Is Tim Michels already blaming Republicans?

Poll shows Becky Kleefisch winning
and Michels is crying foul!

And he hasn’t even lost, yet. If the Republican candidate for governor loses, he’s going to blame some of the people in this room. They’re “Never Trumpers” because they didn’t check his name on the ballot. They’re “RINOs,” Donald Trump’s term of disparagement for anyone who hasn’t drank his Kool Aid. Like his bitter sponsor, Tim Michels is pointing fingers and taking names because a big poll out over the weekend says he loses to Rebecca Kleefisch tomorrow.

Today, the day before Tuesday’s 08-09-22 primary election, Michels’ campaign threw this rotten egg over the transom:

“Never Trumpers are at it again — trying to divide conservatives to elect a special-interest insider.”

It’s the G-damndest voter appeal this old political warhorse has ever heard! Has it not occurred to Michels that his divisive message is a turn-off to many fellow Republicans who got off the Trump train on January 6?  (And how is it possible that a multi-millionaire construction magnate has no special interests of his own? What might be the special interests of his opponent for the Republican nomination, Rebecca Kleefish, he never specifies. Nor does he make the case why her might be worse than his.) Michels blasted this e-mail today to Republican voters:

If we don’t get Trump supporters to the polls to vote for Tim Michels on Tuesday, the Never Trumpers will win like they did in 2020 when they encouraged Wisconsin conservatives to vote for anyone except Trump — a pro-life candidate, a Constitutional Party candidate or the Libertarian Party candidate.”

The Werkes would think Michels might want pro-life, constitutionalists, and libertarians to vote his way. Instead of persuasion, he bullies. Michels continues:

The Never Trumpers knew none of those candidates could win — only take votes away from President Trump which they did. 48,896 voted for one of these other conservatives so that Joe Biden could claim Wisconsin with less than 50% of the vote. A new poll shows it is working again. Emerson College reported that 49% support a pro-Trump candidate, but because their vote is divided between four candidates, Madison insider Rebecca Kleefisch wins with just 36% of the vote.

WI Republicans not that into Trump

Tim Michels just admitted that Kleefisch beats him even among Trump supporters! Are you sure you want to admit that, Tim? Actually, Michels misstates the Emerson poll, conducted August 3-5.

Emerson says that 11% of Republican primary voters are less likely to support a candidate Trump endorsed; 49% say it makes no difference, only 39% are more likely.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Tim Michels made his bed at Mar-a-Lago. Now he’s a porter on Trump’s bitter revenge tour, carrying his master’s baggage, relitigating the past and nursing his grievances. But Michels is doing it before he loses, not after!

If Michels loses, will he blame Hugo Chavez?

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19 Responses to Is Tim Michels already blaming Republicans?

  1. Rich says:

    I was undecided until the debate last week. Michaels was embarrassing.

    Kleefisch worries me because she lost to Peewee and Barney before and has that connection with Walker that the left hates.
    This SHOULD be in the bag for conservatives because Peewee is SO weak, but I’m not so sure.


  2. Bob says:

    No matter who wins will the Republicans come together to defeat Tony or will we get a split party and Tony for four more years? Hopefully not a repeat of Tammy’s last two elections.


  3. Bill Cleary says:

    Well if your a republican this race comes down to a pick between Rebecca and Tim. I’m sorry, I think that if Tim was the person he wants us to think that he is, I would vote for him. Unfortunately his portrayal of himself as a person who used to bail hay and grew up as a middle class farm kid is just not true. I have probably bailed more hay than he ever did and I did not grow up on a farm.

    Rebecca has my vote. Sure, I have some issues with her, but I really think that with her being the Lt. Governor for 8 years under Scott Walker she probably has a bit more of an idea on how to move a more conservative agenda along in the state of Wisconsin.

    She’s not perfect by any means, but I still think that when you look at the groups and people endorsing her, you can see that she has the backing of many good people and organizations.

    I think that she will be a hell of a lot better Governor than Tony, brain dead, I’m creating my own version of Disney Land, Evers.


  4. A Party of One says:

    From what I recall, Rebecca put out the first attack ad, which bothered me. I was hoping that both candidates would stick to bashing Evers, the real enemy. I would much rather that a candidate give me reason TO vote for someone rather than vote AGAINST someone.
    But since both are now slinging the mud, I have to make a decision based other factors. Who can most likely beat pencil-neck Evers? Who is most credible?
    I was for Michels early on but have decided that Rebecca has the best chance of winning. Unfortunately, this tribal warfare will likely hurt either candidate in November.
    I am a Trump voter, but his endorsement of Michels meant nothing to me, just as Pence’s endorsement of Rebecca meant nothing to me.
    Has anyone asked either candidate if they will wholeheartedly support the other after tomorrow? We all need to do that if we want to win in November.


  5. Bill Cleary says:

    I would also like to add the following thoughts to this discussion.

    With Tim owning a 17 million dollar home in Connecticut and a 7.8 million dollar penthouse in N.Y.C. it is rather obvious he does not spend all of his time in Wisconsin. He even sent his kids to school in N.Y.C. and Connecticut.

    Yes, he does own a home in Wisconsin but only spends part of his time here.

    My question would be: Why would you give up spending as much time as you could in your 17 million dollar home in Connecticut and your 7 million dollar penthouse in N.Y.C. in order to spend the bulk of your time here in Madison in the Governors Mansion?

    Tony Evers, and rightfully so, could point this out in a heart beat. Tony Evers has been a life long Sconnie. Born, lived, worked and became Governor in Wisconsin. While I think the guy is as useless as heck, I still think that with his union connections and those on the far left who will vote for a Dem no matter what, he will have an easy time beating Tim Michels.

    I think that Tony will face a far greater opponent in Rebecca Kleefish.


  6. Laurence Meade says:

    Speaking of Mar-a-Lago…


    • richard lesiak says:

      BAAAHAAAHAAA. trump never fails to disappoint as the biggest douch in the bag. If Evers loses it’s because the election was stolen from him.


  7. Mr. Forward says:

    The first candidate to condemn the raid on Mar-a-Lago gets my vote. I predict Adam Fischer.


    • Meade Laurence says:

      Same. Even if the first candidate to condemn the raid on Mar-a-Lago is Tony Evers. Or Mandela Barnes.


  8. Meade Laurence says:

    Looks like Michels it is.


    • David Blaska says:

      Or you could just wait to see what was the pretext for the raid and what was found before passing judgment.


      • Meade Laurence says:

        Oh. Okay, David. Maybe I should wait. Haste makes waste, right? And there must be a good pretext for the raid on his private home… if only I just wait. Like I waited for the pretext for the Russia collusion investigation. But then just how long should I wait this time? Until I forget that I was waiting? Again?


        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          “Maybe I should wait.”

          Perhaps so, ML, until a career Lefty like…oh…say…Alan Dershowitz pens something like:

          DoJ Should Have SUBPOENAED DOCUMENTS Not Raided Trump’s Home

          Wait a minute, he’s already done that?

          Never mind.

          Anywho, had they followed prudent measures/accepted, constitutionally sound approaches with subpoenas, there exists precedent when those subpoenaed don’t comply.

          That precedent? When the criminally insane Hillarity Gramma/Yoga Clinton made >30,000 subpoenaed emails (property of the United States of America!) GO POOF…wiped clean…LIKE_WITH_
          , the disgustingly porcine harridan walked.

          Despicably detestable Lefties!!!

          The Gotch


        • richard lesiak says:

          I think you should wait till Hannity’s show is over; then go vote.


  9. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Judge Who Signed Off On FBI MAR-A-LAGO RAID Donated $2 Grand To Hopeless Changey AND Represented Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express Pilots

    Probably nothing to it, though……

    The Gotch


  10. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    The laughably illiterate, hilariously half-witted Blogge Idiot has less than nothing to say, yet pulls out a taxpayer-funded Hopeless Changey phone to stumble/bumble/mumble a cluelessly inane slobbering anyway?


    The Gotch


  11. blametheboomers85 says:

    What is it with the whole “bitter” characterization?

    Methinks thou dost protest too much… projecting?

    You bitter because Trump didn’t offer to grab you by your…?


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