Is Tony Evers next?

At least the socialists support him!

Maybe Pavlov can explain it. John Nichols writes and Blaska rushes to his computer, tapping the keyboard with the involuntary jerking of dead frog legs. But Comrade Nichols is a reliable guide to where Bernie Sanders/A.O.C. progressives are headed, so attention must be paid! (as the Dead Salesman’s wife insisted). Nichols asks:

What does Glenn Youngkin’s victory Tuesday 11-02-21 mean
for Tony Evers’ re-election prospects here in Wisconsin?

A dispassionate political analyst might answer, like the Music Man, “Trouble, trouble, trouble.” (Tony does start with T!) But Nichols pulls a stunner: the Democrat(ic) governor has it in the bag!

Nichols parrots the party line that critical race theory — one of the issues that defeated Terry McAuliffe in Virginia — is nothing more than “dishonest right-wing talking points.” Glenn Youngkin, The Capital Times propagandist avers, fooled the middle-class soccer moms by “wear[ing] sweater vests … and generat[ing] a suburban dad vibe.” Republicans always vote against their best interests, progressives insist.

Undeniably, Rebecca Kleefisch is a suburban mom, with the husband and kids to prove it. More likely to be wearing camo. She’s an avid turkey hunter. (Can you imagine Tony Evers in a deer stand?)

Joel and Becky Kleefisch
Tony Evers loves his schools
Tony Evers

“Trump, Trump, Trump” didn’t work for Democrats in Virginia so Nichols pivots to a more generic “extremist” argument: Rebecca Kleefisch has launched “the most viscerally right-wing GOP gubernatorial bid” in 60 years. His evidence: Kleefisch suggests that if Democrats are going to hire mercenaries to harvest ballots so should Republicans. Seriously! If we were unkind — which we ARE! — we would point out that Tony Evers has been the most viscerally left-wing Democrat since … Evers!

My old Comrade (truly a nice guy in person) ignores the elephant in the room (to coin an over-worked cliche). Tony Evers is:

  • The walking snooze button who squeaked past Scott Walker by 29,000 votes in 2018!
  • The governor who condemned the police in Kenosha before his own Department of Justice could investigate the Jacob Blake shooting. (“Why does Tony Evers hate cops?“)
  • The Woke progressive who resisted sending help to that embattled city. (“Democrats war on police.”)
  • The career bureaucrat who presided over the Department of Public Instruction for eight years. The same agency that has been pumping critical race theory into our public schools. (Some examples here.)
  • The governor who couldn’t even protect the State Capitol or state legislators from the June 2020 assault by social justice warriors.

Result: Tony is underwater with voters. The Marquette Law School poll has his job approval at 45%, while 46% disapprove, a dramatic reversal of the previous month’s 50-43% approval.

Even Madison is waking up …

… to the Woke nonsense. Former mayor Dave Cieslewicz wrote just this weekend:

I’m talking about the idea that the world can be easily divided into oppressors and the oppressed based on skin color and gender, the idea that we need to actively discriminate based on race now to make up for past discrimination based on race, the idea that things like free speech and the presumption of innocence and merit are just tools of the oppressors. The ideas are sometimes lumped into the phrase critical race theory.

Don’t take our word for it. Read Woke Racism by Prof. John McWhorter.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Only John Nichols could squeeze optimism from Tuesday’s smack down of progressives from Seattle to New Jersey. Becky only looks like a cheerleader; Nichols is the one shaking pompons like a palsied progressive.

Are YOU fooled?

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18 Responses to Is Tony Evers next?

  1. One eye says:

    I’d like to go off the board for “someone in the middle”. Kleefisch has the Foxconn stench and Evers has, well, the Evers stench.

    I’d even settle for a “Governor Dave” at this point. Desperate times…


  2. AdamC says:

    It’s a whole year off but I think Evers is DONE.

    I keep accidentally-on-purpose calling him Tony Earl. Evers is way worse than that though. Weak, beholden to nutty ideologists and violent rioters. Weak, ineffective, weak weak weak.

    Kleefisch is way stronger and an outstanding communicator. Whether it’s her or another solid candidate as the nominee (I think it will be her), Evers seems like he is destined to join one-term Tony Earl.

    Evers’ polling has gone from bad to worse. Calling the 2022 race a tossup is now a real s stretch. He continues to tank. He has NOTHING to offer except his usual scoldy old schoolmarm, whiny, weak-@ss B.S.

    Even further out, Creepy Joe is heading the way of one-term Jimmy Carter’s failed presidency of defeatism, economic disaster, inflation, soaring gas and energy prices, international failures, weakne, wokeness, and all-around malaise. Blech!

    Creepy Joe in a sweater in a chilly Oval Office with dim lighting and a smileful of false choppers….. SHUDDER! It’s the worst of the 70’s all over again!


  3. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    ” Becky only looks like a cheerleader; Nichols is the one shaking pompons like a palsied progressive.” Voofda! Right arm. Vell said, Davedawg. Vish I’da vritten dat.

    Hope Da Wurst Governor Ever(s) enjoys riding Zhou Bai-Din’s coattails as he circles the drain. Remember progressives are floaters, the soy diet doesn’t have enough fiber. Always flush twice.


  4. Liberty says:

    A 45% approval rating for Evers is still too high, considering all his failures you handily mentioned in your bulleted list. But voters are fickle and things can change.

    The former mayor may have some cohesive thoughts, but he still embraces leftist values and is very much an outlier. The 600 sane people who attended that St. Maria G’s public safety meeting (in protest of Mayor Dave’s prioritizing trolleys over police) have left the building.

    From what I can see, the people who are currently speaking out for public safety seem to think more programs & Progressivism is the answer, and that they can “reason” with the unreasonable. No thanks.

    CRT or variations of it are taught in our schools. You’d think this would have been the issue that got people to become vocal. Yet I’m still mostly hearing silence.


    • AdamC says:

      And just a couple hours ago, another mega-brawl at East H.S. that draws a dozen police cars and ambulances.

      Somehow this is all the fault of rural Wisconsin Republican voters.


      • Liberty says:

        I read about that. Pathetic.


        • AdamC says:

          Rickert in The State Journal reported that in September ALONE, police were called to East H.S. (wait for it) ***22 TIMES***

          At 1 school, in a single month!

          How in the world can anyone learn in a chaotic violent environment??


        • AdamC says:

          Correction– the State Journal reporters who relay that police were called to East H.S. a whopping 22 times in the month of September were Beyer and Hamer.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Of course “CRT or variations of it” are taught in our schools.” Progressives claim that’s not true. Well, it’s doubtful that a teacher anywhere would walk into a classroom and say, “Good morning class, todays lesson in CRT is ….” But it’s entirely possible to teach the tenets of CRT without once using the phrase ‘critical race theory.’ Just as its possible to teach Marxism (and it is being taught since CRT is a Marxist offshoot with a hefty dollop of racism) without once mentioning Karl.


      • Of course we’re racist. Either consciously or subconsciously. My Confederate cousin, George Cary Eggleston wrote “A Rebel’s Recollections” after the Civil War and never used the word “slave.” In his book there were “servants” though. And the Civil War was fought over states’ rights, not slavery. Read George Cary’s book. It was serialized in The Atlantic in 1875 or 1876 and is available online.


        • Liberty says:


          We’re all racist? Speak for yourself. I’ve come to believe that people who accuse others of being racist and who are obsessed about race are projecting their own feelings onto others.

          Don’t project your family’s history onto the rest of us. Many of us had nothing to do with that ugly part of history. Don’t lump all of us into with that evil.


        • AdamC says:

          Slavery and servitude happened throughout human history and in every continent and culture.

          In fact, nearly 1 million people are kept in slavery TODAY. In Africa. Right now.

          That number is more than was ever held in America which outlawed slavery more than 150 years ago.


        • Liberty says:

          Very true, Adam!

          There is darkness (and lightness) in every single race and ethnicity. Regimes have abused, and continue to abuse their own people. And yes, other ethnicities, including black people can be racist too. In fact, I’ve experienced some of that as a white person. But because I’m white, it’s ok to be treated like trash?

          Leftists focus solely on white racism. It’s either done out of ignorance of the facts, a projection of their own racist feelings, or a divisional tool used to advance their own political careers or warped Marxist goals.

          If white people want to atone for their families’ past sins, they can go for it. But these are THEIR sins and THEIR guilt, not mine.

          “Slavery and servitude happened throughout human history and in every continent and culture.”


      • Liberty says:


        Leftists flat out lied that CRT wasn’t being taught in schools. McAuliffe most recently made that claim. Must think people are too stupid to look at the school system’s website.

        Yes, now that Progressives know CRT will cause them to lose elections, they’ll work overtime to call it something else.


  5. Rich Eggleston says:

    This IS Wisconsin. And neither Becky Kleefish nor Dave Blaska ( or John Nichols ) come close to having their hands on the pulse of Wiscon,si,n voters. They’re cussedly idiosyncratic. How else explain a state that elected Gaylord Nelson AND Joe McCarthy? I never could figure them out, God bless ’em. So,Dave and John, stay tuned.


    • Liberty says:

      A state’s demographics are constantly changing. People move in and out of states all the time, and with it they take their own brand of politics.

      One thing I will say is that American voters are fickle. Not just Wisconsin voters, either.


  6. Bill Cleary says:

    For those who want to vote for Tony to be Governor again, let me ask them three questions.
    1. How many years did Tony spend as the Director of the Department of Public Instruction? (Hint, it was 8 years.)
    2. When he started what was the percentage of students that could read and spell with proficiency at grade level as well as doing math with proficiency at grade level?
    3. When he left the Department of Public Instruction did those percentages go up or down?


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