How did they tear down 2 statues and no police stopped them?

The capitulation continues.

‘Mayor: Madison schools to end SRO contract with MPD.’

Mayor Satya is not done yet! Madison schools to end SRO contract with MPD, according to WMTV NBC-15. The Board of Education is set to vote on the relationship on Monday. Watch on-line here starting at 6 p.m. 06-29-2020.  — Also Capital Newspapers.


How is it possible to pull down statues that have stood for one hundred years, Colonel Heg from the southeast side of Capitol Park and Miss Forward from the northwest side of the Capitol, drag them away, and not one police agency is able to stop them? How is that possible?

News Story: “Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway) and acting police chief Vic Wahl did not immediately respond to requests for comment about why police have been largely absent from protests in recent weeks, or why they’ve been unwilling or unable to stop protestors from breaking the law.
“State Capitol police, who fall under the jurisdiction of the state Department of Administration, did not explain in a statement Wednesday where they were overnight Tuesday as protesters tore down the statues and assaulted Sen. Tim Carpenter, D-Milwaukee, other than to say they “responded to attempts to breach the State Capitol last night, and were able to prevent any additional penetration of the building.”
Let’s be clear about this: all Madison and Dane County and State of Wisconsin’s elected officials and appointed leaders are to blame for the mayhem of these past two weeks. Property destroyed, livelihoods endangered, peopled harassed and injured. 

Fire bomb ccb

The City County Building was fire-bombed!

Feds want info on attempted fire bombing of City County Building. More here.

We do credit Sheriff Dave Mahoney for calling out Freedom Inc. and Urban Triage — beneficiaries of your tax dollars — to denounce the urban terrorism. Don’t hold your breath. It was M. Adams of Freedom Inc. who issued the get-out-of-jail-free card:

“Stop murdering black people and your glass will be safe.” 

Broken Window State Capitol

View from inside the State Capitol this morning

Former police chief Mike Koval, your uniform still fits. Put it on and return to the cop shop to put a spine on Vic Wahl.

Koval on the Vicki McKenna show WIBA 1310 AM (06-24-2020):

It’s disgraceful what has occurred.… the essential services of a mayor is to secure the safety of all its constituents and she is woefully deficient in that regard .. we have enabled chaos to be the the new ruler of the day. … (the Police) are literally hamstrung …

… I have heard that people’s cars in a condominiums are being jumped on and no one is doing anything. The rank and file are champing on the bit… but they have been muzzled. Those strings have been pulled from the highest level of the City-County Building. With no permanent chief … MPD is basically incapacitated.

[Madison police officers] are fed up, because they don’t feel supported they feel unsafe.

A summary

Tuesday night 06-23-2020 in Madison:

Courtesy of Denise Solie:

• Rioting fascist criminals firebombed the City-County Building in Madison, Wisconsin. 

• 911 dispatchers were rushed from the building through fire and smoke by deputy county sheriffs.

• Deputy sheriffs also assisted countless with other individuals confined in the building.

• Police knew in advance that this was planned, AND DID NOTHING.

• City leaders told Police to “stand down” and sent Madison law enforcement officers home from work early.

• On John Nolen Drive, a man driving to the hospital was surrounded by a mob of 50 rioters, and when he stopped to ask why they threw a bicycle at his car (and damaged it), they attacked him. He managed to get away, and drove himself to the hospital.

• A Wisconsin state senator from Milwaukee (Tim Carpenter) was beaten, kicked, and stomped by a mob of about a dozen rioters outside the Capitol in Madison, who left him in the dirt. (He’s currently still in the hospital.)

• Rioters tore down the statue “Forward” at the top of State Street.

• Rioters also tore down the statue of Hans Christian Heg, a Norwegian immigrant, abolitionist, and American journalist, who led a Scandinavian regiment (Union side) in the Civil War and died at Chickamauga GA., beheading the statue and rolling him into Lake Monona.

Silence from Madison’s legislators

After a mob descended Tuesday on the Wisconsin State Capitol, breaking windows, pulling down two historic statues, and allegedly beating up a state legislator, U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany declared he’s had enough.

The Wisconsin Republican called Wednesday for the resignation of Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, accusing him of enabling “nearly a month of sustained lawlessness, bedlam, rioting and violence.”

State Rep. Barb Ward Dittrich, R-Oconomowoc: “On June 5 I led my colleagues in writing to Gov. Evers urging him to protect our State Capitol and its surrounding monuments. He never replied. Now Lady Forward lays toppled by protesters in the middle of Mifflin St. Enough!”

Why have we not heard from any of Madison’s state legislative delegation?


Blaska’s Bottom Line: Folks, when our elected officials can’t even protect the State Capitol or the seat of local government or State Street that connects the University of Wisconsin with the Capitol, they are not going to protect your home or business, either. Madison can’t wait to elect Donald Trump. Count on him to excoriate progressives at his town hall Thursday night 06-25-2020 in Green Bay.

How are YOU protecting yourself?

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11 Responses to How did they tear down 2 statues and no police stopped them?

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Lefty’s monumentally gutless ineptitude has enabled an available niche in the Stand Your Ground movement; it WILL be filled!

    Lefty ain’t gonna like the way it goes down, either!

    The Gotch

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    • Sprocket says:

      It’s not gutless ineptitude. They are entirely supportive of the chaos. Remember these people believe our society is irredeemably racist and evil. They want to destroy it.

      For gutless ineptitude, you need to look to the Republicans. Check out Ron Johnson’s twitter for this week; Juneteenth, corona virus, and 5g towers… nothing about the mobs destroying his state’s capitol. The Republicans are the court eunuchs, stuffing as much silverware as they can in their pockets before the palace burns down.

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      • AdamC says:

        Whatever happened to the public health crisis that required all of us to comply with their orders to shut everything down?

        Not long ago churches were barred from having services and the people who PEACEFULLY protested at the Capitol a couple months ago were called “stupid” by Mayor Satyaphatassdown and roundly condemned by the Governor and County Executive.

        The riots and mayhem that all 3 of these clowns have been encouraging and promoting — aren’t those gatherings in violation of still-in-effect public health orders???

        Today Madison and Dane County officials are worrying about a spike they say has occurred this week in COVID cases including among ages 20-29.

        They all say “we don’t know why this is happening”and act stupid when they know they are just afraid to say out loud that it’s probably because of the 2 weeks of riots. But you won’t hear cowards like Mayor Satyaphatassdown calling the BLM rioters “stupid” will you.


  2. AdamC says:

    Domestic terrorism. Treat the perps accordingly with full federal investigations, charges, and trials…. and third insanity will be stopped quickly.

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  3. Batman says:

    This just in: Evers and Satya were chatting on the phone today and after exchanging pleasantries an aide overheard Satya remind pencil neck the only two lines to remember when questioned by the press are—-it’s only property and black lives matter.


    • pANTIFArts says:

      Just go down to the square with a bullhorn and tell the HIVE that two NEW statues will be going up in the weeks to come , TRUMP and PENCE !!!! Be sure to get video of the collective pants – soiling . Post to YouTube PLEEEZ !


  4. Steve Hufton says:

    Organizations deploying and providing financial backing to the rioters, BLM, ANTIFA, etc., are actually the Sturmabteilung of the DNC. Democrat officials, mayors, governers, are taking their marching orders from the DNC. In sweeping coordination they have been ordered not to allow police to interfere with DNCs Brown Shirts while they intimidate the American population into willingly accepting total control. THAT is why police are being told to stand down. The DNC is controlling the entire effort. One proof of this is that the FDR memorial is totally untouched, whereas memorials on both sides have been desecrated. The DNC it welding exact, precise control over events.



  5. madisonexpat says:

    Why weren’t the statues racist when Obama was prez?


  6. Deborah Ann Moore says:

    Great timeline on this horrible situation.


  7. Robby White says:

    Just for some variety I bought a crossbow with some arrows that tear flesh when you try to remove them. Got some melons set up in the backyard that will be eaten after they have been ventilated. Otherwise just avoiding crowded areas, not making eye contact with any other humans, driving the 4×4 with some ground clearance and generally keeping to myself. As for little Devronere, I don’t know why people at Coopers were so scared of that twiggly limbed race hustler. If he screamed “racist” in my ear he would have been eating that bullhorn. Once one of Musas stick like legs got taken out it would have been over for that puke. At this point I just don’t GAF anymore, I don’t even support the peaceful elements of revolution. I don’t have a record and will Ozanne really prosecute me anyway if I have to protect myself?


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