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Are Madison schools deceiving parents?

In the pronoun wars? “Parents have the right to make important health care decisions on their children’s behalf.” That’s the position of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty. We suspect most parents would agree but majority or not, a … Continue reading

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Good schools mold character

‘Discipline’ is the Latin word for ‘success’ Spot quiz: What word will not be spoken by any of Madison’s candidates for school board? Time’s up! Groucho Marx’s secret word is “discipline.” Discipline is defined as “training to act in accordance … Continue reading

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Send in the clowns!

Madison school board candidates promise equity, not education. The only drama in Madison’s April elections is whether a trans/bi performance artist who doesn’t use a real name will be elected to the school board. Could make national news of the “Can You … Continue reading

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Madison public schools increase discipline problems by reducing suspensions

$15 million gets you more classroom chaos and identity politics warm fuzzies None of that nonsense at Ms. Hicks’ middle school! Your reading assignment today, class — YOU THERE IN THE BACK ROW! DON’T MAKE ME GO OVER OVER THERE! … Continue reading

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