How hard-core Left can Madison go?

Her name was Magill and she called herself Lil
[but] everyone knew her as Nancy.’

The Werkes revises and extends its remarks on the nuthouse called the Madison school board — but we do not yield our time. We did not give What’s-Their-Pronouns their full due in the last thrilling episode.

We’re talking about school board candidate Shepherd Joyner, who used to be Shepherd Janeway, who used to be Andi Janeway but whose candidate website lists … the name merely as Shepherd. At least … the name is not some kind of symbol. The candidate formerly known as ∇∑Θ?

Shepherd Joyner, candidate for school board

a black albino?

Thanks to Werkes platinum subscriber pANTIFArts (hey, two can play), the more complete description of What’s-Their-Pronouns is a black albino, trans-bi BLM activist who participated in the 2020 downtown riots, uses “performance art” to mentor 3rd-4th graders (!!!), wants to abolish police, and teach critical race theory. Oh, and claims to be blind. How many boxes does that check?!

‘Madison is … lost in this idea of being peaceful’

— candidate for Madison school board 2022

A Woke test pattern!

The candidate of many pronouns is a Woke test pattern who, in a fawning Capital Times interview from 07-29-20, justifies violence.

“I personally believe Madison to be the national capital of negative peace … so lost in this idea of being peaceful they don’t understand that in an oppressive power system that is predicated on violence against certain demographics, any opposition from those demographics will be seen as violence.”

Abolish (not “re-imagine”) police.

“Getting cops out of schools. Ending the school-to-prison pipeline in Madison. Abolishing police entirely in Madison and reallocating those funds to organizations and programs that actually reduce crime rates.”

And teach critical race theory:

“Anti-racist education in public and private schools in Madison, for starters. And that doesn’t just mean teaching racial awareness, but decolonizing historical education in public schools, actively hiring anti-racist educators and actively training educators to be anti-racist.”

This candidate for Seat 3 (unlike for seats #4 and #5) has an opponent: Laura Simkin, who tells Isthmus:

“I believe school resource officers were a part of school safety and that we should return SROs to the high schools.”

The final countdown!

Don’t get your hopes up. Janeway/Joyner/ has already vanquished a citizen named Mary Jo Walters. Her candidacy lasted maybe a week after she declared for two and only two genders, then suffered the blowback. The other two seats are unopposed, meaning no business people, tradesmen, merchants, or taxpayer advocates again this election cycle.

No problem! Progressive Dane, the Democrat(ic) Party of Dane County, the Greens, the Socialist Workers, Our Wisconsin Revolution, the teachers union, and The Capital Times will endorse ∇∑Θ. Probably get national attention from John Nichols in The Nation and Democracy Now! Maybe even Rachel Maddow.

check boxes

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We fully expect Andi Shepherd Janeway Joyner ∇∑Θ to win election on April 5. Madison’s good progressives want to check all the boxes that she the candidate in question checks and prove they’re not merely Woke couch potatoes. And only 15% of Madison voters have kids in the public schools, which is about to become 14%, 13%, 12% …

Or will Madison progressives finally get the joke?

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20 Responses to How hard-core Left can Madison go?

  1. sentient7 says:

    The insanity crowd is just beginning … see these two links (add a “w” to the link)

    and close the spaces gap below to follow this link



  2. AdamC says:

    Keep. Demon-possessed. Lunatics. Away. From. Our. Children!!!


  3. pANTIFArts says:

    Two other take aways from the Cap Times article-

    Andi J. is one of the “Human Squirrels” that run out in front of cars to stop traffic, so that peaceful protesters can do their peaceful things, peacefully. (The “Human Squirrels” are the Banzai Battalions of the pepper spray for lunch bunch.)

    The article also contained some excellent potential campaign slogan material.

    Shepherd, ” I carry extra smokes on me because I want everyone to be at their best”.
    BLASKA, I’m “coming at (Wokism) at upwards of 30 miles an hour with no remorse whatsoever.”

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  4. Mike says:

    How in the heck have globs of marginally structured cells such as that candidate (and others like it and those who support it) managed to survive outside of the womb?

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  5. Bill Cleary says:

    Boy, and I thought that sitting around the campfire, drinking Miller shorties and doing bong hits in the late 70’s and early 80’s was the hight of being stoned. Was I ever wrong!

    I haven’t done a bong hit since the early 80’s but I really miss those days. At least there was some semblance of order where today there is none!

    Sitting around getting stoned was a way to imagine a more perfect world. Anything was possible. Anything but what those idiots that are in charge today are imagining.

    Pass the bong and take another hit! Take another drink out of a bottle of Miller shorties!

    Oh but wait! Drug cartels are run by men, misogynistic tyrannies that exploit the women around them. Miller is mostly run by old white guys so we shouldn’t do any shorties either.

    Takes all the fun out of the world doesn’t?

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  6. pANTIFArts says:

    It is most curious that Andi J. finds so much to be critical of in American society. Most of the world does not enjoy the freedoms that our country offers.

    In “Mother Africa”, albinos are routinely hacked to death, skinned, dismembered, with skin and body parts being sold for “magic” (and possible consumption). —-So there’s that thing, too.

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  7. richard lesiak says:

    You guys have to stop screwing around online. Just go full-on right-wing nutjob, gun up and go down there and take the place over. That’s what happening in several places around the country right now. Ban some words(already done). Burn some books. Beat up some teachers. Fly in Trump and have a rally. Call in the Proud Boys. GIVE ‘EM HELL BOYS; GIVE ‘EM HELL

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  8. AdamC says:

    When Worst Governor Evers gets bounced out of office later this year, I want to see a new Governor with both houses of the Legislature quit effing around and drop some megaton legislation on the radical leftists pushing their racist craziness, transgender conversion programs, and crazy communist schemes on K-12 kids. Nuke all that B.S. is what I want to see the next Governor do. And catapult that crazy critical race theory out of our state government and into the trash heap of history.

    That’s who needs to give them some hell and not let up or back down for the next 4 years.


  9. A Voice in the Wilderness says:

    Behold Shepherd, consumed with the wonderment of It’s being, lost in It’s personal la-la land, cute as a bug’s ear in primary colors.

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