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How can I pi𝜹𝜹 you off today?

It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s politics! Someone at the Dane County Republican caucus last month said he listens to Blaska on Vicki McKenna’s radio show. “No you don’t,” this blogger responded. Keeps happening.  Chalk it up to persistence of memory. … Continue reading

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Are we Tr•mp’s lab rats?

He’s upping the crazy voltage to an 11. The gray lab coats at Blaska Policy Werkes may have the answer to a scientific challenge more confounding than manmade fusion, a mystery greater than the Virgin Birth, a conundrum more vexing … Continue reading

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Who will be the last Republican Baghdad Bob?

To excuse Florida Man’s toxicity? Fondly do we remember Baghdad Bob. He was the PR flack for Saddam Hussein who insisted that Iraq was turning back George W. Bush’s coalition forces even as his boss was burying himself in that … Continue reading

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Democrats’ war on police allowed BLM riots

Only in Kenosha WI did citizens fight back against the rioters The New York Times takes a deep dive into the BLM riots in the summer of 2020 that put Kyle Rittenhouse on the defendant’s block. His trial begins with … Continue reading

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Mike Koval supports recalling Satya

Suggests police union hold ‘No Confidence’ vote Now that he is a free man, former Madison Police Chief Mike Koval took off the gloves on Vicki McKenna’s WIBA-1310 AM radio show Wednesday 07-22-2020. Of elected Madison city leaders, Koval said: “They hate … Continue reading

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Has Madison given up on its public schools?

Can you spell apathy? Only 2 candidates for 3 school board seats! What a contrast with a year ago, when 10 candidates filed for 3 seats on Madison’s Board of Education (one of whom dropped out after filing paperwork), necessitating … Continue reading

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