Mayor Satya picks rioters over policing

Riots and the extortion arrests
were its own refutation of ‘Defund the Police.’

This is what ‘de-escalation’ looks like!

Fire bomb ccb

Funny (in a bitter kind of way) how Devonere A. Johnson was Madison’s George Floyd for 24 hours starting Tuesday noon with his epic arrest on Capitol Square.

Amazing (even in a short-attention span kind of way) how quickly that all evaporated: first with the destructive and violent riots that night (06-23-2020), then Friday’s (06-26-2020) announcement of federal extortion charges against “Yeshua Musa” (his alias) for using black lives matter to shake down local businesses for money, beer, and eats.

“Give me money or we’ll break windows. … We got [another business] shut down and we’ll do the same to you,” he threatens, according to the federal indictment.

Infuriating (in a “forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown kind of way) how the mayor of Madison and several alders sided with “Yeshua” against the police. Wednesday — even after the carnage — Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway demanded that the man be put back on the streets of Madison. 

I have asked for Devonere Johnson, also known as Yeshua Musa’s, initial appearance before a judge to be expedited so he can be released on bail. I recognize that we need better options to de-escalate situations and offer restorative justice in our community.”— Posted on Wednesday, Jun. 24, 2020 at 7:59 pm on the Mayor’s official city website.

Free Yeshua poster

Christine Elaine is the same who tried to doxx me; MPD now has the case

The day before, D. Johnson had targeted Coopers Tavern on Capitol Square with his bullhorn and baseball bat, terrorizing staff and patrons and calling every white person in sight a racist and klansman. Finally, a merchant did something courageous. He risked more broken glass by calling police!

Social justice warriors had their viral video! A black man being subdued by five police officers. “Yeshua” thinks to shout (his lungs quite full of air) “I can’t breathe!” as he kicks and punchesA cynical expropriation of the George Floyd tragedy. (We’ve got the video here.)

There is credible evidence that Mayor Satya ordered police to stand down. The Left calls it “de-escalation.” The mob calls it “open season, no bag limit!”

Extortion as ‘free speech’

A sympathetic white liberal recorded the takedown with his smart phone with running commentary. He can heard admonishing the police for their brutal treatment of a man whose “only crime” was exercising his free speech (with a bullhorn and a baseball bat!) while black. 

Immediately, Madison’s network of social justice warriors had another reason to take to the streets. And smash windows. And pull down statues of a) an abolition leader who gave his life fighting slavery and b) the embodiment of women’s rights. And fire bomb the downtown police HDQ in city hall. And beat up a gay, liberal state legislator.

How is it possible for vandals to wreck two statues, one on the SE side of the Capitol grounds and the other on the complete opposite end — without interruption? Except that Satya Rhodes Conway (Progressive Dane) was on Devonere A. Johnson’s side.

⇒ Is this mayor so out of touch with downtown merchants who had been subjected to this guys’ predations for, by some accounts, many months? Had she not read their pleas for help?

Instead, she sided with the poster boy for the riots. With Satya, it is instinctual. Thank gawd for the Trump appointee as U.S. Attorney. This is a mayor whose signature policy initiative is to second-guess the police via a $200,000/year “monitor” that she appoints, aided and abetted by a citizen review board whose mandated membership includes ex-convicts, drug abusers, and social justice warriors (in addition to the usual identity groups). 

⇒ BTW: the Werkes predicted the U.S. Atty’s involvement Thursday before the indictments. 

‘If police had only explained’!

Satya Rhodes Conway is not an outlier on Madison’s political scene. Here is Ald. Tag Evers (Progressive Dane):   

Ald Tag Evers

Ald. Tag Evers

Stepping back and reviewing what precipitated Tuesday’s chaos, the arrest of Devonere Johnson, aka Yeshua Musa, was arguably mishandled.  As a local attorney emailed me, it all could have been avoided:

“As to the situation at Cooper’s Tavern, the police should have just explained to Devonere Johnson that there is no First Amendment in a private restaurant, and told him no more bats and bullhorn use in Cooper’s. 

“They shouldn’t have even given him a ticket. 

“The police need to step back and use better judgment to de-escalate. Yes, he  technically broke the law, but it has to be judged in the current context and what the impact of arresting him would be for the safety of the overall community.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We had it coming! Again, Ald. Tag Evers: “There are consequences for being the worst state in the nation for blacks. There’s a price to be paid for Madison being one of the worst cities in the nation for blacks. Structual racism is a form of violence. And violence begets violence. The prophetic warning stands — “they who have sown the wind, shall reap the whirlwind.”

Did you have it coming?

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16 Responses to Mayor Satya picks rioters over policing

  1. Mary says:

    Evers is a limousine liberal who preaches social justice yet manages to live in one of the whitest, most elite areas of the city: the dumpy / rundown looking yet Bohemiam Monroe-Dudgeon area.

    Probably thinks he’s making a name for himself within the Progressive community, but is perceived as a jackass by those with any sense.

    It’s because of the assinine policies of people like Evers, the Mayor, and their ilk, that sensible Madison residents are leaving the city in droves. Have never seen as many “For Sale” signs on the west side as I have in recent weeks.


    • Dejohnaise says:

      He’s a real freak show! Where do these guys come from?


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        They’re strictly homegrown. The genetically engineered product of 40 years of identity politics.


        • Batman says:

          “They’re strictly homegrown. The genetically engineered product of 40 years of identity politics.”
          If the “freak show” is in their DNA, how does society go about undoing them?

          Asking for a friend.


      • Mary says:

        Dejohnaise, yes he is. As are his comrades.


    • Diane L Burgbacher says:

      I’ve emailed Evers MULTIPLE times with no response. Can’t wait to move out of this district and away from Madison!


  2. Lynn says:

    “. . . . and what the impact of arresting him would be for the safety of the overall community.” In other words, we are to simply stop arresting criminals because doing so might cause a safety issue for the rest of the community? My, my, what an “enlightened” point of view!


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Every time I think Madison’s upper-middle-class guilty white liberals can’t possibly produce a better self-parody, along come Satya and Tag (any relation to Chaz?) to prove me wrong. My own departure date from Madison is tentatively set for Oct. 1st. Counting the days. Of course, by then it may have been renamed Malcolm Xburg or Sharptonville.


    • Mary says:

      Congrats! We’re leaving as soon as we’re able to. Apparently we’re not alone. Have never seen so many For Sale signs as I have the past few weeks.


      • Batman says:

        Satya and pencil neck managed to tank Madison’s sizzling hot real estate market in record time! It only took a month of their enabling the violence, property destruction, and intimidation, to completely undermine the realtor’s spiel about what a special place Madison is to work and raise a family blah blah blah.
        It would be fun to observe how real estate agents try to frame that narrative while showing a 350k house. “Well at least the terrorism has not yet reached this specific neighborhood so I think the asking price is fair plus there is bound to be multiple bidders.” Not anymore there isn’t.

        Our mayor, governor, and every elected official who stood by scratching their asses while Madison burned just took a major dump on the property owning middle class that is the backbone of this once fine city. Karma is a biatch…


        • Mary says:

          True, but I’m not sure they’re capable of connecting the dots or even care. Winning favor among anarchists, degenerates, and domestic terrorists is more important to them.

          “Our mayor, governor, and every elected official who stood by scratching their asses while Madison burned just took a major dump on the property owning middle class that is the backbone of this once fine city. Karma is a biatch…”


  4. Dejohnaise says:

    Can’t come soon enough for my wife and I. We promised the kids we would stay until they finished high school, so that’s three more years. With the SROs being thrown out, they are both afraid to go back to West. Our move may now be sooner. Nice work Progressive Dane. My wife and I have lived here all of our 50 years but you finally pushed us to the breaking point.


  5. Bill says:

    Why do you pull down statues? To get rid of the 4 olds. Old culture, old customs, old habits and old ideas. Then you can remake society as you dream it could be. Unfortunately this idea also has been historically proven to be accompanied by authoritarian dictatorships that jails or kills anyone who disagrees with the new regime. The idea that our “leaders” cannot see that fact should be very concerning to all.

    Can book burning be next?



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