Two teens arrested in Anisa Scott shooting

BLM still nattering today about freeing all prisoners

Would Anisa be alive today if bailing out of jail was not so easy?

From the Madison Police Department:

Detectives from the MPD’s violent crime unit, the MPD’s gang unit, with assistance from many MPD officers, have arrested two Madison teens in the murder of 11-year-old Anisa Scott.

Andre P. Brown, age 16, was arrested on Northport Drive earlier today (Friday 08-14-2020). Perion R. Carreon, age 19, was arrested Wednesday, for an unrelated crime, while driving a stolen car on Thierer Rd. Carreon had a loaded handgun in his waistband at the time of his apprehension.


P. Carreon

Brown and Carreon have both now been tentatively charged with being party to the crimes of first degree intentional homicide and with attempted first degree intentional homicide. Under Wisconsin Law, adult court has original jurisdiction over Brown due to the severity of the crime.

Both he and Carreon are in the Dane County Jail.

Lone walker

Andre Brown

This continues to be an active and ongoing investigation and VCU cannot rule out the possibility of additional arrests. Bringing to justice those responsible for the senseless murder of a child has been the top priority of the MPD.

As a faithful reader points out, Carreon was free on a total of $2,000 bail for three arrests since February 2020. Charges included vehicle theft as a repeat offender, escape from a criminal arrest, battery with domestic abuse assessments, bail jumping and disorderly conduct with domestic abuse assessments. Carreon’s Dane County rap sheet here. Brown apparently not yet entered into sheriff’s database.

Business as usual today for BLM 

At Urban Triage, Brandi Grayson is still saying: 

“For far too long people of color have been subject to a system that deems their lives lesser value to their white counterparts. People are rising up to confront the inequality in our justice system. …Join us on [Saturday] August 15 at 7 pm for an important discussion with activists on what they would like to see changed as a result of the ongoing protest. 

It’s here on Zoom 7 p.m. 08-15-2020: 

Freedom Inc. continues to demand:

Lone walker
“Dismantling of all systems of oppression of which policing and prisons are merely a tool. As abolitionists, we’re saying that we’re done with white supremacy, sexism, racial capitalism, imperialism, violence against women and girls, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, extractive environmental practices, and anti-immigrant nativism. Addressing systems of bigotry and violence means intervening on behalf of those who are harmed the most with the understanding that violence targets us on multiple levels.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Is Freedom Inc. accusing Andre Brown and Perion R. Carreon of “extractive environmental practices” on top of white supremacy, sexism, racial capitalism, et cetera et cetera? 

Some might say Anisa Maria Scott was harmed the most by targeted violence. Some might say if Perion R. Carreon were incarcerated, an innocent 11-year-old girl would be alive today. Maybe not Freedom Inc., but some would.

What would you say?

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34 Responses to Two teens arrested in Anisa Scott shooting

  1. John Popanz says:

    Nice ! , well it’s a start, hopefully whoever tipped the MPD won’t suffer any “reparations”

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      In view of both paternal-n-maternal Blue Grass State heritage, The Gotch is in his 4th decade as a certified Honorary Kentucky Colonel, appointed by then Governor Wallace Wilkinson.

      Whaddya bet these two feral, criminal, scumbag, murdering POS THUGS are Honorary Cabrini Green POS THUGS…?

      The Gotch

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      • David Blaska says:

        My Missus says the Stately Manor would much appreciate tomatoes after all, Gotch. The unlettered field hands having sold our on the black market.

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        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          From all observances, (all one [1] of them), the Lovely Lisa is a Tomato Aficionado, with an eye for excellence to which you-n-The Gotch may only meekly aspire.

          The Gotchberg Organic Gardens and Lefty Conversion Therapy Emporium would be honored to…um…honor…yer request…Yer Honor

          The Gotch


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Two (2) questions:

    1) Has Mayor SRC slobbered profusely that their preliminary hearing MUST be fast-tracked in order to quickly invoke Restorative Justice, and

    2) Has Urban Triage/FreeDUMB Inc/Derail the Jail/Free the 350, et al, declared these two feral, criminal, scumbag, murdering POS THUGS to be Black Activists unfairly detained under laws intended to promote a RAYcist White Supremacist Patriarchal system of Oppression…?

    The Gotch

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  3. Bill says:

    At 16 and 19 you are very well aware of the impact your actions will have on other people. Even if they had shot the driver instead of Anisa there is no guarantee that the now dead or wounded driver wouldn’t of crashed the car he was driving potentially killing Anisa anyway.

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    • Gary Kriewald says:

      I wonder. If you’ve been raised by a single mother who’s had more kids than she can support, who’s addicted to one or more illicit drugs, who’s been on govt. assistance all her life, who’s an ardent supporter of BLM (esp. their embrace of victimhood), who’s completely indifferent to the education of her children, and who’s baby daddies are in the slammer, I doubt you’ve been taught the value of personal responsibility for the Iimpact of your actions.”


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        You sure about all that, Gary?

        The career Lefties over @neighborsnextdoor see things differently; they slobber profusely that they’re all working two or three jobs to stave off eviction, ergo, too tired/stressed to parent their demon spawn.

        Sigh! Who to believe…

        The Gotch

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  4. Joe Hanneman says:

    Carreon was out on bond for three arrests: July, May and February. Charges included vehicle theft as a repeat offender, escape from a criminal arrest, battery with domestic abuse assessments, bail jumping and disorderly conduct with domestic abuse assessments. $2,000 cash bond on all of that.

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  5. madisonexpat says:

    There will be more innocent killings. There will be more felons.
    Hold leadership responsible.
    This blood is on the hands of the gangster enablers of Madison.
    This blood is on the hands of BLM et. al.
    Shame on these gang bangers. Shame on those who explain and mitigate these monsters.
    Get more Teddy bears and candles. Celebrate her eleven years of life. Hope these MF’ers don’t shoot up the celebration.

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    • David Blaska says:

      Also Gloria Reyes and Madison school board, Mayor Satya and Alders like Tag Evers, Shiva Bidar, Rebecca Kemble and Co., and the Silence of the Lambs, people like Chamber of Commerce director Zach Brandon, etc.

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    • Liberty says:

      I’d consider a lawsuit.


    • Gary Kriewald says:

      “Hold leadership responsible.” Please explain how that’s done in a town like Madison, where every leadership position is held by pixillated liberals who think hobbling the police during the worst crime wave in its history is good public policiy and whose main concern is staying in office no matter what the cost to public safety. It would be like expecting Al Capone to clean up Chicago in the ’20s (or Mayor Lightweight to do it now).

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      • Batman says:

        Batman’s sources intimate that Satya sleeps like a baby albeit with mild irritation over what she describes as “unnecessary juvenile hijinks” secure in the knowledge her next undeserved tax payer funded paycheck is in the mail. This is the most money the big boss has ever made at the trough of so-called public service and her primary goal is a second term to keep that money rolling in. She can always move afterwards without having to contend with the results of her tenure not unlike Jennifer Cheatsus did.


  6. Sheppy says:

    I’m waiting for Carreon and Brown’s graduation pictures to show up on local media as turning their lives around boys, made a mistake stories evolve. Brown’s 8th grade picture of course…..hope they enjoy general population in prison. No doubt the tax payer pays their legal expense in the mean time.

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  7. Bill says:

    To me it looks like the person that is most involved in letting the thug, Carreon out of jail is Dane County Judge Julie Genovese. She has a systematic approach to dealing with thugs like Carreon. She has let him out of jail or given him a light sentence on a number of occasions.

    Perhaps it is time for us as citizens to protest in front of the court house or her house as her slap on the wrist approach to law enforcement is little more than a joke.

    Hey, if protesting in front of the court house or her house is good enough for the left it is damn sure good enough for the right. We on the right will understandably be respectful of Julie’s rights as an individual and NOT threaten her person in any way shape matter or form. NO, we will be respectful of her rights as an individual while maintaining our rights to peaceably and respectfully protest her decisions to let the P.O.S. like Carreon out of jail on such light sentences. This type of sentencing has allowed P.O.S. like Carreon to engage as a party to the murder of an 11 year old named Anisa Scott.

    Her death is on you Julie!

    Had you sentenced this P.O.S. Carreon to jail for an extended period of time he would not be around to be a party to the murder of Anisa; and you know it to be true.

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  8. anon says:

    To Mr. Blaska, I just forwarded you a series of emails showing that starting when Andre Brown was in 6th grade, I was bringing his name to the attention of that horrid former principal at Sherman Middle School and describing his criminal conduct. By the time he was in 8th grade, I had described his criminal conduct to the MMSD board and administration, and to Mike Koval, the former Chief of Police. You’ve got a few lengthy email strings now, showing who knew what about this defendant, and when they were aware of it. Please do not use my name, however, if you write about it.

    I just would like to tell you that one of the perps, Andre Brown, has long been perpetrating crimes in school against his classmates for a long time, and even former chief Mike Koval was aware of it. I have an email to him dated February 5, 2018, in which I specifically identified, described, and complained about crimes that Andre had perpetrated for the past two years that the school principal and school board were aware of. Former chief Koval had Andre’s criminal conduct reported to him and did nothing about it.

    From my February 5, 2018 email to former chief Koval:

    “Hi Chief Koval,

    “As per my previous email, I am forwarding information to you regarding some of my prior communications with Sherman, including my complaints about disruption, and also an email that identifies a specific date that Andre Brown previously blew a trumpet in my daughter’s ear. One of those dates was February 11, 2016.

    “The past 2 years of behavioral interventions have been wholly ineffective. If this kid has some sort of brain problem where he can’t see cause and effect, then he appears to need some sort of medications to reduce his level of behavioral acting out. Since his parents clearly aren’t doing what they need to (either in terms of effective behavioral interventions, or psychotropics that will reduce these behaviors), The System should be involved so that a court can order the parents to provide him with whatever he needs to cure the behavior.

    “Anyway, even if he isn’t referred for these old incidents related in the email string below, I respectfully request that Andre Brown be referred for prosecution for the classroom disruption that occurred today in band. I’m mad as hell that I am going to be spending a grand and a half this year to mitigate the damage that he and some other hellions have done to my daughter’s musical education.”

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      This former Sherman Middle School principal, is she the one whose monumental ineptitude chased good, career teachers from the profession AND who Lefty thought should be immune from criticism because of the Color Of Her Skin?

      The Gotch


  9. georgessson says:

    The judges and court commissioners ALL have a history of: “Jail Time Stayed”, Probation and Dismissed Charges, as does the miscreant Carreon. I’m surprised there was no blood on the highway when he was arrested, driving a STOLEN car (once more)whilst armed. The Libs/Progs give these Pieces o’ Feces w-a-y too much credit for brains and ignore what most rational humans would call INCORRIGIBLE behavior. As many here have pointed out -If he had been incarcerated and not free on a ridiculously low bail, Anisa would still be with us. AND, did her parents NOT figure out that whoever she was riding w/ was jeopardizing them BOTH? Yep, let’s send up same BALLOONS, hold a couple walks/vigils and walk away. Seems to be the way of BLM and Madtown Libs. Let’s HOPE at the Celebration of Anisa’s Life, there’s no repeat performance. Yoiks whatta city…

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “Yep, let’s send up same BALLOONS, hold a couple walks/vigils and walk away. Seems to be the way of BLM and Madtown Libs.”

      Jeepers g’ss, that’s not how the black community (the most vocal of them, leastways) in the 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality rolls.

      The REAL celebrations?

      *They’re reserved for gang-bangers that get snuffed in car-to-car gun battles.
      *They’re arranged illegally.
      *They’re held adjacent to Guilt sodden White Lefty neighborhoods, replete with well-manicured lawns overrun by Gosh I’m Nice virtue-signalling signs
      *They’re held defiantly, SUPPLYING THIS to “stood down” LE, city permitting, noise ordinances, and pandemic protocol, and
      *They end violently.

      Leave anything out…?

      Oh yeah; City Officials’ greatest concern is being labelled a RAYcist. That allowed two (2) criminal POS THUGS to remain free to pillage the countryside.

      The result? An 11 year-old girl, through no fault of her own, now lacks the opportunity to get any older.

      The Gotch


      • richard lesiak says:

        You sure get all uptight and crazy after the fact. As usual. When people were screaming for ANY kind of gun control you all were hiding. Hundreds of bills were never voted on, killed in committee by our elected scumbags. People dying while the heads of the NRA were all stealing everything not nailed down. And YOU went along with it. There will be more dead kids. You know it; I know it. And the blame game goes on.


        • Sheppy says:

          Richard……do you really think these punks that shot Anisa have even heard of the NRA? Bought their guns legally? Do you think more gun control laws would stop them from shooting up the streets and other people for fear of the consequences? Inquiring minds want to know what you believe the answers are, besides just making it harder for law abiding citizens to purchase and own guns. I’ll stand by waiting for your response.

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        • georgessson says:

          Geez, Ricardo-may-I-call-ya-Poco-Loco, do ya think thugs buy their weapons @ Cabela’s? A suggestion: at least SCRAPE the mold off’n the stale pastries B4 ya succumb to obvious GI tact/Brain Path debilitation.


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  11. Bill says:

    If I could solve the problem of people killing other people by banning guns I would. That said, a brief look of history has left me with the understanding that banning weapons of any type will not stop people from killing other people. Banning people from killing other people by any other method to include smashing someone in the head with a rock, has been shown to be equally as ineffective as banning guns.

    You must start with the understanding that all men are created equal by the same God made in His image and that to destroy His image in another man is to be done only in defense of said image in yourself.

    Indeed, if one does not start with a reverence for life itself you cannot possibly stop any man from taking life if they do not see that all life comes from God.

    If I were ever in a position to take another person’s life I would do so only because I had no other alternative at the moment than to take their life. And I would pray to God long and hard afterword to ask Him to forgive me for taking another persons life that was made in His image.


  12. Nffujj jujube says:

    At least we can be thankful that no person was shot.


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