‘Please protect my child from Andre Brown’

2½ years ago a parent asked Madison schools to refer
Brown to delinquency court.

The same André Brown, age 16, now in jail for his alleged part in the
08-11-2020  shooting death of Anisa Maria Scott, age 11.

Sat, August 15, 2020 at 3:36 PM
To: Kelly M Ruppel, MMSD Chief of Staff

Ms. Ruppel,

Below is an email string establishing that you were long aware that André Brown had perpetrated criminal acts upon my child and others in his classroom, that you were aware that Andre was an out-of-control thug, that you attempted to gaslight me, that you were aware that the so-called principal at Sherman wasn’t doing her job, that my family incurred very significant financial expense on the part of André Brown, and that your district’s so-called behavior-education plan wasn’t working.

Lone walker

André Brown

As I stated to you two and a half years ago regarding André (whose behavior I had started reporting to the MMSD four and a half years ago: … A “Behavior” plan isn’t going to cure the conduct of a kid who has a brain problem and whose parents are ineffective.

So how do you feel now, knowing that if André had been in The System, he could have been under a court order for supervision, medication, and counseling?

I have one kid who survived having an armed robber send a .22 round through his head, entering next to his nose, and exiting the back at the bottom of his skull. That happened back in 2014. Fortunately, my son lived. …

When I wrote to you about André Brown and others back in 2018, I had personal experience with what happens when psychopathic kids who have not had their brain problems adequately addressed grow up. Maybe you should have listened to me.  Had you done so, perhaps an eleven year old girl might be alive today.

⇒ “Two teens arrested in Anisa Scott shooting

Sherman MS

⇒ “Today in band, André climbed up on a cabinet, removed the American flag from the wall, waived it around in front of his privates while laughing and disrupting the class, and then poked the teacher in the head with it. Nobody could learn during, or immediately following, this series of events. André’s classroom disruptions are a daily occurrence. … Enough is enough. I want my kid protected.”

‘Call law enforcement!’ —  2½ years ago

February 5, 2018
Dear School Board:

Your district favors burgeoning anti-social psychopaths at the expense of the other kids. Our district’s policies of catering to criminal conduct perpetrated by psychopathic adolescents who belong in lockup has likely resulted in my daughter’s hearing being damaged by one student blowing a trumpet in it, and other kids banging percussion behind her for no legitimate purpose other than to annoy their classmates. 

Your district’s denial of reality, and it’s absurd concern with a so-called “school to prison pipeline” has the net effect of encouraging the commission of criminal conduct upon pro-social students.

I feel so sorry for teachers whose hands are tied. I feel even sorrier for non-psychopathic kids whose learning is being impeded by disruptors.

André Brown is an anti-social brat in the 8th grade at Sherman. He has disrupted my daughter’s education for the past two and a half years.  He isn’t the only one, either; I’m only using him as an example because today’s misbehavior on the part of this miscreant is fresh in my daughter’s mind. …

I request that your district start requiring teachers to call law enforcement … when antisocial adolescents are preventing others from learning.

UPDATE: another parent reached out to us:

My son was taken out of Sherman Middle School due to André and a few others making death threats toward him. I was told the parents never returned calls or emails so I went about finding them myself and obviously they didn’t do much. Actually got in quite the argument with his delusional mother Lorena. His father seemed to care more but Andre lived with his mom so Ricky didn’t do much either.

Not only did he make threats he also keyed 2 of my vehicles. One being in my driveway the other being outside of the school while I was in a meeting inside. This all happened two days before the end of 7th grade. I wish that something would have been done because you never know if Anisa’s death could have been prevented.

I actually reported when Andre posted a Snapchat in the gym holding what looked to be a gun …. It stated “always strapped” and nothing was done. The school basically told me Andre stated it was indeed a BB gun and since he had it at an after-school event they couldn’t do anything.

Did we tell you Cheatham’s Behavior Education Plan was not working?

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26 Responses to ‘Please protect my child from Andre Brown’

  1. anon says:

    In 2018, I wrote to former Chief Koval about Andre Brown stating (among other things):

    “The past 2 years of behavioral interventions have been wholly ineffective. If this kid has some sort of brain problem where he can’t see cause and effect, then he appears to need some sort of medications to reduce his level of behavioral acting out. Since his parents clearly aren’t doing what they need to (either in terms of effective behavioral interventions, or psychotropics that will reduce these behaviors), The System should be involved so that a court can order the parents to provide him with whatever he needs to cure the behavior.”

    Everyone on the school board in 2018 was aware of Andre Brown’s behavior. The abdicating Sherman principal was aware of it. Dr. Michael Hertting was aware of it. Kelly Ruppel, the former MMSD Chief of Staff was aware of it. And so was former Chief Koval.


  2. One of THOSE says:

    “…at the shooting range with two others, including Brown, when he heard Brown say ‘what we did on East Washington already made the news.’” I must admit I’m surprised they bother to practice. They didn’t hit their intended target, so once Ozanne and whichever useless judge lets them out soon, better look more closely at who you’re shooting next to at the local ranges.


    • anon says:

      One of the commenters on Mr. Blaska’s blog said on August 4: “I was brushing up on my handgun skills recently at a local indoor shooting range on a Weds, mid-afternoon. Every lane- and I mean EVERY lane, was occupied by either a black gang-banger complete with pants falling off or a black teenager busy taking photos of themselves holding various models of Glocks. Neither group seemed like they’ve handled firearms at all by the looks of their targets. The gun violence in Madison is spooky.”

      What shooting range was this???!!!


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