Madison’s Mayor: ‘Free the baseball bat and bullhorn guy’

Springtime for criminals,
winter for State Street and Cooper’s Tavern

Terrorize customers with a baseball bat and bullhorn? Shake down the business for protection money? Madison’s mayor wants him released from jail as soon as possible.


Mayor Satya: this guy ‘needs restorative justice’

Here is Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway:

“I have asked for Devonere Johnson, also known as Yeshua Musa’s, initial appearance before a judge to be expedited so he can be released on bail. I recognize that we need better options to de-escalate situations and offer restorative justice in our community.”

Sure enough. The guy resists like a bucking bronco, whaling away at five police officers, escapes the squad car, and the mayor of Madison criticizes the police. Madison elected an anti-police mayor and anti-cop alders and school board members, so what did we expect? 

Madison’s cause celebré

Mayor Satya has an ally in Jeremy Ryan, aka “Segway Boy,” a convicted radioactive terrorist familiar during the act 10 intifada. This character has doxxed Sheriff Dave Mahoney on Facebook, exposing his home telephone number, home address, and e-mail addresses. All in a bid to free Madison’s poor substitute for George Floyd, aka  “Yeshua Musa.” (Hebrew and Urdu, respectively, for “savior,” i.e. Jesus.) So tack on blasphemy to Devonere Johnson’s rap sheet.

‘I can’t breathe!’ Right.

Not Devonere’s first rodeo

For year it turns out, the chronic criminal named Devonere A. Johnson has been harassing downtown businesses and — as it turns out —shaking them down for money. For a year! When he is finally brought down — it took five police officers do accomplish the task — “Yeshua Musa” (as he calls himself) cries out “I can’t breathe!”

Clever fellow! Hijack the George Floyd protests for personal gain! Madison’s social justice warriors (not exactly critical thinkers) eat it up. Clearly, Yeshua is oppressed! A victim of your implicit bias! After all, he is black. His criminality is due to your white privilege. Police are the problem!

Mayor Satya and her Progressive Dane alders are setting up a watchdog with subpoena powers to second-guess the police. The watchdog will report to a review board dominated by ex-cons, drug addicts, mentally ill, and social justice warriors — their membership mandated by ordinance.

Back on the streets

Kelsey D. NelsonAn arrest has been made for smashing and looting Goodman’s jewelry store on upper State Street. Fellow named Kelsey D. Nelson, age 30. (More here.) The state criminal court database shows 48 entries against Nelson: drugs, theft, bailing jumping, illegal weapon, and a pending felony theft from last October in which the judge refused to issue a warrant based on lack of probable cause, according to the transcript.  

Freedom Inc. wins

Madison parents lose. Mayor Satya has the votes to yank school resource officers out of Madison’s troubled high schools — not that a single parent teacher organization or school principal has asked they be removed. How this will make schools safer, no one will say. Good luck, Madison parents, finding an affordable alternative.

Because the City of Madison cannot even protect the City-County Building. The 911 emergency center had to be evacuated after a fire bombing.

The governor of the State of Wisconsin cannot even protect the Capitol. A statue of an abolitionist leader, killed fighting slavery and secession, is dragged through the streets behind a hijacked tow truck. On the other side of the Square, a statue of a proud woman leading the state forward (its motto) toppled. Why were police ordered to stand down?

A state legislator, gay and Democrat(ic), knocked senseless to the ground — on the Capitol grounds. Random motorists harassed, beaten, intimidated. 

These are not ‘outsiders.’ They’re Madison’s own homegrown criminals; excused, enabled and even encouraged by Madison progressives.

Meanwhile, State Street is boarding back up again. It is, literally, the broken windows theory of policing. Ignore the broken windows, indeed, celebrate the sloganeering on the boarded up storefronts as artwork (the actual art center is boarded up, too) and then wonder why there is criminality?

Blaska’s Bottom Line: There is cause for hope. The feds are investigating the fire-bombing. And the local U.S. Attorney, a Trump appointee with no need to win election, is said to be examining other charges. It’s how progressives are re-electing Trump, who is certain to pounce on Madison’s misery tonight in Green Bay. (8 p.m. on Fox.)

Progressives already own city hall; now they’re bombing it!


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21 Responses to Madison’s Mayor: ‘Free the baseball bat and bullhorn guy’

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    A certain part of me is positively gleeful witnessing the chaos and descruction that’s befallen Madison over the lasrt few weeks. It’s like seeing the cops finally come to take away your neighbor’s tee-age son who’s been terrorizing the neighborhood for years–slashing tires, doing wheelies on lawns, tipping over trash cans, torturing pets, screaming curses at anyone who tries to intervene, etc. Meanwhile his ever-indulgent parents never fail to come up with excuses for their “troubled” kid’s anti-social behavior and blame you for not being more “tolerant.”

    For years Madison officials have put up with the disruptive antics of BLM, Freedom Inc. and their ilk all the while thinking that they had the problem contained. The result is a downtown that’s trashed, art work that’s desecrated, and municipal buildings under attack by arsonists. So far official Madison has appeased these thugs more often than Chamberlain did Hitler–and with similar results. The local media too are complicit. Last evening’s lead storeis were all about “healing” and “the return of “normal” to the Capitol Square, the vandalism and violence of the previous night already being smothered in feel-good claptrap and breathtaking denial–i.e., what Madison does best.


    • AdamC says:

      Gary, I hear what you are saying but the sad thing is our state’s Capitol is in the middle of this cesspool and the venerable State Street connecting our grand Capitol with our state’s flagship university looks like a garbage dump — which is an insult to garbage dumps. A better description is that the entirety if State St looks like the bombed-out backside of a shithole neighborhood. Embarrassing and sad, and Madison and its so called leaders are wallowing in said shithole.


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        My point was that the most grand and venerable part of the city was trashed because of the dithering incompetence of city, county and state leaders–“progressives” all. They richly deserve to have the showpiece of their city–progressive’s little upopia–turned into a shithole by the sort of people who deserve to live in a shithole and will be more at home in it.


    • georgeorwell says:

      Spot on. I kind of wish they had been able to breach the Capitol building Tuesday night, and trash it too, if for no other reason than that it might actually wake one or two people the f*** up. I know… I’m being way too optimistic to think that more than even one person might actually WTFU, pull their head out of their butt and realize this has ZERO to do with Floyd, Brooks, Brown, or any of the others they are using as an excuse for the real reason this is happening. It’s on a global scale, is highly organized, and it’s financed by multi-billion dollar so-called “philanthropists” with One World Government as its goal. Floyd was the initial Molotov cocktail to set the world on fire.

      B olshevik
      L eninist
      M arxists.


  2. georgeorwell says:

    Charge him with attempted murder and extortion (threatening bodily harm with a deadly weapon). -And arrest the pajama-boy who won’t STFU for disturbing my peace.


  3. Batman says:

    God all mighty; Madison bleeding hearts are so naïve and stupid it is almost beyond comprehension and they be mostly upper middle class supposedly well educated. However, they also have a higher than normal fear quotient especially of being called racist and any form of physical confrontation. In other words they are cowards and weaklings but try to mask it with virtue signaling and PC rhetoric when in fact they tremble at the very thought of the mob who are composed primarily of POC who they now bow down to in subservience. The mob hates them too.

    Btw; this is what you get for paying exorbitant property taxes while your house value probably just sank 10% the past month. Good times…

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    • georgeorwell says:

      Indeed. The MOB hates them, too. People will always have contempt for people with no self-respect, which is what the white virtue signaling, boot-licking apple polishers are. They’re the kapos of the Bolshevik Leninist Marxists.


    • pANTIFArts says:

      ” Liberals, it has been said, are generous with other peoples’ money, except when it comes to questions of national survival when they prefer to be generous with other people’s freedom and security.” – William F. Buckley, Jr.


    • Sprocket says:

      On the nose.

      This dude threatened business owners with violence and arson if they didn’t give him and his crew free stuff. This was the response from one of them:
      “We heard you,” one business owner said. “Government heard you. They want to make a decision out of everything that’s happening, but a decision cannot be made overnight. You guys wanna protest? I’m a protester. I am protesting. Me and my family. Everyone. We are all protesting. But there is a way to protest.”

      I hope homie gets bounced out on bail and keeps shaking down these pathetic simps. What these suburban liberals are unable to wrap their brains around is that they are dealing with people that see their civility and empathy as the behavior of prey. Maybe if he burns their businesses down they’ll get a clue… but probably not. Screw these people, they’re getting what the deserve.


  4. Batman says:

    The only thing missing now is a good ol’fashion book burning. Now that would get Evers and Satya out of their easy chairs, not to stop it however but to insure the proper books are being burned.

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  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    This criminal POS f*ck didn’t learn the 1st 16 times.

    Knowing their are no consequences for miscreant, feral behavior, how long before he offends again?

    He should be locked away for a LONG time.

    The Gotch


  6. “The feds are investigating the fire-bombing” – yes, I can confirm. Was driving through downtown yesterday and saw three plain-clothed officers with military-style bullet-proof vests knocking at a door. Looked like Navy Seals, how they were carrying themselves…

    However desperate the situation… there is never cause for despair. God wins, all dark is eventually shown in the light.


  7. madisonexpat says:



  8. Robby White says:

    I sold an old Pontiac to Kelsey D. Nelson some 11 years ago. I had him sign a bill of sale and ended up needing that document to get myself out of paying a bunch of parking tickets that he ran up. It looks like he choose the wrong path in life. I don’t feel in any way complicit in his bad life choices. I don’t know how a person can somehow convince themselves that they are in any way to blame for another person being sucky at living a decent life. Kelsey and Devronaire can only blame themselves for their bad life choices. These two losers were born with a chance, they blew it! Not sorry, not guilty and not feeling bad for these preposterous cretins. They better keep Devron In jail for his own safety, I just hope his asthma isn’t flaring up breathing in that stinky stagnant jail oxygen.


  9. Balboa says:

    Yes because dropping about 50 f-bombs is always a sign of inteligence. Nice camera work, it almost seems iike this was planned? Hey wait a minute of course this was pre-planned by the Fascists. Just like until I see further footage of the so called burned woman in car, can you say Jussie Smollet part III. Part II is ole Bubba Wallace, a third rate driver, who is trying to get attention anyway he can because he cannot win races.


  10. richard lesiak says:

    “There’s good people on both sides”; D.J.Trump


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