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Wrong we can handle, stupid we can’t

The Constitution is short; read it! Mark Twain said it is better to remain silent and be thought stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. The multitudes are removing all doubt on social media. Too many of … Continue reading

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Blaska gets out of Facebook jail

Facebook redemption  We have escaped Facebook Jail! For three days and nights we rotted inside the rank hole of oblivion, unable to share our paranoia and recrimination with the rest of the world. Was it something we said? We crawled … Continue reading

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Sen. Johnson defies the news media gatekeepers

Wisconsin loves a maverick Had forgotten how invigorating is Sen. Ron Johnson. The Wisconsin Republican spoke at today’s (06-05-21) Second District Republican Caucus at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison. Said he is still undecided about re-election. But did say: He never … Continue reading

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Hey nut jobs! Book your Washington D.C. hotel room for August!

Back away from the tin foil — and the bamboo While Maricopa County ferrets out the imported bamboo ballots that “defeated” Donald Trump (wink! wink!), hope builds among the RITOS (Republicans in Trump Only) that the fake presidency of Uncle … Continue reading

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Recrimination is not a winning message

Can we get back to the future sometime soon? A certain former President ripped into Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell before a Republican National Committee donor event Saturday evening 04-10-21, deriding him as a “dumb son of a bitch.” Mitch … Continue reading

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Ron Johnson plants his cross

and defends his hill. It is the official catechism of Blaska Policy Werkes to denounce as intrinsically disordered any acts of violence, intimidation, or harassment short of a declaration of war declared by Congress. Which is why the head groundskeeper, … Continue reading

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