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Is it autumn already?

Pardon us all to hell but … … like the mayor of San Francisco — we are feeling the spirit! “The Left chose to ignore the [Mexican] border,” Erick-Woods Erickson observes, “until they could blame America and law enforcement for something.” … Continue reading

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Mostly not guilty of insurrection?

Only a little bit pregnant? The usually perspicacious Jonathan Turley has rendered his verdict. “No insurrection” on January 6 because “90 to 95% of these [arrested] are one-off cases.” Charged with trespass, not sedition. “There was no grand scheme with Roger … Continue reading

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Will #45 return in August to become #45½ ?

“Mitch McConnell — another beauty.” — #45 A keyboard patriot rallied his social media followers with the following Call To Action (verbatim): We want Harris and Biden out Who else have the balls to post The indentured servants at Blaska … Continue reading

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A kinder, gentler Republican party?

A most decent man is Senator Ron Johnson Just returned from the Wisconsin Republican Convention in Wisconsin Dells today 06-26-21. Some quick thoughts: Blown away by Sen. Ron Johnson again this fine Saturday in June. His talk was more Saturday sermon … Continue reading

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Defeating and defunding progressive cop-haters

NYC turns its back on progressives If the Werkes has its way, the word “progressive” will become as pejorative as “liberal,” or (let’s go for it!) “thug.” Because progressivism is a leading cause of death — especially fatal to minorities.  … Continue reading

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Republicans are pro-education

Contrary to partisan Democrat(ic) claims Statement of Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos: Assembly Republicans are proud of our record on education. In the last four years, Republicans have increased state aid by 15%, increasing per student funding by nearly $1,000. … Continue reading

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