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WI Republicans move on from Trump

Losing the stolen election lost cause! In a previous thrilling episode of your favorite blogge, the Werkes predicted that Assembly Speaker Robin Vos would be greeted by a raucous round of booing from delegates at the Wisconsin Republican convention. Yet, … Continue reading

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Will Hunter Biden teach drug policy at UW-Madison?

He knows the subject and the new chancellor! Something tells the Werkes that the new UW-Madison chancellor won’t be restoring the good name of Academy Award-winnning actor Fredric March any time soon. That big rock ain’t coming back, either. The … Continue reading

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Is it autumn already?

Pardon us all to hell but … … like the mayor of San Francisco — we are feeling the spirit! “The Left chose to ignore the [Mexican] border,” Erick-Woods Erickson observes, “until they could blame America and law enforcement for something.” … Continue reading

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Mostly not guilty of insurrection?

Only a little bit pregnant? The usually perspicacious Jonathan Turley has rendered his verdict. “No insurrection” on January 6 because “90 to 95% of these [arrested] are one-off cases.” Charged with trespass, not sedition. “There was no grand scheme with Roger … Continue reading

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Will #45 return in August to become #45½ ?

“Mitch McConnell — another beauty.” — #45 A keyboard patriot rallied his social media followers with the following Call To Action (verbatim): We want Harris and Biden out Who else have the balls to post The indentured servants at Blaska … Continue reading

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A kinder, gentler Republican party?

A most decent man is Senator Ron Johnson Just returned from the Wisconsin Republican Convention in Wisconsin Dells today 06-26-21. Some quick thoughts: Blown away by Sen. Ron Johnson again this fine Saturday in June. His talk was more Saturday sermon … Continue reading

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