Is it time to criminalize crime again?

Doesn’t it seem all the crime these days
is being committed by teenagers?

Now we know why Freedom Inc. and their allies in the progressive movement wanted cops out of Madison’s troubled public high schools. It’s the same reason radicalized high school social workers administered a beatdown on Sen. Tim Carpenter on the Capitol grounds. No witnesses.

The four school resource officers were in the way. The school cops (all racial minorities, btw) were disarming the Resistance’s street fighters, confiscating their illegal drugs, and taking notes. 

East high school’s SRO identified one of the little 11-year-old girl’s alleged shooters and a second teenager, both of whom were among those believed to have looted a sports clothing store on State Street in the “mostly peaceful” protests of May 30. Police detective Zulma Franco “knew them as former East high school students from her time as the SRO there,” the WI State Journal reports today. (Good work!)


This message lasted 24 hours this week in Milwaukee before “the community” complained. (More here.)

It’s crime that is disproportionate

Bianca (“F * * * White People”) Gomez, M Adams and their allies at Progressive Dane and The Capital Times demanded cops be expelled from school — but not the shooters and the looters. Too much racial “disproportionality.”

The overly Woke fretted that cops greased the “school to prison pipeline.” To which, the head groundskeeper at the Werkes says, “GOOD!” But then, Blaska managed only 30.1% of the vote against a candidate who found racism under every bedspring. (Although she’s mighty quiet these days.)

“You just want Black kids to fail,” Ali Muldrow charged at a candidate forum at Badger Rock middle school. Blaska retorted then and retorts today: “They’re already failing.” A 10% literacy rate is one indicator. Black kids accounting for 57% of suspensions but only 19% of the student body is another.

No more ‘Time Out’ classrooms for André Brown (age 16). No more diversions for Jerry Ward (17). No more low bail for Perion Carreon (19) — the three accused of shooting Anisa Scott (11) dead. They now join Khari Sanford (19) — another graduate of deferred prosecution — and Alijah Larue (18) (another victim of restorative justice) in the big people’s jail. (The latter two, you may recall, are accused of the point-blank, execution-style shootings of Dr. Beth Potter and her husband, Robin Carre. The plot, hatched at a West high school ceramics lab. More here.)

Cops Out of School, having succeeded, our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances can now turn their energies once again to Derailing the Jail, Defunding the Cops, and Freeing the 350 on Bail. Release Anisa’s accused killers! Divert, once again, the murdered couple’s assailants. 

The voice of progressivism

“It is time to stop stationing police officers in Madison schools,” The Capital Times editorialized on 06-11-2020. It’s hard to argue with the progressive news source’s logic because there is no logic, just this (and we quote):

The board should vote to remove the SROs for two reasons:

First, this shift in approach is appropriate and necessary. The arguments for it are strong. The arguments against are weak.

Second, the change can be a starting point for a host of changes that need to be made to create new models for public safety and public service in Madison and Dane County.

Get it? Arguments for banishing Zulma Franco? STRONG! Arguments against? WEAK! If there’s a starting point for new models, we wish they would start today!

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The arguments FOR keeping school resource officers are these: Anisa Scott, Beth Potter, Robin Carre, Maurice Bowman. No more restorative justice for them. Add the armed assault on Garner Park, scores of hit and runs, spent shell casings, stolen cars and growing list of Black kids whose lives will now be spent behind bars thanks to progressive foolishness. (Their arguments are weak.)

As a reader suggested: It is time to criminalize crime again.

Or is it past time?

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10 Responses to Is it time to criminalize crime again?

  1. Gary Kriewald says:

    Criminalize crime in Madison? Not a chance. Madison liberals take positive pride in ingoring or excusing crime (esp. that perpetrated by minorities) because it shows how tolerant and broad-minded they are. Only Trump supporters and other lowlifes would think of punishing someone for joyriding in a stolen SUV or venting their anger at “systemic racism” by busting a few dozen shop windows. Doing things the Madison way signals not only their virtue but their enlightened views, no matter how preposterous they look to everyone else–i.e., a badge of honor.

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  2. One of THOSE says:

    They are laughing at how easy it is to prey upon the dolts that live here. No doubt the word is on the street to come up to Madison because it’s pretty easy pickins and as long as you don’t kill somebody, you’re free to roam the streets after the minor inconvenience of going through the revolving door that is Dane County courts system.

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  3. “The arguments for it are strong. The arguments against are weak.”

    I remember reading that editorial when it originally ran. They put that declaration near the beginning, and I read the entire thing looking for them to follow up on what the arguments actually were, either way. But the Cap Times must have determined that the arguments for were so strong, and arguments against, so weak, that they were not worth offering at all. They didn’t argue any point at all. They offered nothing, but their unsupported opinion.

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  4. Liberty says:

    They complain about the VERY THINGS that will empower at risk communities? This IS the voice of Progressivism and it’s DISEASED.

    Nothing will change until elected officials who embrace victimization are voted out of office. Maybe liberalism really is a mental disorder and not just a slogan?

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    • Liberty says:

      The silent majority won’t tolerate this. They’ll remain silent and just move away.

      I feel immense sadness for Black people who are caught up in this endless web of insanity. They are being led astray by limousine liberals who are more interested in their political careers and virtue signalling than in actually ensuring that these communities thrive.

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  5. One of THOSE says:

    Dry your tears Liberty. The world is replete with black people who have used their God- given brains and said “I’m not going to be a victim or told that I can’t do something because I’m black, or poor or whatever” and actually did get a job (or multiple jobs) and did those other things that responsible people do to be productive and upstanding members of the community. But if someone chooses to be lazy and believe whatever the govt that feeds them and gives them a free cell phone says, that’s on them, not anyone else. Sorry, not sorry.


  6. georgessson says:

    As Larry Elder, Sowell, (4 DECADES), Candace Owens and Dr. Shelby Steele reiterate in many speeches and writings, the only things standing in the way of Black success is: liberalism. Liberalism rewards the lack of initiative, lack of a father, the lack of jobs, (tho so many jobs are out there), & and promotes easy livin’ thru handouts, SS disability, welfare and PITY. Libs proclaim, “It’s not their fault!” stridently and repetitively until the downtrodden minorities believe them. Then when it’s time to pay the Piper his dues, (crime, poverty, lack of wealth & education) they rally ’round BLM, a contradiction to the utmost degree. Nauseating.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “the only things standing in the way of Black success is: liberalism.”

      Bravo Indigo November Golf Oscar!!!!!

      The inimitable, reportedly black Jason L. Riley:

      Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed

      The Gotch


      • richard lesiak says:

        Well; you can rip off millions, scam the election, etc and get a pardon from trump. The only thing standing in the way of RWNJ success is nothing. Barr is a puppet, trump will pardon you, so why not be a crook. Manafort WHO? Never heard of him,. Arrested, sunbathing on a luxury boat owned by the CHINESE. (Chinese virus) don’t “ya know.) Ya’ all to” criminalize crime” put these pigs in jail. Falwell should be the first.


  7. pANTIFArts says:

    The blog ends with the question,”Or is it past time?” My fear is that it is too late, at least too late to avoid the bloodbath that the transition period could bring. An entire generation has grown up without accountability. If prosecutors and judges were to suddenly begin to actually ENFORCE the law, and hand down REAL penalties, these kids would not be prepared to deal with that. Right now armed robbery, home invasion burglary, car jacking/theft, reckless discharge of a firearm, assault, (the list goes on), is fun and games. What if that were to all change? I want you to look at the pictures of three “latest” murderers, I mean really look into their eyes, and think about what I’m about to say. If you were their victim, in a serious crime, what would be your fate? They can either let you go, and face prison time (with you going to the police, picking them out of a line-up, and testifying at trial), or they can take you on a non-consensual trip to The Arboretum. (But, they can’t possibly get away with it, and it will make the charges so-o-o much worse !!!) Remember, you are dealing with someone, 16, 17, 18 years old, TOTALLY self centered, lives in the moment, a child . Will they suddenly mature, develop empathy with you, or will you “go to see the trees”? ——in this case, “Snitches Get Ditches”


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