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A Republican president fought insurrection

Thanks to Capitol security “On Feb. 13, 1861 a mob gathered outside the Capitol and tried to force its way in to disrupt the counting of the electoral certificates that would confirm Abraham Lincoln’s election three months earlier.” The New … Continue reading

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The government takeover succeeded — in Madison WI

Intimidation worked here! The consensus reaction to Wednesday’s assault on the nation’s Capitol (01-06-21) was: Where were the police? In Madison, they were told to stand down. Moderate Republican Peggy Noonan urges: “We lower the boom. No civilized country can … Continue reading

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Has a presidential inauguration ever been this fraught?

The joke — if you will pardon some gallows humor — is that, after Wednesday’s siege of the Capitol, Mexico has agreed to pay for the wall. Did Nancy Pelosi attempt her own coup? The NY Times reports: Pelosi said … Continue reading

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‘Enough’s enough; we’ve got to end it’

Sen. Lindsay Graham is the Werkes’ favorite political figure. Feisty, humorous, brave and wise, he is — now WAS —  Trump’s most loyal ally in the U.S. Senate (along with Ron Johnson). Here is Sen. Graham on the proposal to delay certifying … Continue reading

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Make America Paraguay again

Nothing says ‘Defend the Constitution’ like a good old military putsch! ‘Tis the season for TREASON! Ol’ Sparky says it is “Recalculating!” Demands 11,780 more punch cards NOW! Blaska Policy Werkes has laid in 11,780 vacuum tubes should our 1955 … Continue reading

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Give Mike Pence a blindfold and a cigarette

We’re running out of tin foil Here is a real prediction: Republicans will NOT nominate Donald Trump in 2024; he has already tarnished his brand and that of his party. His cult of personality is attracting more paranoids like Lin … Continue reading

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