Defeating and defunding progressive cop-haters

NYC turns its back on progressives

If the Werkes has its way, the word “progressive” will become as pejorative as “liberal,” or (let’s go for it!) “thug.” Because progressivism is a leading cause of death — especially fatal to minorities. 

New York City is turning its back on the progressivism of its deeply unpopular mayor, Bill de Blasio — just as the city’s police actually, physically, turned their back on the disastrous Prog.

The city’s partisan primary concluded there on Tuesday 06-22-21 under the novel ranked-choice method. Because of no-excuse mail-in voting (more progressivism), results won’t be known for a week.

But first-choice results of in-person voting show former police captain Eric Adams leading with 31.7% of the vote in the Democrat(ic) party’s primary. How moderate is Adams? He registered as a Republican until 2002. Adams is well ahead of the progressive Maya Wiley at 22.3%. How progressive? Endorsed by A.O.C. progressive.

Add the other two most progressive candidates — Scott Stringer at 5.0% and Diane Morales at 2.8% — and you get only 26.1% of the vote. Running third is moderate Kathryn Garcia at 19.5%. Three of the top four vote winners ran against crime as their big issue. (Andrew Yang got 11.7%.)

Crime scene

Progs are killing black people

You know it’s over for progressives when even Thomas Friedman of the New York Times gets it! He writes today, “homicide rates in large cities — many of them run by Democrats — were up more than 30% on average last year, and up another 24% for the beginning of this year.” In New York itself,  homicides up 53% over the last two years and shootings more than doubling. Friedman:

Big swaths of my old hometown, Minneapolis, have been turned into a dangerous and dystopian ghost city, wracked by gun violence, since the police murder of George Floyd. … The defund battle cry initially guided the super-progressive Minneapolis City Council, and it has diminished and demoralized the police force, leaving behind a department that is often either unable or unwilling to risk getting embroiled in any kind of confrontation.

As The Star Tribune of Minnesota reported last week, “the number of people shot citywide went up nearly 90% compared with the first half of last year. … Department officials say it is no coincidence that the rise in crime comes after the departure of at least 200 members of the city’s police force … Only 19 people were in a new class of cadets that just hit the streets.”

Black residents make up about 20% of Minneapolis but well over 60% of the shooting victims. Alas, you’d never know that from the public discussion … because these shootings mostly don’t involve white cops.

Pig Cop

Madison WI taxpayer-financed progressive “art”

WI Democrats support police defunding

When Dane County Democrats (and The Capital Times) endorse for Madison alder a white, Marxist cop-hater like Rebecca Kemble over a blue-collar dad like Charles Myadze, a black man, you know the party has gone hard-left progressive. Madison progressives — with the enthusiastic backing of John Nichols’ Capital Times — cut the police force by four officers and turned down a federal grant that would have funded another ten officers. Murderous Milwaukee cut 120 cops! (See its crime ranking in sidebar.)

Wisconsin Republicans would reduce state shared revenue to cities that short-change law enforcement.

“Madison is seeing a pretty major crime wave that is not being addressed in any way that’s meaningful,” Speaker Robin Vos observed.

The Assembly Tuesday passed the bill 61-37. (More here.) The only Democrat voting in favor was Nick Milroy from rural Superior. (Wisconsin’s Joe Manchin?) Our one-term Democrat(ic) governor is expected to veto.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Which may explain why Joe Biden is trying to get out in front of the crime issue with a Big Plan today. Expect progressives to throw a hissy fit if it has any teeth. A big if.

Will Madison be the last place that ‘gets it’?

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8 Responses to Defeating and defunding progressive cop-haters

  1. One eye says:

    Progs are only killing black people because they continue to vote for them.

    At what point do they wake up and vote for their own LONG TERM self interests?


  2. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    Under the current leadership, our glorious People’s Republik of Makistan, (aka: Moscow on Mendota), is well on it’s way to becoming a third-world, sanctuary chithole city occupied by Lefty loons, proglobotic secular-progressives, reality-impaired reactionaries, socialist sycophants, Marxist morons and D卐M☭CRAT dystopians.

    During my vagrant yoot™, I remember Makistan being a fun place. There were characters like the Truly Amazing Loon, Ben Masel, Leon Varjian, Eddie Ben Elson, hizzonerdaoldredmare Paulie “Grumpypants” Sogalino, Snowball, George Dreckman, the Madison Muskies, much culture, many free art and music events, free concerts on the Terrace, James Earl “Catfish” Stevenson, (RIP), Vito and the Torpedoes, Ben Sidran, Clyde Stubblefield and Stevie Miller.

    There were two daily newspapers downtown on Carrol St.: Das Kapital Times and Wisconsin’s own paper of record, … the WSJ, that had different editorial content; The Isthmus, and you could pick up the MNI strike paper, The Press Connection, if you wanted the plans to build a nuclear bomb.

    Today Makistan is much poorer with mostly small-minded municipal tyrants occupying the CCB.
    You won’t get offered a ride on the comet Kohoutek anymore, but you will be offered a chance to obey the new Leftist orthodoxy to rewrite, revise, re-imagine and destroy all of Madison’s history.

    “Black people who were never slaves are fighting white people who were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by Democrats because Democrats can’t stand their own history anymore … yet somehow it’s Trump’s fault.” — Jeff Laffite Jones

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    • Bob Dane says:

      Gotta add Honey Lewis to your list of characters from the fun times.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      I too remember the eccentric loonies who made Madison a “fun place” decades ago. Then they were relegated to the fringes where they did no harm–were in fact entertaining. Now their descendants run the place.


    • AdamC says:

      GRRRRRREAT summary of the once great Madistan. So sad to see it slipping into the slimehole.

      To your nostalgic narrative I’d add Agatha Pilgrim, she of the layered petticoats allegedly stuffed with cash. And Angel the elderly walking lady! Roger the independent bus-rider. Moose the wild bus driver. And the State Capitol play-by-plau caller/ pitcher winding up and hurling curveballs at the side of the Capitol building…. an insurrectionist no doubt.


  3. Paula F says:

    Eric Adams is indeed preferable to De Blasio, but I’m not sure he’s the panacea people think he is.

    The ONLY candidate NYC PBA (NYPD ‘s union) endorsed is Joann Ariola, NOT Adams.


    “If Eric Adams wins New York’s June 22 Democratic mayoral primary, all but guaranteeing a win in November’s general election, he would be only the second former police officer to preside over city hall. . . .

    “NYPD cops and commanders, however, are decidedly unenthusiastic. A newly retired captain with 26 years on the job characterizes the choice of Adams versus the other candidates as: “Do you want to break your right leg or your left leg?” A lieutenant observes that Adams will “say and take any position that will help him”—what he actually believes is impossible to know. A retired sergeant from the detective bureau reports: “Many cops thought he was an out-and-out racist and two-faced phony.”

    From Heather MacDonald

    We’re not out of the woods yet.


  4. Bill says:

    I wonder how long it will take for the latest crop of people who overpaid for their houses here in Madison to realize that the house they bought is in a community that does not care about their safety.

    From one of my favorite songs, Simon and Garfunkel’s song “The Boxer”
    “All lies and jest
    Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
    And disregards the rest”

    How long will the people ignore the rather obvious reality that surrounds them and put up with the crime and the destruction of a once jewel of a city, Madison Wisconsin.

    That is the question. The answer may be that the people will disregard the crime that is all around them until it is too late. Too late to do anything about it.

    Still, our fearless leaders in city hall will continue to make policing this city as hard as possible. We are loosing officers at an unprecedented level. That, and budget cuts to our police department are leaving us, the citizens of Madison in a place where we are more exposed to violent crime.

    But to those of you who might want to break into my home and hurt my family, to you I say this:

    My 12 gauge beats your 9 mm any day of the week. All I gotta do is point and aim in the general direction and your still dead. I’ll leave the pistol or rifle shots to my wife who is a much better shot than I am.

    The dogs will also have fun once the body or bodies are ready to chew on.



    A. F. Branco or is the best.


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