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Apologize, White liberal!

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa What do you do when you are a well meaning White liberal accused of racism? You apologize. You ask forgiveness. Promise to do better. You grovel. Abase yourself. Confess your White guilt. Drop another … Continue reading

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Progressive Dane confirms anti-cop aldermanic slate

Brandi Grayson & Rebecca Kemble get The Blessing! Progressive Dane is endorsing 13 candidates for Madison WI Common Council. Now we know whom to vote against. PD is a hard-left political party waist deep in a supposedly nonpartisan election. Progressive … Continue reading

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The campaign to replace Madison’s cop-hating alders is on!

Madison is awakening! It is a beautiful day in Madison and not only for the season’s first meaningful snowfall. Hope is in the air along with big fat snowflakes. Hope for a responsible Madison Common Council. The promise of a … Continue reading

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Mike Koval supports recalling Satya

Suggests police union hold ‘No Confidence’ vote Now that he is a free man, former Madison Police Chief Mike Koval took off the gloves on Vicki McKenna’s WIBA-1310 AM radio show Wednesday 07-22-2020. Of elected Madison city leaders, Koval said: “They hate … Continue reading

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Brenda Konkel demands: Stop reporting crime news!

Marginalize the police, cover up crime reports, pretend your Leftist politics aren’t to blame Yeah, that’s the ticket! When late-19th Century muckraking cartoonist Thomas Nast exposed the crooked dealings of the Tammany Hall machine, Boss Tweed cried, “Stop them damn … Continue reading

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Can we try Brexit in Madison WI?

Maxit? The cost of Madison progressivism went up 9% Wrapped around the rock thrown through the Stately Manor’s picture window was a ransom note from Madison’s Labour party demanding 9.0% more cash in a plain white envelope — or else … Continue reading

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