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Is Tony Evers next?

At least the socialists support him! Maybe Pavlov can explain it. John Nichols writes and Blaska rushes to his computer, tapping the keyboard with the involuntary jerking of dead frog legs. But Comrade Nichols is a reliable guide to where … Continue reading

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Rebecca Kleefisch wants R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Just a little bit! There’s a blues singer who begged, “Don’t do me like that.” It was either Tom Petty or louche lounge singer Tony Clifton. Maybe both. Rebecca Kleefisch should be singing that lament today after Sore Loser Man called … Continue reading

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Why does Tony Evers hate cops?

He’s one reason Kenosha burned. UPDATE: POLICE OFFICER SHOT 12:30 a.m. Sunday 10-10-21 on State Street. Expected to survive. (Will Tony and Satya send Get Well cards?) Yesterday (10-08-21), the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, announced there was … Continue reading

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Obama brags on Tony Evers at failed Milwaukee public school

Who is the education governor? Democrats are rolling out the big guns to take down Scott Walker. Bernie Sanders visited; Joe Biden is coming. (Hillary Clinton is still uploading her secret server Garmin.) Former President Barack Obama came to Milwaukee … Continue reading

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What’s this? Democrats oppose school reform, embrace socialism?

Ye olde centrally directed command and control Surprise, surprise: The Democrat(ic) candidates for governor are kowtowing to the teachers union. All four participating in a Capital Times forum — Kelda Roys, Mahlon Mitchell, Mike McCabe, and Kathleen Vinehout — would … Continue reading

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Democrats should blame Mark Pocan, not the Koch Brothers

In Wisconsin’s fall they’ve sinned all. If our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances ever overcome their obsession with convuluted conspiracy theories they might actually get somewhere at the ballot box. Which is unlikely, now that the Madison Common Council has banned conversion therapy. … Continue reading

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