Too much diverting; not enough prosecuting

Prison saves lives

At some point, you have to channel Joseph Welch, the white-shoe Boston lawyer who upbraided Joe McCarthy during the Army-McCarthy Hearings in 1954.

“At long last,  have you no no sense of decency?”

Haven’t you done enough damage, liberals, progressives, and socialists? We write this as the third teenager was arrested today (08-20-2020) in the shooting death of 11-year-old Anisa Maria Scott. Three teenagers in custody aged 16, 17, and 19. All three with extensive criminal records and more “diversion” than a desert river.

But there is The Capital Times (“Dane County’s Progressive Voice”) out with an indictment of District Attorney Ismael Ozanne (a Democrat) for … (wait for it) … being too tough on crime! 

‘In his 10th year on the job … Ozanne faces criticism over worsening racial disparities.’

Who is criticizing? Progressive defense attorneys who hold up  as their ideal prosecutors Kim Gardner in St. Louis, who charged that man and wife defending their homes from an angry BLM mob until the Missouri attorney general stepped in.


The preposterous imputation of The Capital Times’ analysis of “worsening” racial disparities in criminal prosecution is that Dane County’s first district attorney of color is racist. 

The Capital Times cries racism because Black people comprise 7% of Madison’s population but 66% of all juvenile arrests, 46% of the inmates in the county jail. A classic case of confusing correlation with causation. It is the fallacy that fuels the Derail the Jail crowd, Cops Out of Schools, and Free the 350 Bail Fund: That a racist criminal justice system is still catching runaway slaves.

In Madison’s public high schools, boys represent 49% of the student body but 59% of the disciplinary procedures. Does that mean the school district discriminates against boys or does it mean boys act up more than girls?

Poor Ozanne pleads he’s spinning the revolving door can spin but not fast enough for The Capital Times, which quotes one defense lawyer’s pretzel logic: If you didn’t put them in [the system] in the first place, you wouldn’t have to divert them out.” Inquiring minds want to know:

Did Ismael Ozanne put Perion Carreon (age 19), André Brown (16) and Jerry Ward (17) into the system or did the three Black teenagers put themselves there by (it is charged) shooting and killing 11-year-old Anisa Scott? 

“Unfortunately,” says another defense lawyer, “A lot of my clients of color have priors — a lot of priors — and that kind of ruins any chance that why would have [of diversion.]” 

Carreon, Ward, Brown — not old enough to legally drink


Including first-degree murder, Carreon now faces eight felony charges — including jumping bail four separate times. Three weeks before the shooting, Carreon had been released on $1,500 bail by a Dane County Judge Julie Genovese. 

Brown turned off his GPS ankle monitor prior to the murder of Anisa. His juvie record is sealed but throughout middle school, parents were pleading “Please protect my daughter from Andrew Brown. The lad has now graduated to adult court at age 16.

Jerry Ward was out on a signature bond from a March case for possession with intent to distribute THC and possession of drug paraphernalia. When arrested he was armed with a gun, which being out on felony bail, is very much illegal. The folks at We Support Madison Police make a great case for the Broken Windows theory of policing:

Are we really doing offenders a favor by not punishing them for lower level offenses? This man escalated his level of criminality, and depending on his involvement in this murder, could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Madison has become a shooting gallery — largely by Black teens commandeering stolen cars. Shootings are up 88% over last year at this time. The real question — unfathomable to the progressives —is whether the district attorney is doing too much diverting and not enough prosecuting?” 

Blaska’s Bottom LineLet’s remember this: Police did not kill Anisa Scott. White privilege did not kill the 11-year-old girl. She would be alive today if Dane County Progressives would, at long last, develop a sense of decency.

Has 10 years of diversion made us safer?

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  1. Dave wrote, “Let’s remember this: Police did not kill Anisa Scott. White privilege did not kill the 11-year-old girl. She would be alive today if Dane County Progressives would, at long last, develop a sense of decency.”


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  2. Liberty says:

    Of course you’re right, but you’re saying this in a city whose residents would rather hang on to policies that don’t work. If they do agree with you, they’re likely leaving, or thinking of leaving Madison.

    It’s easier for people to blame everyone else for their own problems than to take responsibility. Doing the things required to change lives in positive ways takes hard work and doesn’t help liberals get elected.

    I’m tired of being blamed for something I had no part in, and I’m pretty certain the silent majority feels the same way. The hate coming from the left has gotten stale and people are tired.

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  3. Side Note: I’ve been trying to place Andre Brown’s face since I saw it published and I think I finally figured out where I’ve seen him. I’m pretty certain I crossed paths with Andrew Brown a few years ago. At East Towne Mall a few years ago when a couple of mouthy youngsters were intentionally following an annoying me about my black leather Aussie cowboy hat and cowboy boots until I turned around and got directly in the loud one’s face (I think it was Brown) and told him quite sternly to F off. Of course they both got all hot and bothered and mouthy about it but after a few choice words from them they left me alone when I turned walked away. If it wasn’t Brown it was someone that looked a lot like him, I rarely forget faces.


  4. Chuck Johnson says:

    “Three weeks before the shooting, Carreon had been released on $1,500 bail by a Dane County Judge Julie Genovese.”

    To be clear (and I posted this on the prior piece that referenced Judge Genovese; apologies for redundancy), Commissioner Mark Fremgen set a total of $2,000 cash bail on the cases Carreon had pending at the time of the murder. The bail was paid (and Carreon’s release secured) by one Howard Switalla of Wisconsin Dells. Judge Genovese did not have a role with regard to bail setting or release.

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  5. patrickmoloughlin says:

    The lesson here is that the only thing that does NOT warrant diversion, is a first class felony, usually murder. Just like the two already sitting in jail for double murder, the only thing that finally stopped these gangsters was getting caught for murder. It’s like, “You went too far, we can’t cut you any slack this time. We’d like to set you free, like all those other times, you know do some more “diversion,” but people get really mad about murder.”

    It doesn’t matter if they are actually members of an organized, or recognized gang. If they aren’t, they wished that they were. They were their own gang, their own crew. They had the gangster mentality, the cold blooded gangster approach to their task. The gangster culture pervades the black community. 50 decent people will witness a murder, and nobody saw anything. Nobody talks to the police. Bad things happen to snitches.


  6. Alberticus says:

    “White privilege” is CHILD ABUSE ….. it is a deliberate, carefully designed, racist attack on the self esteem of White children.
    “White privilege” is classic Racist Bullying …… tearing down others rather than lifting yourself up.

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  7. georgessson says:

    I read Ozanne’s reply to being doxxed and visited at his home -Cap Times’ “HUES”. July 27th. Pretty indignant and strident. But he’s likely not to change much; he mostly recorded his past credentials as a Black man in Madison.

    This Blaska post reminds us: “Police did not kill Anisa Scott. White privilege did not kill the 11-year-old girl. She would be alive today if Dane County Progressives would, at long last, develop a sense of decency”.

    Diversion is w-a-y too dangerous. Always has been, judging by the graduates in their 20’s on up, who continue to be arrested years after middle-School and High School. But same deal -Prison stayed, Probation, even after multiple arrests. Dane County court records show multiple 2 or 3 year old “OPEN” cases. Enabling more violent crime.

    Diversion is w-a-y too dangerous especially to innocents and… cute l’il kids.

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    • Good Dog,Happy Man says:

      “You cannot take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization — including work, behavioral standards, personal responsibility and all the other basic things that the clever intelligentsia disdain — without ruinous consequences to them and to society at large.”

      ― Dr. Thomas Sowell

      Good thing Dr. Thomas Sowell is a black man, otherwise, he’d be called a racist.
      Good thing Trump trumps Leftist hate. Although, …. their hate becomes them.

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  9. Dejohnaise says:

    Koval once said there were 50-100 heavily involved in the current class of gangbanger thugs. The cops know who they are. Since the mayor, city council, police chief, sheriff, DA, or local judges won’t round them up and put them away, why won’t the Feds come in and do it under the RICO Act? Ship them all off to Kansas!


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  11. Gary Kriewald says:

    Defund, derail, divert: the 3Ds of Madison liberals. Must be nice when your public safety policy can be so succinctly stated.

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