you.

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  23. Opposition to the Chamberlin Rock is absurd, preposterous, ridiculous, ludicrous, idiotic, lunacy, madness, deranged, unhinged, nucking futs, and most of all it’s stupid. This proves the old adage that human stupidity is infinite.

    The real problem as I see it is that the City of Madison, the University of Wisconsin Madison and the Madison area media didn’t have the intellectual fortitude to tell the irrational people complaining about the rock that the adults in the room weren’t going to engage in with ignorant fools presenting petty irrational arguments. Tell the dang fools to shut up and grow up.

    This action by the University of Wisconsin Madison literally enables stupidity and teaches students attending the University that their “feelings”, no matter how baseless and ignorant they are, can overrule the intellect and logic at a institution of higher learning that is supposed to teach, encourage, and promote intellect and logic. Absurdity abounds!

    Nothing good will come from this kind of ignorant greasing of the squeaky wheels reaction from the University, the administrators are projecting that the power base is shifting and the lunatics are in charge of the asylum!

    The university is feeding trolls.

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  24. One eye says:

    All true but Rebecca Blank gets a certain amount of virtual signalling points. She’ll regret it when she realizes they won’t stop with a rock.

    I’d like to see a big donor express their opinion by turning off the spigot.


  25. common sense says:

    so this rock had to go because it was competing with all those rocks between the ears of the woke???


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  27. jedigolfer11 says:

    Where is the outrage against the Wisconsin State Journal for publishing an article with such a racist term? Since when does the messenger get a free pass?


  28. No Body says:

    There is a shocking lack of creativity on display here, from the city to the university to the random BLM / Antifa vandal on the street. Moving the rock is so passe’! So 20th century!

    Surely everyone would have been better served if the rock had been left in place, and also sculpted into a likeness of George Floyd. Win – Win!


  29. The reason for its removal is because it was easier to remove the rock than it was to remove the statue of abraham lincoln, which was also suggested for removal. Blank said no to Lincoln but yes to the rock.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      What Blank says or doesn’t say is irrelevant. The tiny faction of fanatical ideologues who persist in making these farcical ‘demands’ will get their way eventually. If she doesn’t approve, they’ll tear down Lincoln’s statue anyway without fear of consequences. It’s worked for them many times before.


  30. Mordecai The Red says:

    This is no longer about achieving racial justice, and I’m no longer sure it ever was. This is about a small, loud group of hyper-sensitive children weaponizing race to impose their will on the adults. Glad I’ve long since left the universities; these groups were ridiculous then and they’re over the top now.


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