Send in the clowns!

Madison school board candidates
promise equity, not education.

The only drama in Madison’s April elections is whether a trans/bi performance artist who doesn’t use a real name will be elected to the school board. Could make national news of the “Can You Believe It?!” kind. It’s the only contested race, out of three. Another triumph for the holy grail of diversity!

Shepherd school board

Shepherd ?

If the peanut gallery expects Shepherd Janeway/Joyner/-?- to restore discipline in the classroom, we’ve got a bridge in Pittsburgh to sell you.

His/her campaign website dispenses with any last name and is a model of minimalism. No bio, no policy positions!

Three years ago, the Head Groundskeeper at the Werkes squared off against a Progressive Dane cop-basher. Ali Muldrow won and promptly evicted the four minority-race school resource police officers. Result: 15 police squad cars respond with pepper spray to a massive brawl at East high school shortly after the beginning of the first post-Covid school year. Gun-toters tackled at La Follette, a fatal whacking just outside West high. Mizz Muldrow, now school board president, is unopposed. The other unopposed candidate, Nichelle Nichols, is a professional critical race theorist. (Revealed here.)

“The upcoming school board races this April are a sign, themselves,
of a school district in trouble.
— Dylan Brogan in this week’s Isthmus.

“According to most of the teachers and education advocates Isthmus interviewed for this story,” Brogan reports, “teachers have not been a priority for recent school board members. Isthmus reveals 132 teachers have quit since November; the district was able to replace only 34. Substitute teachers are getting harder to come by. Brogan quotes a district teacher:

“The students come to school and pretend to learn. Teachers come to school and pretend to teach. We are all just trying to get through the day.” 

The teachers union endorsed all seven school board members. You got what your asked for.

How does one ‘remediate’ a beating?

No parent asked for the beating a 15-year-old special needs kid suffered at the hands of bullies on 01-13-22 at La Follette high school. His front teeth were knocked back into his gums. The mother tells Chris Rickert at the WI State Journal that the district never called police. A school administrator wanted to keep the assailants out of the court system; she proposed restorative justice and remediation.

Remediation? Are the assailants going to pay for their victim’s surgery? Or will an apology suffice? Is anyone asking what their “restorative justice” might entail? (The Werkes is asking the district that very question.)

Restorative justice is a key component of  the district’s so-called “Behavior Education Plan.” The district admits:

“Six years ago we made a major shift … We took a step into uncharted territory. … A zero tolerance policy toward discipline … was having a disproportionate and negative effect on students of color.”

The evidence is that the district’s gain-of-function lab experiment is having a negative effect on students of ALL colors! Irony alert: Racial disparities are as gaping as ever. Black students account for 18% of the student body but 62% of suspensions.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWhat do they say about “the soft bigotry of low expectations”?

Are YOU voting for Shepherd?

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21 Responses to Send in the clowns!

  1. sentient7 says:

    Really, who cares about the MMSD? Parents clearly don’t. Neither do students. Why should any of us. A free country, citizens can vote in good people and policies. If they do not, they affirm poor policy and poor governance. Citizens get what they deserve under the tyranny of the ignert majority. Legions of Brandon voters affirm Democracy. Let’s go Brandon.

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  2. Jon Burack says:

    I believe the drive to limit suspensions in order to reduce the racial gap in numbers suspended is in fact a recipe to widen that gap, as Dave here suggests. As I have seen it argued, if you reduce suspensions for lesser disruptions, you increase the share of suspensions for more serious disruptions. And which group engages in more serious forms of disruption more often? Does anyone have to wonder? Hence as numbers of suspensions go down, the percentage of blacks suspended is likely to go up. Be interesting to see if this can be tracked for Madison.

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    • AdamC says:

      Don’t forget that Black VICTIMS of school violence also increase in this scenario.

      And ultimately it is many Black children who are getting very little education as a result. Many are being set up for a lifetime of dependency and poverty.

      The main “institutional/system racism” is antiracist “educrats” ruining any semblance of orderly schooling and churning out generations of kids who can barely read, write, or critically think.

      Madison public schools have deteriorated so badly in recent years/decades.

      The comfortable Madison white liberal boomers have no clue. They just keep paying the tax bills and look the other way.

      Now the City is bringing back welfare handouts and calling it “Forward Madison” to experiment some more with taxpayer money and redistribute wealth to a select few. Free Money/No Worky is what I call it. “Guaranteed basic income” they call it. It’s public welfare by a new name and the City is “partnering” with UW on this. They just posted a UW job to run the experiment — it pays up to $80,000/year. Such irony!


      • Madtownforsure says:

        I saw this when two of my neighbors kids who graduated about 10 years ago could not figure out how a measuring tape was or how to read an assembly manual. Now that is sad for just getting out of 12 yrs of education in mad city. WTH is going on? Yes, they are black kids, so just push them out, let society deal with them. Old idea, join service, or Mickey dees.

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  3. Bob says:

    Madison schools are lost. We’ll see if Lodi voters elect new school board members or not.


  4. Montgomery Scott says:

    I hope that the parent(s) (or legal guardian) of the 15-year-old special needs kid files a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the school district specifically mentioning and highlighting that the damages being asked for are for “restorative justice” for that child. Use their favorite terminology against them to drive it home to them that their policies are harming everyone (staff and especially the students) with the lack of discipline, respect, and order currently in the Madison public schools. If enough parents of students harmed by the out of control students and the administration that protects these out of control students file very expensive civil law suits and hopefully win those lawsuits. Eventually, the taxpayers will notice, even the liberals that live in this utopian school district who have to have a limit on how much they are willing to pay in taxes to cover the cash payouts as a result of these MMSD policies.


  5. Ed Murphy says:

    I’m writing in David Blaska for each of the Madison school board positions on the ballot this spring. If all of us common sense voters would do the same, maybe it would send a message!

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  6. Bill Cleary says:

    So I’m supposed to vote for someone who as you so aptly put: “The only drama in Madison’s April elections is whether a trans/bi performance artist who doesn’t use a real name will be elected to the school board.”


    Given this information, or lack thereof, I can’t even see what jobs or education this person has had in life. Did this person go to college, what college was it and what degree from what school within that college did they earn. Or did they, like me, graduate with just a high school education, did they even graduate from high school at all?

    I can’t even CCAP this person to see if they have had a criminal record in their past. You can see if I have had a criminal record as I do use my real name in posting on this blog. And no, I am not the William McArthur Cleary from Milwaukee. You won’t find any criminal convictions in my past as there are none.

    I’m not saying that this person has ever done anything wrong to include jay walking. But, without knowing the persons full name, is it possible that I or anyone can say with certainty that there are no prior convictions in this persons life ? How can I or anyone know for certain that this person has never been convicted of a sexual offense to a minor?

    The question is for those of us who are conservatives or liberals is: Do I want someone walking around in our schools when that person could be a sexual deviant or even a child molester or rapist? Without his or her real name we have no way of knowing.

    If we elect someone to be on our school board, who has access to our schools and the children therein, what is the legal liability to the taxpayers of this district if that person attacks a child or an employee of the district in a school?

    I know this for a fact: If I or a family member, especially a child, was assaulted by any person who was not fully vetted to include the use of Wisconsin CCAP, to have free access to our schools and our children, I would sue the shit of of the MMSD and would make a law firm very happy as I would be sure to win.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      I’m assuming that anyone running for office, even in Madison, is obligated by law to file the necessary papers under his or her (or its) real name and that this information is a matter of public record.


  7. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    The fact that there is no bio or policy position on this freak’s website should come as no surprise. Why bother when its most important quality–“bi-trans”–has already been revealed? it’s a given that the policies of this creature will align perfectly with those of the existing board members.


  8. Bill Cleary says:


    You make a good point but in this crazy time we live in, would the MMSD ever consider getting that persons real name? Making a person reveal their real name and gender could be considered by the “snow flakes” in this town, a form of discrimination.


    • AdamC says:

      Isn’t the Madison School District being sued for concealing their efforts to use school staff, resources, and policies to encourage transgenderism among even very young children on school property?

      This is a growing sickness in our society that involves deliberately confusing even the youngest children about their real gender from birth, aka biology, aka SCIENCE. And they will do anything to hide their agenda including lying to the child’s parents.

      Sick sick sick!


  9. georgessson says:

    I want a cabin-cruiser w/ twin bunks. Non-sequitur? Not really…. Sigh.


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  11. Mordecai The Red says:

    Another great piece by Dylan Brogan. One of the few decent journalists left in Madison. Besides him and Chris Rickert, there doesn’t seem to be anyone left who’s willing to expose some of the ugliest issues afflicting the city.

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