‘Trump-backed’ candidate wins … for now

Becky did not claim election fraud!

We are bereft that Rebecca Kleefish lost. A peppier, scrappier campaigner you will not find. Becky must have hugged a thousand voters personally. Campaigning hard to be the first female governor of Wisconsin, a working mother — what a contrast she would have made against Tony Evers! Perky and indefatigable and, on election night, gracious and upbeat. Rebecca Kleefisch urged her supporters to align behind Tim Michels. So we shall.

The headline in this morning’s Madison fish wrap is, nonetheless, foreboding:

‘Trump-backed Michels cruises past Kleefisch.’

This is the on-line version

Get accustomed to it. (“Trump-backed …” — CNBC.) (“Trump-backed …”– New York Post.) (Trump-backed …” — The Today Show.) (“Trump-backed …” — Wall Street Journal.) (“Trump-backed …” Axios.Democrats will stick that modifier to Michels like burdock burrs. Voters will think the billionaire’s first name is “Trump-backed.” The hard-of-hearing will pity the poor humpback. (“What hump?” — Igor.) Searching for the positive, we note that three statewide candidates who outright called for decertifying the 2020 presidential election (Michels did not) were soundly defeated. Those being:

  • Timothy Ramthun, who picked up only 6.0% of the vote for governor (Blaska predicted 9.0%);
  • Jay Schroeder defeated for secretary of state with 13.9%, and
  • Karen Mueller, who came in third with 25.6% for attorney general.

We confess surprise at how close Trump-backed Adam Steen came to unseating Robin Vos in that Racine County assembly district. Election night, Speaker Vos called former state Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman, whom he hired to review the 2020 election, “an embarrassment to this state.” After spending $1 million investigating election fraud, Gableman has finally located the men’s room.

Q. How stupid can you be to endorse the opponent (Steen) of the guy who hired you (Vos)?
A. Mike Gableman stupid.

Trump-backed Republicans are already blaming Vos for Gableman’s failed snipe hunt. That’s what they mean by “the Madison crowd.” When Vos does fire the guy, please televise it! Then watch the horned QAnon shamans descend on Madison with their spears and zip ties. They’re already talking treason over the court-sanctioned search at Mar-a-Lago.

→ Tony Evers is already making Trump the issue, not Michels.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Hoping Trump-backed Tim Michels wins in November. Reminding him he’ll have to make nice with Robin Vos in the legislature — and voters like us who demand evidence and respect the Constitution.

How many independent voters
will the Trump-backed candidate attract?

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11 Responses to ‘Trump-backed’ candidate wins … for now

  1. One eye says:

    “Rebecca Kleefisch urged her supporters to align behind drab and colorless Tim Michels. So we shall.”
    Wow she really called him drab and colorless? Hell hath no fury…
    Rumor is Michels will hire Kleefisch daughters for the rest of campaign.


    • David Blaska says:

      You put “drab and colorless” into quotes because you were quoting ME. I did not put those adjectives in quote marks because I was NOT quoting her. This is pretty standard English usage, fella.


      • One eye says:

        My bad! Apologies to Rebecca.

        “Hell hath no fury like a Never Trumper scorned”.

        In any case looking forward to seeing you “aligning” behind asshole/SOB/jerk Tim Michels in the coming months!


    • richard lesiak says:

      The sheep are already lining up.


  2. Personally I really don’t care one bit who endorsed Rebecca Kleefish or Tim Michels and I don’t take that into consideration at all, plus I don’t like Donald Trump or Mike Pence at all so neither endorsement helped the candidate in my point of view.

    I’m not real pleased with Governor Evers track record in office and I didn’t vote for him, so I really had narrowed down my choice for an opponent on the Republican side of the aisle and it came down to Rebecca Kleefish or Tim Michels for me. In the end no one is the perfect candidate and I had to choose between Rebecca Kleefish and Tim Michels. Since Kleefish and Michels core values and positions seem to me to be similar, what drove me to vote for Michels over Kleefish is that, at this particular point in time, I’d rather have more of a political outsider as the Republican’s candidate for Governor and eventually the Governor of Wisconsin. There are good arguments for both candidates and there are advantages and disadvantages to both a “politician” and a political outsider and I think either one of them could beat Governor Evers in November, but at this particular moment in time being a political outsider put Michels over the top for me. I hope Michels does exceptionally well in the general election.

    Personally, I’m really getting rather tired of politicians and politics and I’m sure if Michels wins in November he’ll eventually become just another politician to me. 😦

    The job where I think a “politician” would win out over a political outsider with me right now is in Congress, even though I’d like to see some form of extended term term limits in congress experience as a politician is a clear advantage in navigating the in’s and out’s of congress.


  3. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Michels displays the Us-v-Them approach The Gotch doesn’t mind in “some” journalists and in “some” local elections, but it won’t play well state-wide.

    Plus, he came out as against SS marriage.

    Unless he evolves, like despicable Lefties DementiaJKe, Hillarity New Jowls Clinton, and Hopeless Changey did, that’ll tattoo an indelible BULLS_EYE on his @$$ which will draw heavy-hitting out-of-state support and Nazi Sympathizer (Uncle Georgie Soros) money.

    The Gotch


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg wrote, “Michels displays the Us-v-Them approach.”

      In so, so many ways the Democratic Party has made everything an us-vs-them choice.

      Cornelius_Gotchberg wrote, “Plus, he came out as against SS marriage.”

      I view same sex marriage as a dead issue and is not going to change regardless of the opinion of a candidate or politician, the Supreme Court has spoken. People are welcome to their opinion on the topic but stating that someone is against same sex marriage is nothing but a virtue signaling nothing burger.

      Cornelius_Gotchberg wrote, “…that’ll tattoo an indelible BULLS_EYE on his @$$ which will draw heavy-hitting out-of-state support and Nazi Sympathizer (Uncle Georgie Soros) money.”

      All it takes for that to happen is for Michels to run as a Republican then like all other Republicans Michels is evil…

      Here are the Democrat’s four tenants of “truth”…

      1. The left is right.
      2. The right is wrong.
      3. Wrong is evil.
      4. Evil must to be destroyed.

      …that’s the dead end of the 21st century Democrat’s ability to think critically.


  4. richard lesiak says:

    Who is against who? Vos is now calling Gableman names and wants a session to end the (teehee) probing. Can Steen call for a recount? FIND ME 251 VOTES GABLEMAN THAT”S ALL I NEED. Vos is a tool. Spend all this money, still has 3 lawsuits to settle, proved nothing and then had trump turn on him.


  5. One eye says:

    “Trump-backed” – Going to shorten it up to TB. It’s the new “OG”.

    Democrats will learn too late it’s a mistake to use that label as a pejorative. I’ve been thinking Evers would coast to victory. Not after this week.

    Like the rebels in Godfather II, TB Tim Michels can win.


    • David Blaska says:

      I sure hope so. My only point is that Democrats may be wrong but they’re not stupid. They see that “Trump-backed” is a turn-off to independents and many Republicans.


  6. Mr. Forward says:

    Trafalgar: Guess which voters the Mar-a-Lago raid has energized?
    ED MORRISSEY Aug 11, 2022 10:11 AM ET

    “Fifty-five percent of Democrats report an increased motivation to vote after the raids, but they come in third behind Republicans and independents (72%).”

    “Fewer than 40% of the electorate is giving the FBI and DoJ the benefit of the doubt, while almost a majority are convinced that the move was political in nature. That gets worse in the demos, because most of those giving any benefit of doubt are Democrats:

    Democrats: 11.9/70.5/17.7 (respectively)
    Republicans: 76.7/14.6/8.7
    Unaffiliated: 53.9/35.3/10.8”

    “Voter anger over the raid appears to have lit a unifying fire under Republicans, and also may be driving independents who want accountability for the way Joe Biden and his team have derailed American norms in the past 18 months.”

    “It’s been three days, however, and the only response has been to dodge responsibility. “


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