Give Mike Pence a blindfold and a cigarette

We’re running out of tin foil

Here is a real prediction: Republicans will NOT nominate Donald Trump in 2024; he has already tarnished his brand and that of his party. His cult of personality is attracting more paranoids like Lin Wood. They make the John Birchers sound sane. Trump’s bitter enders are willing to tear up the Constitution in order to “save” America. Social media gladiators who label their political opponents as “traitors” are cowards who have never run for office themselves, much less been given the responsibility of office.  People who believe everything is a conspiracy will believe any absurdity.

Lin Wood

This is the guy who says Jeffrey Epstein really did NOT kill himself — because he is alive and blackmailing John Roberts! Anyone who disagrees is a TRAITOR!

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  1. elizdelphi says:

    I think Trump actually won and am inclined to think that while yes there were state level issues of election laws not being followed, ballot harvesting and things like that by the Dem machine, not only that but it does look to me like there was national coordination of other major crimes to fix the election. The voting software adjudication that can set the individual votes to whomever the adjudicator decides, and other features of voting software were obviously part of how it worked. The info we have now is all stuff that the general public has been able to figure out. Do you think the Trump admin does not have additional info? Some branches of intelligence ARE Trump friendly, such as defense intelligence and the space force. December 6th they may provide us with more of that info. What WAS the deal with untracked USPS shipments of huge amounts of completed mail ballots across state lines to multiple swing states? Did that or did that not happen? Pence is now signaling he doesn’t think he can accept contested Biden electors so easily. If Trump admin has good knowledge of election swinging fraud then of course they should fight, in keeping with constitutionality, to retain the presidency or at least to have another, contingent election.


  2. Lars says:

    Tucker goes into detail about the voter fraud that we know happened, what’s been admitted, and why it’s perfectly acceptable to expose audiences to that information. He also touches on why so many Americans feel angst about how the process is playing out.


  3. Alfred E Neuman says:

    All summer long I read posts here calling for prosecution of the BLM protesters, and assorted rioters for breaking the law. How bout a big shout-out to prosecute this republican administration for breaking the law.


  4. elizdelphi says:

    Look at what Lin Wood is saying now. We have all heard of this before, I think, and we have seen a massive fury of media arrayed against it being true. Lin says he has the encryption key, and the encrypted files very doubtless are on the internet. So there’s a way of finding out if he’s insane or if the truth is some absolutely demonic things have been going on. Trump must investigate and explain if Lin is insane or not.

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    • richard -lesiak says:

      He’s insane. As is trump. Proven by the Georgia phone call. Trump’s father was locked up late in life for going off the rails. Runs in the family.


      • elizdelphi says:

        I reviewed the contents of the GA phone call and what Trump says makes sense to me as making an argument based on the affidavit evidence that his own and other allied attorneys have offered so far, while the GA officials come across as less aware of evidence and refusing to investigate. Courts have been dismissing cases without ruling on the merits. Let them lay out what info there is in the senate. Trump and co assert they have additional information.

        In the end it isn’t a matter of opinion, are you on the side that doesn’t really want to know if elections/vote fraud happened and no new information of any sort would sway you?

        I want the truth, that’s all. It needs real investigation.


  5. georgessson says:

    You type out a lot of words that only manage to sidestep such a simple straightforward question. You may have a future in politics after all.”

    Batman, This comment is not up to your usual standards. Your posts prior to the election are notably cogent and interesting. But I realize your frustration.

    To answer your query: Perhaps this election was rigged, (maybe attempted by BOTH parties). I do not presume to know. In any case, frustrating or not, it’s a moot question. Let’s gird our loins for next battle.


    • Batman says:

      “Fair and square” is not cogent enough for you, okaaay.
      You profess to not have formed an opinion on fraud/rigging (notbuyingit) and we should just move on and “gird our loins” because it is a moot question.
      We are obviously a world apart on the best way to move forward with what is yet to be confronted with the radical Left. A less violent (but nevertheless similar) ISIS comes to mind along with the Nazi brownshirts but the fact you cannot or will not see what is right in front of you convinces me that words alone will not penetrate but only when you witness just how much more destruction/upheaval the radical Left is capable of might you see things differently.

      A well-resourced deep dive will answer your “moot question” and more damage will be done in the long run without it than taking the *aw-shucks let’s just move on because well, just because, approach.*
      Btw; I’m not naïve enough to be frustrated by politicking.



      • georgessson says:

        Batman, Yer a passionate and articulate fella, but “Deep dives” as a rule I do not do… “That way madness lies.” A balanced attitude is not, “awe shucks, let’s move on”…. A balanced attitude dictates, “Let’s not waste time & resources, let’s DO BETTER in the next 4 years”. Especially if we want to avoid ISIS & Brownshirts. I see on a daily basis what havoc the radical Left is capable of but tiltin’ at windmills ain’t the answer…. Hard works IS. BTW, in 3 months, tell me that this issue was NOT a moot question. It is over. The Fat Lady done sung her song.

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        • Batman says:

          This isn’t about reinstating Trump (atleastforme) because that isn’t going to happen regardless of how much fraud is proven with a well resourced deep dive but reform of the election process will be one major benefit among others.

          Considerably more fundamental damage and undermining of trust in our elections and country will be the result of yours and Patrick’s *well balanced approach of nothing to see here so let’s move on* without a comprehensive audit to determine exactly what is behind the massive anomalies otherwise 80million citizens may not want to work hard if they figure elections are rigged anyway and also give up on this country altogether.
          Moreover, it is part of the *resist these commie rat-bastards* every step of the way.
          Both our responses to the obvious election fraud are necessary.



  6. Lars says:

    The Heritage Foundation’s credible work on the subject, including its Election Fraud Database.


  7. georgessson says:

    WIKI: “After a school dance, the then 16-year-old Lin Wood returned home to find his father had beaten his mother to death. Lin Wood Sr. pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, a charge reduced from first-degree murder. He served a little over two years in prison.”

    Poor kid. Who at that age should have to deal w/ that! I believe that in the future, this would throw anyone from rational thinking, inspire many dark thoughts and ultimate frayed beliefs -especially the two-year-only imprisonment.


  8. Batman says:

    Batman is seeing too many “good Germans” around here… Dennis Prager takes note beginning this way:

    One of the biggest revelations concerns a question that has always plagued me: How does one explain the “good German,” the term used to describe the average, presumably decent German, who did nothing to hurt Jews but also did nothing to help them and did nothing to undermine the Nazi regime?
    (it’s a short read but probably nothing to it, right?)


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