Republicans form circular firing squad

‘We have met the enemy and he is us’ — Pogo

That old cowboy philosopher Will Rogers said he belonged to no organized political party. “I’m a Democrat.” 

But Democrats are closing ranks — none more spectacularly than last week when millionaires Sarah Godlewski and Alex Lasry quit the U.S. Senate race — as Outagamie County Exec Tom Nelson had the week before. All threw their support behind Mandela Barnes ahead of next week’s primary election. That’s how badly they want to beat Ron Johnson!

By contrast, Wisconsin Republicans are re-enacting the Night of the Sicilian Vespers. Some of my fellow dues-payers seem more interested in defeating GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos than Tony Evers. The governor’s likely Republican challengers, Rebecca Kleefisch and Tim Michels, are cutting themselves into ribbons before Democrats mop up what’s left. Kleefisch is part of the hated “Madison establishment,” Michels’ side charges. Michels is a carpetbagger from out of state, her side charges.

Their seconds are squared off against each other: standing behind Michels are Donald Trump and Tommy Thompson. In Kleefisch’s corner are Mike Pence, Scott Walker, and most of the Republican legislature. The latter includes Speaker Vos whom, it seems, many Republicans despise more than Nancy Pelosi. Their indictment: he won’t violate the WI Constitution to decertify Biden’s 2020 presidential victory. Seen on social media:

Lisa Burnside (a vocal RITO): Vos is either incompetent or should be arrested for malfeasance. He should have resigned as requested by more than 50% of the county’s GOP for lack of confidence.

State Rep. Ron Tusler: There is no legislator more hell bent at beating Democrats than Robin Vos. He takes a lot of friendly fire, which is sad and useless. But, he has led us to become CPAC’s #2 most conservative legislature.

Always Trumpers are backing a challenger to Vos, one Adam Steen. His “America First” website quotes Trump. Michels’ surrogates are waving the bloody flag of January insurrection. Take digital media influencer Paris Procopis (a Henny Youngman “Please!”). In the current campaign, the unprecocious Procopis posts:  “I have noticed that the never-Trumper’s [s.i.c.] are overwhelmingly supporting Kleefisch for governor… clearly that’s not all her support, but that speaks volumes.” A few years back, Procopis supported Paul Ryan’s racist challenger, Paul Nehlen, but now says he has distanced himself. Speaks volumes about his judgement, though.

Kleefisch is not off the hook, although the “Two peas in a pod” ad is credited to an independent source:

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We’re a week out from Wisconsin’s August 9 primary election. Place your bets on the winners. 

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10 Responses to Republicans form circular firing squad

  1. Bill Cleary says:

    The only advice I can give to the Republicans is to concentrate your attacts on the Democrats not on each other.

    I would use language like: “My esteemed opponent”, “My worthy opponent”, “While I still think that my worthy opponent is very capable of doing the job, I think I could do a better job as I have the following experience that they lack.”

    In other words, don’t tear each other down, build one another up.

    That way you don’t come off looking like a jerk the way the Democrats do.


  2. richard lesiak says:

    I agree with the Burnside quote. Vos is a fool. The taxpayers just got wacked again for 160k because Gableman is an idiot. This BS is now running over in time by double and that 670k is now over a million and counting. And what did Vos get? trump calling him names in the press and the people of Wisconsin calling for his head. To make matters worse he lacks the guts to call this s#$tshow done and cut his losses. It’s time for this clown to go.


  3. richard lesiak says:

    I see today that Gableman is trying to throw Vos a lifeline as half-assed as it was. Too little-too late? By the way; kudos to Kansas.


  4. One eye says:

    “That’s how badly they want to beat Ron Johnson”. Hardly. More like Lasry and Godlewski don’t want to throw good money after bad. They realized RoJo is unbeatable and are happy to sit on the sidelines and watch Barnes spend other people’s money, IMHO.

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