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Needed, more profiles in courage

We’re trying to move on, really we are. •   But when JUST LAST NIGHT (06-05-21) #45 calls the 2020 presidential election “the crime of the century.”  •   When many of the delegates to the Georgia Republican party convention boo … Continue reading

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Hey nut jobs! Book your Washington D.C. hotel room for August!

Back away from the tin foil — and the bamboo While Maricopa County ferrets out the imported bamboo ballots that “defeated” Donald Trump (wink! wink!), hope builds among the RITOS (Republicans in Trump Only) that the fake presidency of Uncle … Continue reading

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A sick and twisted progressive hit job

Politics of the personal Sometime soon, Dave Zweifel will write about the good old days when Democrats and Republicans could sit down and get blotto together at the old Congress Bar off Madison’s Capitol Square. If the editor emeritus asks … Continue reading

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Today is June 2, mask nuts

We so can breathe! June 2? Dane County/Madison Public Health says we can take off our masks two weeks from today (05-19-21)? Are you kidding  !!! Uh, unh. Blaska is done being Mr. Nice Guy (for the 415th time). Already … Continue reading

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Ballot box baloney in Arizona?

The never ending erection (sorry) The Werkes sent its intrepid but unpaid intern out onto Madison Covid contaminated streets for her English As a Second Language lesson. Today’s question: Will Republicans investigating ballots in Maricopa County AZ find bamboo fibers … Continue reading

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G.O.P. does not stand for Get Out and Purge

‘Nothing can stop what is coming.’ That’s the dire warning some of our MAGA acquaintances are posting on social media. They posted the same apocalyptic claptrap before the January 6 assault on the nation’s electoral process. No winning hearts and … Continue reading

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