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Stabbed in the back!

Trump didn’t lose! He was betrayed! “We have seen the enemy and he is us,” Walt Kelly’s comic strip character Pogo famously said.  A good many of my political tribe regard their fellow Republicans as enemies. They are convinced that … Continue reading

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If you worry about crime you’re guilty

of offending race-obsessed progressives! Imagine if you will (Blaska writes in his Rod Serling voice) a governor who frees convicted murderers so they can enjoy a weekend holiday from prison — a furlough. That prisoner invades a home, stabs the … Continue reading

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Early voting, early endorsing?

They’re just getting warmed up! Really? The Wisconsin  State Journal is endorsing a candidate a full 37 days before Election Day? Got to be some kind of record! Has early voting started already? (No, in-person absentee voting cannot begin until two … Continue reading

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Opening this sanctuary blogge even to progressives!

and Mandela Barnes is tough on endorsements! Yikes! Forgot that September 14 was our 48th wedding anniversary! I blame sudden-onset senility compounded by the week your congenial host wore a coronavirus face mask in April 2020. To make up for … Continue reading

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Democrats are Trumping the news cycle

with The Donald’s help, of course! We didn’t watch Joe Biden at Independence Hall last night either. The b&w Philco at Stately Blaska Manor was tuned to My Mother the Car. (That Jerry Van Dyke!) But Georgia-based conservative columnist Erick-Woods Erickson … Continue reading

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Democrats consort with the darnedest people!

Priorities, people! Bad enough that Sheriff Kalvin Barrett consorted with a wanted felon who, inconveniently, is pictured wearing the sheriff’s campaign T-shirt. But also pictured with pedophile John F. Brown, age 56, is Dane County Supervisor Anthony Gray. Last year, … Continue reading

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