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Mandela Barnes pays $90,000 to Russian collusion hoaxer

That headline would be just as correct but more fair! Instead, the headline in our favorite Madison morning daily newspaper reads: ‘Ron Johnson campaign paid $20,000 to law firm of attorney tied to Donald Trump’s effort to overturn 2020 election’ … Continue reading

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The 2nd Amendment protects the First

Just ask the heroes of Ukraine! At a gathering of well aged Democrats, the Head Groundskeeper ventured that if Ukrainians had enjoyed Americans’ Second Amendment rights for more than a few days before the Russkies invaded, they might be marginally … Continue reading

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One more time, then we’ll move on

If #45 agrees to do the same. If you need targets, you could do worse than pick Kamala Harris. On the anniversary of that thing some people did, Laughing Girl compared January 6 to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. MAGA hats … Continue reading

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MSNBC banned from Rittenhouse trial

Jury tampering! Judge Bruce Schroeder has banned MSNBC from the Kenosha County Courthouse following an incident where an employee allegedly followed the bus with the jurors. Law professor Jonathan Turley comments, “It is difficult to express how moronic such a … Continue reading

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Democrats circling the wagons on Hillary’s insurrection

Remember impeachment witness Fiona Hill? She was in on it! Hillary Clinton and the Democrat(ic) party weaponized the Federal Bureau of Investigation to overthrow a democratically elected President. With the connivance of a corrupt news media and party operatives like … Continue reading

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Jacob Blake is not a hero

WARNING: This blogge has a hair trigger! Count on CNN to turn low-lifes into civil rights heroes, especially if they have been shot by police who are defending the community. Actual headline: Exclusive: Jacob Blake speaks out a year later.‘I … Continue reading

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