Democrats’ war on police allowed BLM riots

Only in Kenosha WI did citizens fight back against the rioters

The New York Times takes a deep dive into the BLM riots in the summer of 2020 that put Kyle Rittenhouse on the defendant’s block. His trial begins with jury selection Monday 11-01-21 in Kenosha. Expect wall to wall TV coverage. The NY Times story is surprisingly balanced. We offer this fair usage excerpt:

It began with the video of a white police officer shooting a Black man named Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wis., … on Aug. 23, 2020.  …

The next day, the mayor attempted a news conference but was forced to retreat inside the public-safety building ahead of a furious crowd that broke the glass of the building’s front doors. … Several streets’ worth of businesses and a parole office went up in flames. A man in his 70s trying to defend the Danish Brotherhood Lodge and a store next door sprayed rioters in their faces with a fire extinguisher until a man hit him with a concrete-filled plastic bottle, breaking his jaw.


Mayor Satya sides with Madison rioters

The afternoon of June 23, a black man named Devonere Johnson walked into a pub in downtown Madison with a baseball bat and, for several minutes, shouted accusations of racism at employees and patrons through a megaphone he pointed directly at their faces. … After he was arrested … the Capitol’s “Forward” statue, a female figure representing progress, was toppled. Another statue, depicting an abolitionist, was beheaded and thrown into Lake Monona. … As he tried to assure the protesters he was their “ally,” [State Sen. Tim Carpenter] was beaten by several of them, suffering a concussion and a broken nose. …

Clashes between racial-justice activists and the police had been regular occurrences in Madison since late May, and Satya Rhodes-Conway, the city’s Democratic mayor, struggled with how to respond to them.

“Thank you for being angry,” she told participants in one early march, explaining that she had spoken with the city’s police chief about “the need for de-escalation and restraint.”

Kenosha’s local elected officials, virtually all Democrats, had shown up, along with local law-enforcement officials, for the June 2 Kneel for Nine [in support of Black Lives matter]. … The same people did not show up for the Back the Blue rally in support of law enforcement several weeks later.

Kenosha heats up

“This is anarchy,” said Van H. Wanggaard, a Republican state senator and former police officer from Racine. “These are terrorists. These are domestic terrorists.”

Echoing Vicki McKenna, he urged listeners to blame not the rank-and-file police but a leadership beholden to Democratic officials. Mike Koval, the recently retired police chief of Madison, agreed. The police, he said, were “thoroughbreds that are basically being put on a pony cart and told to walk around in circles.” He spoke darkly of officers’ being “muzzled” and insisted that “strings are being pulled from the highest level.”

McKenna was particularly furious about the absence of the National Guard, which Evers did not deploy until that day. “Here’s my idea,” she told her listeners: “We get a couple of hundred people with AR-15s to descend into the downtown area in Madison and just walk the perimeter. I tell you something, Tony Evers would see that sight, and he would declare a state of emergency so fast.”

Returning to this idea throughout the broadcast, McKenna was always careful to present the aim of that deployment as not vigilante action but rather forcing Evers’s hand: If the Black Lives Matter activists could get what they wanted by flooding the streets, why couldn’t conservatives?

City appeals to Trump for aid

[Tony] Evers, the governor, issued a statement that made no mention of the destruction, addressing only Blake’s shooting and expressing solidarity with his family, friends and neighbors.

[The morning of August 25, Kenosha Mayor John] Antaramian, along with … Daniel Miskinis, the Kenosha police chief at the time, had already called Bryan Steil, the Republican congressman whose district includes Kenosha, to request more federal assistance. When Steil called the White House switchboard, he soon found himself unexpectedly on the line with Trump himself, urging the president to send U.S. Marshals, A.T.F. agents — whatever reinforcements were available.

You want me to call your governor, even though your governor hasn’t called me?” Trump asked, according to Steil. Steil said he did. “Talk to Mark,” Trump said.

Steil explained the situation once again to Mark Meadows, Trump’s chief of staff. That evening, Meadows appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” He told Carlson that he spoke with Evers earlier that day, offering more National Guard troops, and Evers had declined the assistance.

Britt Cudaback, a spokeswoman for Evers, disputed Meadows’s account … She said that the chief of staff had in fact offered not the National Guard but personnel from the Department of Homeland Security.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: If Kyle Rittenhouse is convicted, Democrats like Tony Evers, Mayor Satya, and Kenosha’s mayor should be tried as accessories.

What will be the verdict on Kyle Rittenhouse?

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17 Responses to Democrats’ war on police allowed BLM riots

  1. westsidesue says:

    I am so happy that you have documented this with reactions and causes. I can’t judge from here, but I know any one of us could be Kyle Rittenhouse if his premise for being in Kenosha that night is true. This column should be read by everyone everywhere, because I have so many friends who indicate that they have never even heard of this happening! I can only share this on FB, where I am pretty sure many of my posts are shadow banned, but once in a while they get through. Thank you!

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  2. AdamC says:

    The Mayor of this city encourages, enabled, and excused domestic insurrection that went on all spring and summer of 2020 and included criminal arson, property destruction, physical assaults on bystanders (including a gay liberal state Senator who testified he thought he was glynn to be killed when he was attacked by a mob and knocked unconscious).

    It also included thy firebombing of the city-county building endangering the lives of 911 center staff and residents and staff of the juvenile jail.

    We who are law abiding property tax payers paid through the nose for all this destruction, police and fire overtime, higher prices, and significant costs to the legal system. (And NO, insurance does not automatically pay to fully cover destroyed businesses and buildings).

    All of this criminality and actual domestic insurrection was egged on by liberal elected officials who are responsible for maintaining public peace and order.

    SHAME on them and their sycophants for egging on and excusing violence, division, and destruction!!! Inexcusable!

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    • Batman says:

      Adam, you will be even more incensed when all the sanctimonious, elitist, dumbass demonrats, are easily reelected. Madisonians thrive on offloading their white guilt any way possible. No sacrifice is too great.

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      • Liberty says:

        Why is it that leftists feel white guilt?

        Sure, it could be a result of the Marxist indoctrination they receive in college, but maybe it’s also because they actually have something to feel sorry about. Maybe they’re just projecting their own racist feelings onto the rest of us. Just a thought.

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    • georgessson says:

      “The Mayor of this city encourages, enabled, and excused domestic insurrection…” VID here needs to be updated w/ August 2020 tremors. But, Yeah, Oh Hey -The Mayor and the Council are enablers fer sure. Absolutely no regard for the future of State Street after the initial chaos, either. Hard-to-believe the net results of the Carpenter assault this month, and the ongoing support the violent miscreants received in the aftermath.

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      • Liberty says:

        Leftists were more outraged that someone criticized their graffiti (isn’t that a crime?) than by the rampant chaos and destruction perpetrated by anarchists.

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    • Liberty says:

      I share your anger, Adam. And I will never forget last summer.

      Having police stand down then seeing them kneel at the altar of wokeness felt like a huge betrayal. Don’t care if the mayor ordered them to stand down. Vic Wahl and his other chiefs should have stood tall and pushed back instead of submitting to leftist insanity. The police take an oath to protect and serve and they let we the people down.

      Your point about paying through the nose is spot on. WTH are we paying for if we can’t feel and be safe in our own city? I really don’t feel safe here anymore. I don’t feel like I can count on there being adequate police presence if I ever need them. And if we were to have a repeat of last year’s riots, I’m confident that the police would again probably stand down.

      I also don’t have confidence in Chief Barnes. I think he’s more of a politician than real police. One example: Going on the news with Michael Johnson to “celebrate” the Derek Chauvin case. Regardless of how he felt about the case personally, as chief of police, going public like that was inappropriate.

      Let’s see him and other woke cops and politicians kneel for the innocent victims of assaults, rapes, and murders, and celebrate publicly when perpetrators of violent crimes are actually held accountable.

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      • Batman says:

        Surprised more coppers didn’t quit after Satya/Wahl ordered them to passively observe the burning, looting, and murdering. Why pay union dues?

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  3. georgessson says:

    This gives us hope:

    Kyle Rittenhouse case:

    Prosecutors can’t call wounded men ‘victims’ during upcoming trial, judge rules.

    Rittenhouse’s defense team can describe 3 wounded men as ‘rioters,’ ‘looters’ or ‘arsonists,’ with exceptions.

    “What more could be fairer” -Roundy Coughlin, Madison pundit years, years ago.

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    • Liberty says:

      I saw that earlier today. Good, indeed. Victims, yeah right.


      • richard lesiak says:

        Why they were just tourists there to see the sights while hugging the cops. Oh wait; that was those other guys.


    • Good Dog, Happy Man says:

      The trial is coming up and Lefties are collectively freaking out.

      Lemming-like Luddittes living inside their lockstep Leftist corporate media echo chamber have never been told that the Antifa/BLM rioters were chasing Rittenhouse with guns.
      In fact, a gun was pointed at Kyle when he fired a lethal shot in inarguable self-defense.

      When Lefties learn this little lesson, it won’t change anything. They’ll employ proglobotic pretzel logic and pressitude propaganda to push the narrative They will not only attempt to explain why Leftist paramilitary terrorists are allowed to chase down a man in a street, firing a gun at him, but why that man is not allowed to return fire to defend himself, as well.

      Should be a hoot.
      Stay tuned.
      Film at 11.

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      • Liberty says:

        Of course it won’t. Zealots don’t care about the truth.

        “When Lefties learn this little lesson, it won’t change anything.”


  4. Mordecai The Red says:

    If the jury in the Rittenhouse trial is allowed to watch the same uncensored, unadulterated videos of the incident (and events beforehand) that I watched before they were scrubbed off the internet, I don’t see how he gets a murder conviction. Every action of his in those videos show that he acted in self defense, and with remarkable restraint in a chaotic situation. If he walks, expect the wokesters to denounce it as white male privilege while ignoring the fact that all three people who got shot were white males.

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  5. Liberty says:

    Can you imagine being so political and petty that you’ll refuse help and instead let your own people be subjected to anarchists?

    Can you also imagine hating someone so deeply (Trump) that you’ll defend a governor that let his people flounder?

    “Steil explained the situation once again to Mark Meadows, Trump’s chief of staff. That evening, Meadows appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” He told Carlson that he spoke with Evers earlier that day, offering more National Guard troops, and Evers had declined the assistance. …”


  6. Balboa says:

    Water Cannons, Tear Gas and Billy Clubs would have solved the problem really quickly and efficiently.


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