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Trump’s tanks are back on the flatbed trucks, to critics’ dismay

 Don’t you feel foolish, my liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances?! ‘Critics said’ you should be accustomed to that by now. In the run-up to the Independence Day “Salute to America,” the Left predicted a military coup led by President-for-Life Trump. The two (count … Continue reading

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The party’s over for the Trump-crazed Left

Cue up Dandy Don Meredith. As he used to croon during a Monday Night Football blowout, “The party’s o-ver!” Or, as Gertrude Stein said of Oakland California, there is no “there” there. The Mueller report is definitive as in “case … Continue reading

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President Bush’s funeral was an early Christmas gift

Laughter, tears, and washing feet We honestly feel like better people after having watched George H.W. Bush Sr.’s funeral Wednesday on C-Span. (We’re sure it will pass.) But America as a whole may be better. It was so uplifting we … Continue reading

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George H.W. Bush was a real man

‘Ceiling and visibility unlimited’ President Donald Trump will indeed attend President George H.W. Bush’s funeral Wednesday (12-05-18). That is as it should be. In death, President #41 may already have produced his first miracle. Has Mr. Trump begun to see … Continue reading

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Give it to Freedom Inc., they never quit (and are never quiet)

We’re proud to be sore losers The white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes, the indentured servants at the Manor, and the unlettered field hands toiling the frozen fields of the Experimental Farm (and Penal Colony) are normally more … Continue reading

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Trump is building a wall against progressive identity politics

But alienating the middle, who are getting tired of this Schitt For those of you who spell it Faux News, Chris Wallace is a true journalist. (As are Bret Baier and Shepard Smith.) In his interview that aired Sunday, he … Continue reading

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