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Madison aldermanic redistricting considered 10-07-21

Could influence your next alder! UPDATE: Ad Hoc Redistricting Committee 10-07-21 unanimously recommends Map #7a. The Policy Werkes took the tarp off Ol’ Sparky, our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer, to consider the aldermanic redistricting maps under consideration. After whirring and chugging for … Continue reading

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Is it autumn already?

Pardon us all to hell but … … like the mayor of San Francisco — we are feeling the spirit! “The Left chose to ignore the [Mexican] border,” Erick-Woods Erickson observes, “until they could blame America and law enforcement for something.” … Continue reading

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Draw your own damn legislative districts!

Hey kids! Want to have rainy day fun? All you solid citizens posting yard signs that read “This Time, Fair Maps” — now is your chance! Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is inviting us groundlings to submit our own congressional and … Continue reading

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Madison is electing Republicans

The city spooks the rest of the state A homeowner here on the west side of Madison WI is one up on his fellow progressives. Not content with the usual yard sign, a home in the affluent Greentree neighborhood lights up … Continue reading

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Dems blame poor legislative showing on those damn maps

Here there be dragons! After last week’s election, our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances are pouting. They finally unseated that Republican golem, Scott Walker, but still lost the state legislature to Republicans. Got to be cheating! What else would explain the imbalance except … Continue reading

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