Today’s primary elections results PREDICTED!

We think it’s Becky.

The gray labcoats here at the Policy Werkes ripped the tarp off Ol’ Sparky, our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer. After a good power-washing using Duz detergent soap, Sparky shorted out. Replaced the ceramic fuse with a Lincoln penny and the venerable machine roared back to life, ready to predict the winners on the Republican side of today’s Wisconsin primary election.

One factor that lesser pundits have not considered: The Senate race on the Democrats’ side has defaulted to (the lesser) Mandela Barnes. No other races of consequence. Incentive for adventurous Democrats to ask for a Republican ballot. (You can do that in Wisconsin, Deep State conspiracy dupes.) Cause a little mischief. How that would play is anyone’s guess (we sure as hell don’t know). Could help Tim Ramthun as the unelectable opponent to Gov. Tony Evers — but not even Democrats think the Stolen Election un-Truther will come anywhere close. Might help Becky if Democrats think Michels’ millions is the more formidable. Or Michels if they want to run against Trump in the general election.

What’s going on out there?

Blaska’s Bottom LineEither way, the national press will judge tonight’s results as a referendum on Donald Trump, he having backed Michels while Mike Pence is in Kleefisch’s corner.

Rebecca Kleefisch ✔︎  46%
Tim Michels  44%
Tim Ramthun    9%
Lt. Governor
Patrick Testin ✔︎  30%
Roger Roth  28%
Cindy Werner  22%
the other five  20%
Attorney General
Eric Toney ✔︎  43%
Adam Jarchow  42%
Karen Mueller  15%
Secretary of State
Amy Loudenbeck ✔︎  55%
Jay Schroeder  40%
State Treasurer
Orlando Owens ✔︎  70%
John Lieber  30%
Charity Barry ✔︎  70%
Erik Olson  30%
Speaker’s Assembly Seat
Robin Vos  ✔︎  65%
Adam Steen 35%

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If Michels loses, will he cry ‘Stolen Election’?
Will the FBI raid his Connecticut home?

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9 Responses to Today’s primary elections results PREDICTED!

  1. Dave Mays says:

    I agree with most of your predictions, Kleefisch will win, but I think Roth will win Lt Guv, all the rest are the same, except I think Vos is very vulnerable and could lose, but will probably pull it out.

    Nice to hear Sparky is still around.


  2. Red Tsunami says:

    I might disagree with the Orlando Owens prediction based on his history of personal foreclosures and bankruptcy.


  3. One eye says:

    If you’re a Trump supported candidate today, hug an FBI agent.

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  4. westsidesue says:

    I hope you and ol’ Sparky are right. But I’ve no skin in the game – except as far as the folks in WI are like those distant cousins who live as far from me as Mars is to, let’s just say Neptune, to be on the safe side. I want those distant, but loved cousins to be happy and thrive. Just like here in heaven (Florida). I still luv ya’ll


  5. richard lesiak says:

    But trump didn’t endorse Becky. That will cost her at least 217 points by tonight.


  6. blametheboomers85 says:

    Trump endorsement is negatively viewed by only 11% of likely Republican voters.

    There isn’t the kind of negative Trump sentiment that you must believe.

    Michels will win.


  7. richard lesiak says:

    You better scrap ‘ol Sparky. I know where you can pick up a Commadore 64 real cheap.

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  8. AdamC says:

    Michels just won. And we all know why (whether we like it or not).


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