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Politics is done in hotel hospitality rooms

A little face time! “What’s going on?” the Uber driver asked. “Big convention. Republicans are in town.” “Republicans?” Including the My Pillow guy, aka Mike Lindell. Big Trump stolen election conspiracist and TV pitchman for pillows and sheets made from … Continue reading

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Is getting all Trumpy a winner in Wisconsin?

Because the man did lose here. Who will Donald Trump endorse? That’s the big question heading into this weekend’s Republican state convention in Middleton. The defeated former President came out of Tuesday’s 05-17-22 primary elections around the country with mixed … Continue reading

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The Republican swamp is getting crowded

Who ya’ calling a weasel? Virtually every Republican on the ballot is running against Washington or, if they’re a candidate for state office here in Wisconsin, they’re running against Madison. Which is shorthand for running against the Establishment. Superseding MAGA, the new … Continue reading

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Pissed-off Americans meet in Madison

No pouty faces! Just returned from the Republican Second Congressional District caucus here in Madison this morning. Kevin Nicholson gave one of the worst speeches since Jimmy Carter wore the wool cardigan and told his TV audience to burn their … Continue reading

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Is Tony Evers next?

At least the socialists support him! Maybe Pavlov can explain it. John Nichols writes and Blaska rushes to his computer, tapping the keyboard with the involuntary jerking of dead frog legs. But Comrade Nichols is a reliable guide to where … Continue reading

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Democrats’ race card is revoked

Oorah! to Winsome! Tuesday’s elections are the rising tide that will lift all Republican boats throughout the nation, including Wisconsin’s state and congressional elections next year. Becky Kleefisch is looking cuter all the time compared with an incumbent governor who … Continue reading

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