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In quest for Spargel and Dunkel brau in Munich, Germany

White asparagus, to you peasants After five days floating up the Danube River from Vienna aboard the Avalon Impression river boat, our final two days in Munich started to seem anti-climactic. (Part #1 and Part #2.) Our Vicki McKenna/Fox Travel … Continue reading

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Floating up the Danube River through history, Part #2

How did the Swedes get here without river locks? We’re back on board the Avalon Impression river boat on our way west over the Danube River. We signed up for Vicki McKenna’s “Danube Symphony” tour, five days on water, two … Continue reading

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Let’s autopsy Tuesday’s Republican corpse, Part #1

Republicans turned off or Democrats turned on? Let the post-mortems proceed! Get our elbows deep into the bloody cadaver! Donald Trump talks about pulling Ron DeSantis for governor and Rick Scott for senate across the line in Florida and he … Continue reading

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Woman of the Year?

The Stately Manor’s runner-up, the Divine Mizz Vicki McKenna They may not wear their pussy hats on the set, but Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and Erin Burnett and almost the entire CNN line-up is in Stage 4 of Trump Derangement Syndrome. … Continue reading

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Ms Vicki McKenna unloads on the Insipids

You can’t take the side of the educational resource officers? You can’t take a side against the radical agitators who stalk citizens? Pick a side. The agitators don’t have a problem picking a side. Can’t you take a side against … Continue reading

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Police Chief Koval: ‘Last night was like watching a circus’

‘Their choreographed and orchestrated show of force is daunting and meant to intimidate.’ Our Ms. Vicki McKenna interviewed Madison Police Chief Mike Koval today (07-19-18) and it was a scorcher! As the straight-talking chief said at the end of the … Continue reading

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