Boo! A Republican stole a black man’s vote!

More victim mongering from our Woke adversaries!

The mysterious Q is not the only conjurer of conspiracy theories starring hideous swamp creatures. The hard Left manufacturers its own hobgoblins. Leading the parade of their ghoulish stereotypes is the “cis-gendered” middle-aged Republican white man standing at the polling place door to prevent black and brown people from voting.

That’s our Bob!

“He said the quiet part out loud,” exulted Chris Hayes on MSNBC last night. Bob Spindell sure fits the bill. He is one of the Wisconsin “false electors” for Tr•mp and is Milwaukee area congressional district chairman for the Republican party. To top it off, Robert Spindell is a State of Wisconsin Elections commissioner!

Spindell is guilty of reporting (or bragging) that turnout in Milwaukee’s predominantly minority precincts for Democrats in the November 2022 election was not as robust as in the previous mid-term election four years earlier. That likely helped incumbent U.S. Senator Ron Johnson defeat Democrat Mandela Barnes by one percentage point. Barnes identifies (two can play) as a black man from Milwaukee.

Absent literacy tests, lacking church bombings, when Democrats lose they have to make do with what they can: 'voter suppression.'

Barnes had many negatives to drive up!

Evidence? A Republican campaign advertisement hit Barnes and Gov. Tony Evers for “failing miserably” to protect families from violence. And that minority kids continue to lag far behind white kids in the city’s public schools. All too true

  • Wisconsin has the largest educational racial achievement gap of any state in the nation.
  • African American kids in Milwaukee Public Schools are last in the nation in reading.
  • Kids in MPS are two years behind kids in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

“I know many black men in our city feel like the political process is sort of a lost cause, full of empty promises. If you haven’t seen change after previous elections, your community is still underserved, and you don’t feel like you’re ever being heard, I can understand why some people of color feel like voting doesn’t really matter.

Milwaukee resident Joe Joe Scott quoted by WTMJ TV-4

Defund the cops’ moved the needle backwards

Negative advertising is a necessary and wholesome ingredient in our political stew. If Ron Johnson won’t point out his challenger’s shortcomings, who will? Not Wisconsin’s news media, which torched RoJo on editorial and news pages alike, with little differentiation. Certainly, Mandela Barnes himself tried to drive up RoJo’s negatives by casting the Republican as a tool of the wealthy who feathered his own nest by supporting tax cuts for small business operators. 

For sure, Republicans DID target minority Milwaukee! They set up a campaign office in a black neighborhood three years ago. Sen. Johnson campaigned heavily in the city. He is beloved by many black leaders for his work with the Joseph Project, which rescues troubled minorities by teaching them a trade.  None of which the Associated Press story mentions. Instead, the AP “Report for America” leads off with fire and brimstone from a reliable Democrat(ic) party stalking horse, Voces de la Frontera. 

It was at a Voces de la Frontera rally that Barnes waved an “Abolish ICE” (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) T-shirt and called the police agency “modern-day slave catchers.”

Yes, Republicans implemented voter ID — Wisconsin was one of 35 to do so. Yes, Republicans limited early voting — to 14 days before Election Day. FOURTEEN DAYS compared to 10 days in New York, 12 days in the District of Columbia, 10 days in Joe Biden’s Delaware. The state Supreme Court outlawed unattended ballot drop boxes. That makes Wisconsin one of 19 jurisdictions (including Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan) to require in-person early (or absentee) voting, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.  

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The Democrat(ic) party line insists that African-Americans and Hispanics are too simple-minded to get a free identification card. The party of victimhood cannot admit they richly deserve their eroding support. Fact is, blacks and hispanics are deserting the Democrat(ic) party for the party of safety, responsibility, and opportunity: Republicans. 

Who do YOU blame?


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16 Responses to Boo! A Republican stole a black man’s vote!

  1. Mike says:

    One might wish to ask Milwaukee native Joe Joe Scott (quoted by WTMJ TV-4) why they, as a collective, continue to vote for Democrats who continue to fail them in fulfilling the promises they make. Seems like constantly taking your car to the mechanic for brake problems and having him “fix” everything BUT the brakes.

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  2. westsidesue says:

    Haha. Lookit you being all sunshiney! Such an enjoyable, fun read. Very heart-warming on a cold day in Florida.


  3. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Funniest thing; Lefty shows up every Leap Year promising black people the moon (and BEYOND!), yet incuriously disappear the 1st Tuesday after November 1st.

    The Gotch

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  4. There is a great divide in Wisconsin, as Dave and Robert Spindell suggest. But its origins aren’t so much political — everything seems to be political to Dave — as historical and geographical. If you drive from Madison to Milwaukee you can’t miss the descent into the lake bed of ancient Lake Michigan. Not far to the west is where the Sewer Socialists once held sway. How far we’ve fallen. Spindell did his part to besmirch the image of Wisconsin by signing on as a fake elector while Blaska does his part to demonize “woke” Democrats. I prefer to call them awakened.


    • David Blaska says:

      Do you think Madison’s black community really wants to defund the police? Erase Fredric March? Quibble over pronouns? Teach racial division? Continue subsidizing school failure? No, I would say Woke Democrats are demonizing themselves.

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      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        “Woke Democrats are demonizing themselves.”


        Never Interrupt Your Enemy When (insert pronoun) Is Making A Mistake. N. Bonaparte

        The Gotch

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      • No, no, no, and no. Nobody who’s a sentient human being with half a brain wants to defund the police, whatever that means. It’s just as crazy as some folks wanting to retire the national debt. Etc.


        • David Blaska says:

          Patrisse Cullors was just on Joy Reid last night demanding police defunding. MSNBC. What do you call pulling police out of Madison’s four main public high schools? Retiring the national debt is crazy? How many times a week do you want to lift the debt ceiling?

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      • I don’t want to quibble over pronouns. As to racial division, George Cary Eggleston was probably the expert. He wrote, “A Rebel’s Recollections.” which was serialized n The Atlantic in the 1870s. He thought he was burying the hatchet of racism. If only he knew.


        • David Blaska says:

          What does it tell you that there’s not enough racism to go around these days so that “Juicy Smo-lee-ay” and Madison’s own Althea Bernstein have to pretend to be victims? And that Madison artist pretend to be indigenous? In my youth, we sang “We shall overcome.” Now your Woke brethren, Rich Eggleston, sing “We shall be overcome.” Because honors classes are racist. That’s your legacy, not mine.

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        • One Eye says:

          If trans women are women then pretend Native Americans are Native Americans, full stop. Why is this so hard? I am dead serious.

          I hope that lady realizes this and comes back with a veagence to reclaim her heritage.

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  5. Steve says:

    If only one knew what you were awakened to….


  6. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Coupla long time Milwaukee dwelling black clients have finally pulled up stakes and left.

    She had a daughter killed in a hit-n-run, Father run off road into a tree while on his motorcycle, nephew and brother murdered, another brother doing life w/o parole after getting mixed up with the wrong crowd.

    The kicker? Theirs was the letter carrier recently murdered.

    Cream City used to be a powerful, vibrant town. Now? It doesn’t get enough credit for the cesspool it’s become.

    And BEHIND Chicago, NYC, et al? It’s hard to think it’ll ever mend seeing how MPS is…um…tending its future generations.

    The Gotch


  7. Bill Cleary says:

    Here is what I think. According to NBC News, there were 2.76 undocumented people who came across the southern boarder in 20222.

    Right now the minimum wage in Wisconsin is 7.25 an hour while most entry level manufacturing jobs are paying 18-25$ an hour.

    Simple economics would dictate that as an employer, I could make more money, employ more people, make more products at a lower cost if I hired people from south of the boarder.

    All I need to do is hire a couple of people who can speak English and Spanish to translate my instructions.

    That will put most of you who are working those 18-25$ an hour jobs, out of a job!

    Not race, but common sense economics.


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