We dared speak out against the Madison consensus

In anno domini 2022!

Honest to Smack, we were going to list our most-read blogges of this expiring year when, in a sure sign of senility, we erased the draft. Now we find that a certain former Madison mayor has posted the same concept at his roadside stand. Lo (and behold!), his top-rated blog for 2022 was (Clark Griswold family drum roll please): God help me, Blaska for School Board. Dave Cieslewicz explains:

This was by far the most read blog of the year. … What did surprise me was how many liberals told me (in confidence) that they had voted for him. There is a real undercurrent of dissatisfaction with what’s happening in our schools. I think that voting for a change in direction is a whole lot better than quietly pulling our kids out of the schools and giving up.

Blaska reprinted much of it on 03-30-22. That blogge ranked as the Werkes’ 12th-most read. Former Mayor Dave finds most of his most-read posts explored race relations in Woke Madison

And NO, Blaska is NOT running for Madison school board this time!

So it was with Blaska’s most-read posts!

1) Did the murderers see themselves as victims? 05-28-22

A few months before he murdered Dr. Beth Potter and Robin Carre, Khari Sanford posted on social media: “We gon’ change this world, cause it’s time to let our diversity and youth shine over all oppressive systems and rebuild our democracy.”

We noted that the Wisconsin State Journal once again declared “Critical race theory is not taught in elementary schools, though conservatives have often conflated it with lessons focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

2) No Republicans in Middleton parade? 08-22-22

3) Did Woke Madison help murder Beth Potter and Robin Carre? 09-04-22

4) Madison schools should study root cause of stupidity 03-15-22

What do progressives do when they can’t keep students safe in their schools? They create a 13-member “student safety and wellness committee.” Like Kamala Harris at the Mexican border, this committee was tasked to address “the root cause of disengagement and violence in schools.” 

5) Sure, ‘Something must be done!’ But what? 05-25-22

After the Uvalde TX shooting, we noted that shooters pick soft targets. Kids, places where guns are banned.

6) Gone missing in Madison’s public schools 09-29-22

While the school district was harassing principal Jeffrey Copeland, a disciplinarian and black man, they are renaming schools for racial equity.

7) Accused killer’s mother asks your help posting his bail 04-09-22

The abortive Go Fund Me attempt to post Khari Sanford’s $1 million bail “… because jail is not where he should be grieving the loss of the two he love as well.” And he kill as well.

8) Congratulate young Tavion! 3 serious arrests in 4 months! 02-03-22

9) Is restorative justice working? 03-04-22

We still don’t know.

10) The Left hits Madison pro-life group 05-08-22

Race, the apostate former Madison mayor speculates, “generates so much readership because I say things on that issue that a lot of liberals (at least ones my age) think but are terrified of saying out loud. … We’re against discrimination in all its forms. We’re not for new discrimination to make up for past discrimination.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: When a cold-blooded murderer can claim victimhood by parroting Woke talking points, it might be time to stop renaming schools, harassing disciplinarians, and hauling 45-ton boulders off campus and start teaching accountability, instead.

Who will be the next to speak out?

(Your predictions, please!)


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12 Responses to We dared speak out against the Madison consensus

  1. One Eye says:

    2023 will be a banner year for speaking out.

    – Hunter Biden, for those experiencing crack fiendishness.
    – SBF, for those experiencing perpetuating massive financial fraud
    – Lizzo, for those experiencing type 2 diabetes
    – Joe Biden, for those experiencing …. wait what was the question?

    I also predict many people will break their silence.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      I wish I could share the optimism behind your prediction, but in Madison at least, the fanatical ideologues of the left have been so successful in cowing the nice middle-of-the-road liberal majority on anything to do with race that nothing will change. As the former mayor noted, the campaign to terrify them into silence has achieved its goal too thoroughly to allow for even the mildest of dissent. Oh, well, one day Madison will elect a black mayor to join the liberal minstrel show of its black DA, its black sheriff, and its black police chief (what’s the percentage of black Madisonians again?). Because in Madison appearance trumps reality every time. Happy Kwanza.

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      • Kooter says:

        I believe African Americans represent 13% of the general US population. Hard to believe if you watch the average TV commercial where 90% of the actors are black or some other “minority group”


        • Gary L. Kriewald says:

          My favorite is the one for some life insurance company featuring a black couple named John and Ann. Clearly a script written by clueless woke white ad people who just settled for upper-middle class white people in blackface.


        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          “the average TV commercial where 90% of the actors are black or some other ‘minority group’ ”

          Melanin Content is neither the only Protected Class, nor the only…um…criteria Woke Advertising** effortlessly employs to get Guilt-Suffocated Lefty’s attention.

          **CAUTIONLink Not For Faint-Of-Heart.

          The Gotch


    • Mordecai The Red says:

      Unfortunately, I firmly believe the corporate swine and their big media sycophants will continue to shout down, drown out, and even censor dissent to woke ideology for as long as it helps their bottom line. And the “Go Woke, Go Broke” movement hasn’t gained nearly enough traction to make them rethink this strategy, and censorship of dissent is a huge reason why. There are some players with big voices out there attempting to expose this BS and turn the tide (ex. Bari Weiss, Elon Musk) but more are needed to get us over the hill.

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      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        What they should do is focus all their efforts on one woke corporation and drive them out of business, thereby providing a wake-up call to the rest of them.


  2. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    “We’re against discrimination in all its forms…EXCEPT_IDEOLOGICAL_DISCRIMINATION fify

    The Gotch


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