Jacob Blake is not a hero

WARNING: This blogge has a hair trigger!

Count on CNN to turn low-lifes into civil rights heroes, especially if they have been shot by police who are defending the community. Actual headline:

Exclusive: Jacob Blake speaks out a year later.
‘I have not survived until something has changed’

It’s an exclusive! Something must change so that Jacob Blake can survive! CNN transcribes the thoughts of this conscience of a nation:

Blake is cynical about the progress made in policing, community, and the general hatred over the past year in the aftermath of Breonna Taylor and Floyd killings along with his own shooting.

This piece of progressive propaganda even name checks Derrick Chauvin! Never mind that the Kenosha officer who shot Blake was exonerated.

Icon of a Saint Philocalia of Origen.

St. Jacob of Kenosha

“But he’s not without hope,” CNN chirps of the martyred Blake. Only deep into the lengthy piece does CNN relate that Blake was going for his knife. Even later does it reveal that Blake had been charged with domestic violence and sexual assault. It does not disclose against whom but public records tell us it was the very mother who called police about the car Blake was stealing. With their children in it! According to the Kenosha County District Attorney’s report, she feared Blake “was going to take her vehicle and crash it.”

→ Charges pending against Jacob Blake at time of his shooting, including sexual assault.

Tony Evers still badmouths police one year after Jacob Blake riots.

How progressives derail public safety

A snippet from the NextDoor social media site until the progressives ban me once again:

Bonnie (2 days ago): They thought they were dropping their daughters off at a safe place (safer than where the live, in the heart of Chicago), and then on day 2 their daughter witnesses someone get shot from the window of her apartment.

Peter L-W (2 days ago): importing problems from “Chicago” is often a by-word used by white people for more black folks coming to Madison.

See how poor Madison progressive Peter L-W was triggered! A neighborhood discussion of public safety (at Elver Park earlier this August 2021 with Police Chief Shon Barnes and a rep from the mayor’s office) will do that to our snowflake acquaintances. Another neighbor noted on NextDoor a similar mass meeting several years ago at a west side church when Soglin was mayor. That meeting followed yet another held at Maria Goretti Church when Dave Cieslewicz was mayor.

We’re now on our third mayor and our third police chief and black kids are being gunned down by drive-by shooters.

The Dane County Board has another conservative!

Among its 37 members! As such can keep Dave Ripp company. WKOW TV-27 reports that Supv. Jeff Weigand proposes to stop the county’s indoor mask mandate until elected officials, like the county board, can weigh in, rather than cede authority to unelected bureaucrats.

Weigand was elected as a write-in on August 10 to fill a vacancy in district just east of Sun Prairie. He is a former wing commander for the 115th Fighter Wing. He campaigned on supporting law enforcement! He also wants to keep schools open for in-person instruction.Pulling the trigger

Legal brain Jonathan Turley says Brandeis University won’t post the usual list of verboten words because “trigger warning” is, itself, triggering!

In addition to “trigger warning,” other violent terminology is listed, including “killing it,” “whipped into shape,” and “take a shot at it.” Rather than use expressions like “killing two birds with one stone,” the school’s Prevention, Advocacy and Resource Center (PARC) suggests “feeding two birds with one seed.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineIn Madison WI, jail inmates are “residents.” It’s the rest of us who are inmates. Jacob Blake would be surviving better if he obeyed the law. Time to ask the Peters and Karens of Madison what they’re doing to stop the drive-by shootings and home invasions. 

Are you willing to take a shot at it?

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10 Responses to Jacob Blake is not a hero

  1. One eye says:

    In a just world, Jacob Blake would move to Madison to “pursue a better life” and the community would gift him a house…right next to Peter L-W.


  2. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Jacob Blake is not Man of the Year for 2020, nor any other year. I had read that Mr. Blake had been invited to the White House for further progressive blessings, but even the Biden White House likely realized how stupid that would be.


  3. Mordecai The Red says:

    Here’s a question that I haven’t heard CNN or any other left-wing media outlet pose:

    How many of these riot-sparking incidents would have occurred if the perp had not resisted arrest?

    Given his violent interaction with Kenosha police that day, Jacob Blake is lucky to be alive at all.


  4. georgessson says:

    Dylan Brogan recently posted this l-o-n-g Isthmus homage concerning miscreant Devonerre Johnson’s “multi-tasking” abilities to play chess on the Square, whilst his main lass works and provides shelter and food for their family. Devonere (AKA, Yeshua Musa) is the exploitative leader of BLM in MadTown last summer….

    Thus, Mr. Brogan, I hafta make the comment: “You are crazy”. 19 arrests, 25 charges, and some Federal extortion charges as well.


    Megaphone? Check. Ball Bat? Check.

    We had high hopes for Dylan, but….

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    • Liberty says:

      Dylan certainly has the potential, more so than others. He’s still young and it could be that he’s simply a product of a liberal education.

      Maybe he can still grow as a journalist, but right now his anti-cop bias (at least that’s how I perceive it) is obstructing his view so that he’s just like all the rest.


    • One eye says:

      Dylan is no dummy. He knows if you want to succeed in Madison you don’t tell the truth, you tell the lefties what they want to hear.

      BTW in the whole Yeshua saga the pathetic arrest is what I’d like to see addressed. I think most cops don’t have the proper skills or ability to subdue subjects like him.

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      • georgessson says:

        1-Eye… Agree totally. I watched this (below) immediately after “Coopers Inside”. 1st off, couldn’t help but notice the large-arsed men & women LEOs who don’t even know how to use their weight to an advantage. Secondly, for having so much personnel, yer right, they mostly parodied the “Keystone Kops”: no coordination or plan. While Yes, this kid is strong and young, he’s a lightweight w/ skinny arms and legs. Further, with all the personnel havng arrived, the area should have been better cleared of 1st Amendment Auditors who only served to manifest more chaos. Finally, the SECOND struggle after he simply exits the OTHER side of the Police SUV, is sadly downright comical.

        Defunding the police is a mistake, but so is NOT insisting on better training and reasonable physical requirements. Satya sends a bad message to all city employees when she displays the ravages of “piggin’ out”…


  5. No Body says:

    Golly, if only there was some way for Mr. Blake to avoid being shot by the police in the future. But no one can fathom what that “some way” might be. Even the Magic 8 ball isn’t sure.

    I guess it will just be a mystery forever. I mean, it’s not like there are any vids on YouTube about it.



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