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Madison moves step closer to abolishing police

It’s on the agenda! We see that the boy mayor of Minneapolis has been booed off the stage. Jacob Frey was elected two years ago on promises to fix the police. That was so two years ago. Not Good Enough Any … Continue reading

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Mayor Satya tries to make nice with police

Nice words; what deeds? We reported on Tuesday that the Madison police union was considering holding a vote of No Confidence against Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway. Rank and file police are disquieted by the mayor’s abject kowtowing to the racial justice … Continue reading

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Madison’s mayor says ‘Thank you for being angry’

Madison’s elected officials are moral cowards.  They are enabling the riots Tells police to stand down! There is something truly sickening about the mayor of Madison WI groveling before the likes of M. Adams, Brandi Grayson, and the lunatic Left. … Continue reading

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Why won’t mayor Satya share the pain?

Where is the empathy? Congressman Mark Pocan did not use the word “Deplorables” to describe those who protested the statewide coronavirus lock-down 04-24-2020 at the WI State Capitol. His condescension was palpable enough without it. The farmers, tavern keepers, and … Continue reading

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Don’t assume 5 teens running from wrecked car had stolen it!

Another in an unending series: How Madison progressives think The Policy Werkes presents for your edification this on-line, social-media colloquy between an alarmed citizen and your garden-variety, lily white, Madison WI social-justice scold. Ralph, of the Nakoma neighborhood: Don’t think … Continue reading

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Brenda Konkel demands: Stop reporting crime news!

Marginalize the police, cover up crime reports, pretend your Leftist politics aren’t to blame Yeah, that’s the ticket! When late-19th Century muckraking cartoonist Thomas Nast exposed the crooked dealings of the Tammany Hall machine, Boss Tweed cried, “Stop them damn … Continue reading

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