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Liz Cheney is a real Republican

Pilloried for speaking out against the attempted coup If some future national leader wants to update JFK’s book, Profiles in Courage, he should add a chapter on U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, who this weekend was censured by her Republican party in … Continue reading

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‘Once a pedo …’

The best vitriol is true! A Facebook friend (let’s call him Auric) posts that President Joe Biden is a “pedo” — short for pedophile. His “proof” is a photo of his wife, a young Dr. Jill, sitting on his lap. … Continue reading

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Clowns on the Left, jokers on the Right

Can’t we just agree to be disagreeable? Stately Blaska Manor is boarded up. The Praetorian Guard is on alert, the unlettered field hands are sharpening their rakes and hoes, spam filters are in place in case of cyber attack. Atlas … Continue reading

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The government takeover succeeded — in Madison WI

Intimidation worked here! The consensus reaction to Wednesday’s assault on the nation’s Capitol (01-06-21) was: Where were the police? In Madison, they were told to stand down. Moderate Republican Peggy Noonan urges: “We lower the boom. No civilized country can … Continue reading

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Just go away, Donald Trump

We Dare call it Treason From the Wall Street Journal about the insurrection of 01-06-21: [After] Wednesday’s disgrace and what to do about the 13 days left in Donald Trump’s presidential term, Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are … Continue reading

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‘Enough’s enough; we’ve got to end it’

Sen. Lindsay Graham is the Werkes’ favorite political figure. Feisty, humorous, brave and wise, he is — now WAS —  Trump’s most loyal ally in the U.S. Senate (along with Ron Johnson). Here is Sen. Graham on the proposal to delay certifying … Continue reading

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