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Normal human decency was Tony Evers’ secret weapon

Trump’s nastiness doomed Tim Michelswho rode Tim Ramthun’s dirty trick. One of America’s great legal minds, Jim Troupis (who retired as a Dane County circuit judge), would tell his clients that civil court juries have to like them first. The … Continue reading

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RINOs for Michels!

Even us Trump apostates support Tim Michels and Ron Johnson! Our best wishes to our old boss, Tommy Thompson, age 80, in intensive care at University of Wisconsin Hospital today. UPDATE: Tommy is home today (11-04-22) and feeling fine. Tim … Continue reading

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Madison public schools make case for vouchers

by dumbing down education in the name of ‘equity’. As with all public schools in progressive-run cities, education is no longer Job #1 in Madison WI. “Equity” is. The Madison Metropolitan School District is poised to scuttle its advanced honors … Continue reading

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Tony Evers gets softened up

Sī vīs pācem, parā bellum, the Roman philosopher advised. “If you want peace, prepare for war.” The philosopher of Stately Blaska Manor amends that advice: “If you want peace, put plenty of law enforcement boots on the ground.” We’ve said before, … Continue reading

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WI Republicans don’t trust elections

Especially the ones we lose! WI Assembly Speaker Robin Vos squeaked past his Republican primary opponent, Trump-backed Adam Steen, with 51% of the vote 08-09-22. Stolen Election un-truthers smell another rat! They hate Robin Vos because he knows the 2020 … Continue reading

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‘Trump-backed’ candidate wins … for now

Becky did not claim election fraud! We are bereft that Rebecca Kleefish lost. A peppier, scrappier campaigner you will not find. Becky must have hugged a thousand voters personally. Campaigning hard to be the first female governor of Wisconsin, a … Continue reading

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