Madison aldermanic redistricting considered 10-07-21

Could influence your next alder!

UPDATE: Ad Hoc Redistricting Committee 10-07-21 unanimously recommends Map #7a.

The Policy Werkes took the tarp off Ol’ Sparky, our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer, to consider the aldermanic redistricting maps under consideration. After whirring and chugging for 45 minutes, it spit out this message: “You will be lucky in love.” Could have got that out of our Magic 8 Ball.

We are not investing a lot of stomach lining into redistricting. Insofar as it affects our beloved Orchard Ridge here in Aldermanic District #10, we either pick up Meadowood under map 7a or a big chunk of Dudgeon Monroe under map 7c. Either way we lose Midvale Heights north of the Beltline but keep Nakoma. Don’t know what happened to Map 7b. It may show top-secret Area 51, for all we know. Ol’ Sparky says only, “Try Again.”

In any event, the city redistricting committee meets virtually Thursday 10-07-21 at 5 p.m. Here’s how to get in and comment.

Current aldermanic districts

Proposed aldermanic Map 7a

Compare with your neighborhood map  

Proposed aldermanic Map 7c

Ad Hoc Redistricting Committee voted last week to recommend Map 7a for approval. At the Committee meeting on Monday, staff were instructed to come up with a different map to keep Arbor Hills in District 14. In this new map called 7c more than half of Dudgeon-Monroe would join District 10 with a border dividing the two districts at Leonard St.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Meadowood strikes us as ready to elect a moderate; Dudgeon Monroe never will.

How much do you care?


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7 Responses to Madison aldermanic redistricting considered 10-07-21

  1. 6barks says:

    I live out on the wild eastside (District 17). Both proposed maps remove our alderperson from our district. By some strange coincidence he is one of 5 alders opposed to moving the city’s homeless shelter to two sites in an area that has 6 hotels being used for short term low and no income housing. With it’s easy on, easy off access to the 90 94 interstate, the district is a launch point for most of the cities drug traffic. We are not the only area with potential blight problems, but this move would be a death blow to the East Towne mall business district. Also, the Bartillon Dr. building is right in the area listed as having unhealthy decibel levels from air traffic. Our mayor is not to concerned for the well being of the homeless as long as they are far from downtown developement.

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  2. Liberty says:

    How much do I care? I used to care a lot, but I’m tired.

    It’s exhausting having to constantly fight with people who seem to be incapable of logic. Or those who know better but are too political or cowardly to do anything. It’s only getting worse as an increasing number of sane people have either left Madison or are thinking of leaving.

    Madison has always been to the left, but for me, it’s grown toxicly so in recent years. To be fair, nationally, leftism has become toxic too. I don’t feel welcome here, comfortable here, or happy here. Life is too short to spend it feeling like this. I can’t wait to move.

    My advice to people when they move is to not get complacent. What happened to Madison can happen anywhere.


  3. David Gerard says:

    Maybe you could get Bill McCoshen or Ryan Owens to run.

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