Mike Koval supports recalling Satya

Suggests police union hold ‘No Confidence’ vote

Now that he is a free man, former Madison Police Chief Mike Koval took off the gloves on Vicki McKenna’s WIBA-1310 AM radio show Wednesday 07-22-2020.

Of elected Madison city leaders, Koval said: “They hate the police and our quality of life. This is complete pandering to the lowest common denominator, the loudest protesters. …” 

Miss Vicki


Vicki McKenna: “It’s time for the police as a group, I don’t know, [to perform] a work action or something. Seems the police as a group have to speak for themselves because there is no one in a position of power … willing to go to the mat for police.”

Chief Koval

Mike Koval: They’re going to have to galvanize their membership. … At a minimum, I hope it would give courage to [police] officers, family and friends who live in the city to register some modicum of disgust and to sign that petition on the recall and at some point … I would like to see a No Confidence vote on almost 500 members of the commissioned strength of the Madison Police Department to show whether they feel whether they are supported or not by the common council. I think last night was a pretty clear indication of the political narrative on SROs and where the mayor and the council stand. …

Teachers are going to keep their heads down … and working strictly to terms of their contract. I could not be more disappointed with MTI’s — in quotes — “leadership.” 

(Madison Common Council voted 07-21-2020 to end school police resource officers by a 19-1 vote). The Vicki McKenna interview with former police chief Mike Koval here:


Recall Satya on State Street

On State Street today! Courage people!


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16 Responses to Mike Koval supports recalling Satya

  1. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Koval should be the next mayor, though I know that would be setting his sights awfully low.

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  2. I’ve been calling for a no confidence vote from the Madison Police Department aimed at the Madison Mayor since June 10th and talking to individuals in the Madison Police Department that can make a difference.

    In my opinion aiming a no confidence vote towards the entire common council at this point “might” me politically counter productive. Figuratively speaking, cutting the head off the serpent with a no confidence vote and a public recall effort might make some of the common council rethink their position.

    I commend Mike Koval for supporting the recall and calling for a no confidence vote.

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  3. georgessson says:

    Glad to hear Mike Koval’s back in the mix. A straight shooter as always.

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  4. Normwegian says:

    This ought raise Mayor Frump’s hackles.

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  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    I like Mike!

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      Big deal. One old fat, has-been shoe salesman half asleep at his keyboard types out 3 words. Take you meds.


      • richard lesiak wrote, “One old fat, has-been shoe salesman half asleep at his keyboard types out 3 words.”

        This must be psychological projection because as someone who personally knows the Gotch this “description” is so far off base it’s laughable. It’s like Richard is using the physique and of Jerrold Nadler (Rep. NY) and the irrational mentality of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Rep. NY) to describe the martial arts champion Chuck Norris in his Walker, Texas Ranger character days.

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        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          It’s also a textbook example of another three (3) words.

          Magical Lefty Thinking: The infantilized approach of imbecilic Lefties (forgive the redundancy) to believe that when they THINK (a term The Gotch uses with extreme caution!) something, it becomes automatically becomes reality.

          With the caveat that Reality is but a mere sideshow in their fact-bereft existences.


          The Gotch

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        “Take you (sic) meds.”

        This, kiddies, is why keyboards should be factory-equipped with breathalyzers.

        That way, illiterate 74 year-old Section VIII dwelling < minimum-wage earning Dells Donut Makers wouldn't continue to unequivocally confirm the painfully obvious.


        The Gotch

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  6. Mr Never Forgets says:

    I mean if they stop raping college girls I may be a little more supportive .


  7. Bill says:

    What would you all think of having a “Support the Police” rally on the Capitol Square? I think it would be good for our Police Officers to know that the average person in Madison and in the surrounding areas supports our Police Department. It would also be good to let the marxists who make up the bulk of our city government, the educational establishment elite and many brain dead socialist progressives know that We the People are not all in lock step with their marxist dreams of ruling the world.

    When there was the “Let’s open Wisconsin” rally there were many who either carried their weapons concealed or open carry. I have not felt that safe walking the Square since the early 1970’s. A repeat of that would be ideal.

    We could at the same time have tables set up so that people who live in Madison could sign a “Recall Satya” petition.

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    • Combine Support The Madison Police Department and Recall Satya into one protest march/drive around the capital square and down State Street for a couple of hours in mid-day on a weekend and you’ve got something that might actually get good turnout, accomplish something positive, and get some serious news exposure.

      Bring some black spray paint to cover up any of the current graffiti that is foul language or obscene, leave the rest alone.

      Again, no open carry, only concealed carry.


  8. Bill wrote, “When there was the “Let’s open Wisconsin” rally there were many who either carried their weapons concealed or open carry.”

    I think that’s a great idea but Only Concealed Carry, please no open carry! It would be inappropriate to open carry because it will distract from the message being sent, as it has in the past. Both the police and the public at large need to get the right message that the public supports the police so don’t give the lunatic left political “ammo” to can use as a deflection from the actual message. The irrational left minority is actively trolling the public in search of anything that they can use to distract from the message of the rational majority, don’t freely give it to them.

    The 12 Question Protest Ethics Checklist

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  9. Bill says:

    Those are great ideas. I agree, optics are a real concern so concealed carry only. I also think that your idea of having the march down State St. is great as we can support OUR local business people along the way. In addition I think it best to have a group of people assigned to making sure the route is cleaned after the march and rally is over. I would be more than happy to be a part of the clean up effort. After all, this is OUR City. Unlike the homegrown and imported Commies, I don’t want to leave it a mess.

    Dave, what do you think?

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