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Love handles? Blame racism

from the ‘American Was Never Great’ songbook The Dane County Board of Supervisors views everything through the lens of racial equity. That is official, written policy. Which means if too many of the wrong people are jailed for committing crime … Continue reading

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Mainstream news media pivots from Russian collusion to ‘Trump is a racist’

Advocates and the media deemed Mr. Trump’s non-racial denunciation of Baltimore’s leadership racist. Never mind that the victims of the city’s almost daily drive-by shootings are black. Race shields minority politicians from criticism. — Heather Mac Donald It’s the page … Continue reading

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Baltimore is the Democrats’ Ground Zero

Here’s the difference, Rep. Cummings: People are struggling to get IN to the U.S.; They’re trying to get OUT of W. Baltimore The genius of Donald Trump is that he forces the Left to defend the indefensible. (It helps that … Continue reading

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Rats! Trump says The Border is better run than Baltimore

Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances are hearing dog whistles Give ’em a bag of Purina! Is turnabout fair play? Is tit for tat legit?  Not when you are criticizing Donald Trump. You’re supposed to have a clear shot at the President in … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is drinking progressives’ milk shake

He’s the straw that stirs the drink UPDATE: Not to be left behind, Madison Common Council considers banning plastic straws. Story here. My friends who are Trump supporters (which is to say, most of my friends) echo Abraham Lincoln. Enemies … Continue reading

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Trump’s tanks are back on the flatbed trucks, to critics’ dismay

 Don’t you feel foolish, my liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances?! ‘Critics said’ you should be accustomed to that by now. In the run-up to the Independence Day “Salute to America,” the Left predicted a military coup led by President-for-Life Trump. The two (count … Continue reading

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