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Referenda to rear-end ya

On our Spring 2023 ballot Voted early this time (and only once, so far). They call it absentee in person, which makes a kind of only-in-Madison sense. Bottom of the ballot listed what looked like college essay questions. Either that … Continue reading

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Getting politics off the court

… would require sequestering every voter! Like Captain Louis Reynault, the usual good government goo-goos are appalled — APPALLED! — that politics is going on in Wisconsin’s high-stakes supreme court campaign. Cutting to the chase, a certain former mayor pragmatically … Continue reading

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Trump takes more lumps in Wisconsin nice

In Tuesday’s primary election. The Blaska Policy Werkes decision desk was right on the money predicting Tr•mp-endorsed election denier Janel Brandtjen would lose big to Speaker Robin Vos’s man for state senate in suburban Milwaukee. We had it at Dan Knodl … Continue reading

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Gerry Manders

as The Beaver! Our Democrat(ic) friends and acquaintances are pinning their dreams on April’s Wisconsin Supreme Court race, which they hope will reverse the state legislature’s “solid GOP majority [which] owes its status, in large part, to what some have … Continue reading

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This time — like last time — fair maps

All politics is loco A progressive putsch? The previous installment of your favorite Blogge reported that Madison is redrawing its aldermanic districts to conform with the 2020 Census. Now the context: The maps throw council moderates Gary Halverson, Sheri Carter, … Continue reading

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Madison aldermanic redistricting considered 10-07-21

Could influence your next alder! UPDATE: Ad Hoc Redistricting Committee 10-07-21 unanimously recommends Map #7a. The Policy Werkes took the tarp off Ol’ Sparky, our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer, to consider the aldermanic redistricting maps under consideration. After whirring and chugging for … Continue reading

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