Madison mayor apologizes for saying nice things to police

Absolutely reprehensible

Explains why she took down video praising police.

“Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said she “failed to center” a message of racial justice in a video she sent to Madison police expressing gratitude and sympathizing with officers following unrest Downtown more than a week ago,” The Wisconsin State Journal reported moments ago.

The video was always intended for police eyes and ears only but less than 24 hours after posting she took it down (as we first reported.) Now we know why.

The mayor apologized for sympathizing with the police:

“Black lives matter. I believe deeply in this and yet I failed to center this in my message to the police department,” she said in a statement Wednesday. “I realize that this action has done deep harm to the black community and for this, I apologize.”

What “deep harm?”

Brandi Grayson’s Urban Triage — one of the three anarchist groups that have planned a wee’s worth of protests, trespassing, and vandalism and  sanctioned the later riots — responded to the video through a post on its Facebook page Tuesday night.

“Does this sound like a woman you can trust to create the job description for the police auditor and supervise the auditor?” the Urban Triage post read, referring to a new police monitor position the city is seeking to create.

Mayor Satya proved there is no depth to which she will not grovel:

“I cannot promise that I will not make missteps along the way as a white woman.”

The apology video

The compassionate words for which she apologized

Excerpts from her kind words to police:

Amidst unprecedented protests, violence and looting. … We are all learning as we go along … you must be exhausted … It must be absolutely infuriating to stand in heavy gear outside and listen to people constantly insult your chosen profession … to have rocks thrown at you and be in harm’s way constantly … and to work so long for so many years to build relationships around the city …

I know you are working hard and doing an amazing job under unbelievably difficult circumstances and I thank you.

So sorry, apology not accepted

You “white supremacist racist.” — Brandi Grayson’s Urban Triage.

Urban triage fu satya

Blaska’s Last Word: “You are working hard … under unbelievable difficult circumstances and I thank you.” Them’s fighting’ words, white woman!

How low can Satya grovel?


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44 Responses to Madison mayor apologizes for saying nice things to police

  1. Robby White says:

    She could maybe get a little lower. There is no turning back when you start apologizing for apologizing. As for Brandi’s Urban Triage Unit, you lose all credibility when you lack basic grammar/sentence structure skills. Grayson just wants to get paid, she has a history of not being very good at managing her scrilla or paying people back.


    • madisonexpat says:

      Right. So how much SHOULD the city pay her? Discuss among yourselves Mayor Sativa voters.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Grayson is a typical (fill-in-the-blank) whose BIG MOUTH encouraged enabling Lefty teachers to single her out for false praise.

      The Gotch calls it Indoctrication, Affirmative Action at the elementary level.

      Her Lefty teachers overlooked, intentionally or due to low expectations, the “basic grammar/sentence structure skills” you reference.

      When you think about it, this is not unlike the illiterate $86 large salaried Madison Bias Coordinator Toriana Pettaway; promoted in school and professionally even though the reality is she’s a rank idiot.

      Who does all this obsequiously RAYcist coddling benefit…and who does it handcuff intellectually for life…?

      The Gotch


      • P in WI says:

        Sadly, the people who will be hurt most by this pandering ARE people of color. For one, when cops start retreating and there are fewer of them to answer calls and to do their good work, the good & law abiding citizens in lower economic communities will be most affected.

        Blaska is one of the few in Madison who not only understand the circumstances, but who put himself out there to make actual change. And for that, he was treated horribly.

        This is our new world.

        “Who does all this obsequiously RAYcist coddling benefit…and who does it handcuff intellectually for life…?”

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  2. sahmpaw says:

    Liberal women aren’t well equipped for leadership especially in this climate. They don’t have common sense and you need lots of it to govern effectively.


  3. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Most human beings prefer the flaccidity of their fantasies to the hardiness of reality. Heronadamare has crossed the Rubicon of Reality, … there’s no going back. She lives in La-La-Leftyland. But just because you’re born in Nakoma, doesn’t mean you have to live in a coma forever.

    Does she really believe #BlackLiesMatter Big Lie that police are a proxy for the Makistani majority white population to “choice” or discriminate against as many innocent blacks as possible?

    Most regular, normal Makistanis, … regardless of creed, sex or color know, if not consciously, then at least at some level within themselves, … that it is a lie. A whopper.

    Yet Proglibocrats prefer, like most proglobotic people have preferred historically, to not just neglect the Truth, but to crucify it. It is fear, … primal, raw fight-or-flight fear, … that explains why the lies of #BlackLiesMatter, the latest face of the Racism-Industrial-Complex, has succeeded in drawing as much support from the imbecilic proggy portside as they have.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      ”Yet Proglibocrats prefer, like most proglobotic people have preferred historically, to not just neglect the Truth, but to crucify it.”

      Why? Because they’re too f*****g breathtakingly STOOPID and completely lacking the skill of intellectual discernment AND acknowledgement of a fact-based reality.

      Let’s toss it over to the indefatigable (and Lefty secular Anti-Christ) Heather A. Mac Donald for the coup de grâce kill shot:

      (bolds/caps/italics mine throughout)
      “After the tally of nine unarmed black victims was reported in certain news outlets last week, the (Washington) Post RECLASSIFIED OVER A DOZEN OF ITS ARMED VICTIMS OF POLICE SHOOTINGS AS UNARMED.

      “This RECLASSIFICATION occurred

      “The reclassification was not done on the basis of any new information; it was undoubtedly done to get the black victim numbers up. The Post is now showing 15 unarmed black victims in 2019. That is 0.2 percent of all black homicide victims, STILL A NEGLIGIBLE NUMBER.”

      The inescapable conclusion? How irredeemably STOOPID does Lefty deem their base?

      The Gotch


  4. Sprocket says:

    While this is a good first step, allow me to suggest that, if the Mayor were really serious about atoning for her whiteness, she would self-immolate on the steps of city hall.


  5. P in WI says:

    You expect this from Progressives, but sadly, most of our leaders and politicians lack courage under fire. They cave the moment they sense friction. They’re cowards.

    The problem with this is that bullies prey on fear and they WILL continue to push the envelope. How much insanity are people willing to put up with? Keep moving to other cities? This ideology IS spreading.

    Blaska is one of the few with courage to stand up to this, and one of the view who genuinely care about black children. The rest are just posers.


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