Progressive Dane confirms anti-cop aldermanic slate

Brandi Grayson & Rebecca Kemble get The Blessing!

Progressive Dane is endorsing 13 candidates for Madison WI Common Council. Now we know whom to vote against.

PD is a hard-left political party waist deep in a supposedly nonpartisan election. Progressive Dane is Defund the Police, Derail the Jail, Cops Out of Schools. PD believes America is fundamentally flawed and institutionally racist. It embraces socialist economics, the cancel culture, and identity politics. The party has yet to condemn the kristallnacht that boarded up Downtown Madison. 

Progressive Dane is the party of Mad Max Prestigiacomo. As the retiring alder likes to say: “F-bomb S* * * up!”

Progressive Dane controls Madison city government and its public schools. Indeed, Mayor Satya and PD alderman Tag Evers demanded the immediate release of Devonere Johnson. Alias “Yeshua Musa,” he’s the guy with the baseball bat and bullhorn who shook down local businesses in the name of “racial equity” during the riotous insurrection last summer (2020 and was hailed a freedom fighter. Instead of “We shall overcome,” Yeshua’s message was “Venmo me the money” or BLM trashes your store. Facing federal felony charges, the mope pled guilty and said he was sorry. Some hero.

It should surprise no one, then, that Progressive Dane endorsed another bullhorn bully, Brandi Grayson. She answered PD’s questionnaire like this:

“Defunding the police is a step towards moving us to a post-law enforcement world. … The police do not make us safer.”

Devonere Johnson’s alias

Who would be Brandi’s soulmate on the Common Council? “I have a close relationship with Progressive Dane alder Rebecca Kemble and would love to continue to work with her in office to advance change.” Kemble, as we detailed here, is another advocate of abolishing the police altogether. (NOTE:the endorsees listed here were recommended by PD’s elections committee for ratification by PD’s general membership on January 27. As of 02-01-21 that had not been updated.)

A real surprise, PD’s election committee recommended no endorsement for downtown alder Mike Verveer — even though it did endorse one other unopposed candidate. Surprising, since Verveer boasts of being on board with PD from Day One. Mildly hold-the-habeneros surprising: no endorsement for Brian Benford, seeking to succeed retiring Marsha Rummel in the PD stronghold of Willy Street. Benford appears not to have sought the blessing. PD’s election committee endorsed no one in nine districts.

The Blessing

Here are the PD endorsees (in red) and their opponents by aldermanic district. * indicates sought endorsement but did not get it. Districts with more than two candidates will have a primary election February 16.

 1 —Barbara Harrington-McKinney (incumbent)

 2 — Dual endorsement: Patrick Heck (inc.) and Benji Ramirez 

 3 — Charly Rowe v. Lindsay Lemmer (inc.)

 4 — Mike Verveer (inc.) *

 5 — Regina Vidaver (inc. Shiva Bidar not running)

 6 — Brian Benford (inc, Marshal Rummel not running)

 7 — Nasra Wehelie (inc)

 8 — Dual endorsement: Juliana Bennett and Ayomi Obuseh (inc. Mad Max Prestigiacomo not running)

 9 – Nikki Conklin v. Paul Skidmore (inc.), Doug Hyant, Nino Amato

10 – Yannette Figueroa Cole v. Mara Eisch (inc. Zac Henak not running)

11 — Arvina Martin (inc.)

12 — Tessa Echeverria v. Syed Abbas (inc.)

13 — Tag Evers (inc).  v. David Hoffert * 

14 — Brandi Grayson v. Sheri Carter (inc.) *

15 — Grant Foster (inc.)

16 — Kim Richman, Matthew Tramel, Jael Currie, Greg Dixon, Tyson Vitale (inc. Michael Tierney not running)

17 — Gary Halverson Jr. (inc. Samba Baldeh not running)

18 — Rebecca Kemble (inc.) v. Charles Myadze and Veronica Figueroa Velez *

19 — Aisha Moe v. Keith Furman (inc.) and Raul Correa Barraza

20 — Christian Albouras (inc.) * v. Erica Lee Janisch

What are you doing to get the word out?

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14 Responses to Progressive Dane confirms anti-cop aldermanic slate

  1. John Popanz says:

    With the ‘ballot boxes’ installed, it’s already a wrap for PD..


  2. Bill says:

    Perhaps we should just let the fit hit the fan when it comes to Brandi and others who don’t want the Police. Whenever or if ever something bad happens to Brandi and those like her who don’t want the Police we should just let them spin. In fact we should start a registry of those who don’t want us to fund the Police to make sure that when the ____ hits the fan for them, there are no Police called.

    After all, Sheila Jackson Lee has just introduced legislation that makes it mandatory to register all guns and undergo a background check and a PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION in order to keep and bear arms.

    This proposed legislation would make everyone aware of everyone who owned a gun in the United States. It would open the door to all thieves that want to steal from the law abiding the guns that the law abiding own.

    This will inevitably lead to a proliferation of unregistered guns out on the street that have been stolen by the thug class. What does Brandi and others in P.D. propose to do about the almost certain increase in unregistered guns out on the street if such legislation goes through, especially when she wants to defund the Police?

    In my imagination I see the world as a perfect place where as the lyrics to the song Nella Fantasia say in part:

    “Everyone lives in peace and in honesty there.
    I dream of souls that are always free,
    Like the clouds that fly,
    Full of humanity in the depths of the soul.”

    But that world does not exist on this plane. Never has and never will. Not at least on human terms.


    According to, in the city of Chicago in 2020 there were 792 murders. Most of those murdered were Black.

    Of those killed only 7 were Police involved shootings.

    Given those statistics, were I a Black person, I would much, much rather take my chances with the Police than my own neighbors.

    We need the Police!

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “Most of those murdered were Black AND murdered by a black murderer.”


      The Gotch

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    • Ed says:


      Brilliant plan. Those who register for defund the police, will not get police calls. Except for when they are murdered, and commit a crime.

      Let’s see how quickly they change there position and decide against eating their own cooking.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    Madison is doomed, not like Portland, SF. LA etc. Doomed in a midwestern aw shucks kinda way.
    On the national front, per Bloomberg, AOC detailed that then President Trump “addressed his followers” prior to the insurrection and resulted in her Fearing for her life … when (during the putsch) a man pounded loudly on her door and asked if she was in there.”
    A MAN!! mind you and here she mentions she was once sexually assaulted to prove her feeling of threat since the man yelled really loud and sounded hostile. He was a a capitol cop…. but still.
    She was really scared during the October Revolution.
    Really, really scared.


  4. georgessson says:

    Lotsa ink on Shon Barnes since sworn in. Dylan @ Isthmus has a good article, per usual. Some good points, tho brought out the new chief’s affinity for euphemisms… He’ll hafta do better than that RE: Crime, Budget… and Politics.

    I did not realize Defund the Police was still in front of the CCB. Not a good incentive for the new chief and his crew. I truly wish him well -a tough gig comin’ up.

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  5. Bill says:

    Yeah, what do you all think? The way I see it there are two paths our fair City Council and Mayor can take at this juncture. I mean after all, what does our illustrious Progressive/Liberal City Council and Mayor want? They can:

    1. Support their choice to run our Police Department thus allowing their pick to be the Police Chief who is a black man to succeed. Which means that they damn well better make sure that the City of Madison Police Department gets bigger and better.


    2. They can deliberately set him up to fail and disband the City of Madison Police Department altogether.

    Thus they have unwittingly set themselves a trap.

    Either the their pick as the New Chief of Police who also happens to be an American of African descent is supported and allowed to succeed or they are showing themselves to be a bunch of elitist racists by allowing their new Police Chief who is of African descent to fail.

    As a white male citizen of this community, I wish him all the best in his future success as our new Chief of the City of Madison Police Department.


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