The government takeover succeeded — in Madison WI

Intimidation worked here!

The consensus reaction to Wednesday’s assault on the nation’s Capitol (01-06-21) was: Where were the police? In Madison, they were told to stand down.

Moderate Republican Peggy Noonan urges: “We lower the boom. No civilized country can accept or allow … the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol. This was an attack on democracy itself. … Throw the book at them … throw it hard.”

⇒ In Madison, the insurgents would be given a GPS ankle bracelet and released on their own recognizance. Hailed as heroes of the Revolution.

Nancy Pelosi is angry. Capitol Police put too few boots on the ground. Not enough body armor, face shields, truncheons, or pepper spray.

⇒ Madison WI is considering banning pepper spray.

The feds are arresting Trump’s goon squad using facial recognition technology.

Already banned in Madison WI.

The social justice warrior putsch

Mitt Romney said, “What happened here was an insurrection.” Then what would you call what happened in Madison WI last summer (2020)?

We argue that Madison government HAS been overthrown. More gradually, but just the same. It has been intimidated into releasing repeat offenders on recognizance bond. The mayor and other Progressive Dane types demanded the release that that BLM extortionist with the baseball bat and bullhorn. (“Free Yeshua!”)

BLM says Hello. On Gloria Reyes’ front lawn Where her children play with their toys. On her front lawn!

Madison expelled police school  resource officers from our troubled public high schools after social justice warriors mau-maued the school board president at her home late one evening. Result: Running, high-speed gun shoot outs. An epidemic of stolen cars. Madison experienced 250 shots fired incidents (compared to 144 in 2019), but the more alarming statistic (not mentioned in the attached story) is the number of shell casings recovered by police (nearly 1100 compared to 473 for 2019.

⇒ Official Madison’s response: Putting convicted criminals, drug addicts, and enact racial quotas to second guess every beat cop’s split-second decision.

Freedom Inc. shut down the school board’s 2019 statutory budget meeting. The Madison school board fled into the nigh. Blaska among other citizens filed a complaint.

⇒  Our district attorney’s response: No prosecution. 

The city county building, the seat of local government, is fire bombed in June 2020. A gay Democrat(ic) legislator is beaten — as is a Black man trying to navigate the isthmus on his way to visit a relative in the hospital.  Statues of abolitionists and suffragettes are pulled down. (Police just recovered Colonel Heg’s head.) Kristallnacht on blocks and blocks of boarded up Downtown Madison? 

⇒ Police are told to stand down.

“It’s disgraceful what has occurred,” former police chief Mike Koval commented at the time. “The essential services of a mayor is to secure the safety of all its constituents and she is woefully deficient in that regard .. we have enabled chaos to be the the new ruler of the day. … (the Police) are literally hamstrung.”

State Rep. Barb Ward Dittrich, R-Oconomowoc: “On June 5 I led my colleagues in writing to Gov. Evers urging him to protect our State Capitol and its surrounding monuments. He never replied. Now Lady Forward lays toppled by protesters in the middle of Mifflin St. Enough!”

The birds still tweet

Trump’s social media accounts have been shut down. (The man may consider that more consequential than impeachment.) Blaska is taking considerable incoming fire calling for Trump’s resignation. But we are still something of a free speech enclave — as Hong Kong once was in a sea of Communism. If what amounts to a public utility — Twitter and Facebook — can censor its users, the Werkes has its own Cancel Culture enemies list.  

“Stop murdering black people and your glass will be safe.” That’s not Sen. Ron Johnson asking for an elections study commission. That is Freedom Inc.’s M Adams last summer in Madison WI  threatening violence if her agenda is not enacted. The lady still walks free.

Can we ban BLM? Bianca Gomez of Freedom Inc.? The Party for Socialism and Freedom? They’ve been advertising riots, organizing cook-outs on the Beltline at rush hour, late-night raids on the private homes of school board members, and window smashing on State Street. We’ve more candidates for cloture if you want them.

Ald. Mad Max Prestigiacomo urges Madison to F-bomb S * * * up in an upcoming riot, advertising on social media.

⇒ He still tweets. As a member of the Madison Common Council.


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