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Teachers were respected before CRT

Thanks for the reminder, Dave Zweifel! Awoke this beautiful Sunday morning in late February wondering what precious pearls the Head Groundskeeper of the Werkes would share with his panting public. He began the day with a stout cuppa joe and … Continue reading

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Is Tony Evers next?

At least the socialists support him! Maybe Pavlov can explain it. John Nichols writes and Blaska rushes to his computer, tapping the keyboard with the involuntary jerking of dead frog legs. But Comrade Nichols is a reliable guide to where … Continue reading

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The woke got their wake-up call

The alarm bell tolls for thee!  The Great Awakening of America in the 1830s was a moral crusade that led to the Emancipation Proclamation. It was “inspired … by concepts of human betterment under God’s grace and His gift of free … Continue reading

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Democrats’ race card is revoked

Oorah! to Winsome! Tuesday’s elections are the rising tide that will lift all Republican boats throughout the nation, including Wisconsin’s state and congressional elections next year. Becky Kleefisch is looking cuter all the time compared with an incumbent governor who … Continue reading

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Progressives: ‘Where’s the Tylenol?’

Voters on Tuesday repudiated the Bernie/AOC/Pocan left A “bloodbath,” University of Virginia election analyst Larry Sabato told Rachel Maddow last night (2 November 21).  “A five-alarm fire.” — Van Jones on CNN. “Whatever we’re doing, it’s not working.” — Joan Walsh in The … Continue reading

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Virginia just schooled Democrats

and maybe a few purge-happy Republicans!  Republicans have a secret weapon. It’s MSNBC and the Woke Progressive movement. Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, and Nicolle Wallace were getting it wrong Tuesday night as they condemned the voters for electing Glenn Youngkin, the … Continue reading

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