Madison schools are training race hustlers

Who ya gonna call? Social justice warrior or a plumber?

Who is doing more to help young Marquon achieve the American dream of two cars in the garage (his own cars in his own garage, that is) and keep his jive ass out my garage?

    1. Madison public schools
    2. Millionaire philanthropist Pleasant Rowland?

Madison public schools are teaching apartheid, plain and simple. It’s called Critical Race Theory — the marxist dogma that police are slave catchers, the American Revolution was fought to preserve the slave trade, that people with white skin are inherently racist and thus evil. Bad enough, but worse is the over-arching lesson that people with darker skin cannot succeed without the tender ministrations of Big Gummint. That they require the intervention of Woken white people. CRT teaches guilt, not opportunity; dependence, not independence. 

Discover, Disrupt, Dismantle

Madison school district welcomes YOU to the movement to ‘Discover, Disrupt, and Dismantle.’

‘Discover, Disrupt, Dismantle’

No wonder this city’s educrats are shrieking at Republican efforts to ban CRT — “this idea of race underlying every aspect of our lives,” as Republican state Sen. Andre Jacque is quoted here.

Madison schools “are working to make students of color feel more welcome through culturally responsive practices, including revamping much of the district’s curriculum and teacher training.” So says school board president Ali Muldrow.

Deplorably, Blaska would ask his old adversary what, exactly, that revamping looks like? What is culturally responsive about mathematics (for one instance) — the universal language?

⇒ Fighting Critical Race Theory toolkit for parents

→ “Some may claim that imposing racial distinctions, like affinity groups, is somehow necessary to address ‘systemic racism.’ Discrimination to cure discrimination is antithetical to the principle of equality under the law.” — WI Institute of Law & Liberty.

Ali Muldrow

Ali Muldrow

The WI State Journal reports that Muldrow worries “the [Republican] bills could open a floodgate of scrutiny around conversations about race and U.S. history.” Yes, scrutiny is the last thing they want. Progressives rule by expert and that ain’t us, fellow taxpayers. MMSD has already dumbed down honors classes, abolished the failing grade, and is paying social justice warriors to set up black-only student clubs.

Our schools of education, from Madison to Superior, are hornet nests of Woke progressivism. The WI State Journal quotes Ed prof Gloria Ladson-Billings arguing that CRT does not teach one race is superior to another but that white privilege perpetuates inequities.

Huh? That is a distinction without a difference. You did your homework, delayed baby-making until you had a steady income, obeyed the law, showed up at work sober and on time because … you are privileged? What a destructive message! What a crock of … CRT!

Learn a trade not a tirade

→ Wages for U.S. construction workers now outpace the private sector average. (Source here.)

Pleasant Rowland donated $5 million to the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County to create a training center for electricians, carpenters, plumbers, HVAC and other skilled trade workers! (Hooray for the accumulation of vast wealth! Down with state socialism!) (More here.)

Blaska’s Bottom LineNary a single buzz word about culturally relevant circuit breakers, load-bearing wall equity, or PVC pipe privilege! Yahoo!

How many more years
do YOU give the Madison school district?

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18 Responses to Madison schools are training race hustlers

  1. Steve says:

    “Nary a single buzz word about culturally relevant circuit breakers,” Exactly! I am a retired medical school prof and last year I saw an advertisement by MATC looking for part time instructors to teach intro microbiology. I thought why not? Filling out the application I came to a series of questions about how I would make my class more inclusive, equitable, etc. Inclusive microbiology?? I responded that I would teach equally about black fungi, red bacteria and blue-green algae. I never heard back…..

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    • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

      MATC should not throw away competent teachers. They may be scarce in future.

      Speaking of microbiology, I’m wondering if a brain-eating amoeba is at the root cause of CRT.


  2. President Trump has a 6 point plan to stop the spread of this “crock o’ CRT”. Thanks.
    Well worth the read, even for end-stage TDSers, mushy moderates and weak-teat RINOs.

    It’s typical Trumpian fashion this bumptious, blue-collar, boisterous, billionaire businessman sounds the alarm, “Make no mistake: The motive behind all of this left-wing lunacy is to discredit and eliminate the greatest obstacles to the fundamental transformation of America. To succeed with their extreme agenda, radicals know they must abolish our attachment to the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and most of all, Americans’ very identity as a free, proud, and self-governing people. The Left knows that if they can dissolve our national memory and identity, they can gain the total political control they crave.

    A nation is only as strong as its spirit. For our children, we must act before it is too late.”

    No kidding.

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  3. One eye says:

    Jack Daniels at MATC is a race grifter, full stop.

    Meanwhile Kaleem Caire is quietly making a real difference.

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  4. sentient7 says:

    Dave, as a public service…post the salient points (and quotes) of the MMSD’s anti-racism plan. It is not available to me since I refuse to use Google (it steals/copies everything one does/says).


  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    CRT is just one aspect of the toxic sludge of identity politics that has seeped into every corner and crevice of American society. Every racial/ethnic/gender minority in America now demands (and thanks to Democrats, gets) its own flag, holiday, endless ass-kissing by politicians from the president on down, and now thanks to CRT, its own tailor-made history in which heroic victims of racism battle against the brutal forces of white supremacy/privilege/patriarchy. Lincoln succinctly diagnosed this problem as the US headed inexorably toward Civil War: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” We’re again headed in the same direction and I predict with even bloodier results.

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  6. georgessson says:

    Apropos: A 15 year old students’ emphatic and cogent refutation of CRT. A short yet poignant VID here, that points out the absolute uselessness and DANGER of CRT to every juvenile in the US of A….

    ‘Leftish Agenda In Class’: 15-Year-Old High School Student Exposes Critical Race Theory In Speech

    Percy Brown Jr.: “We will need young folks to start learning about these things now so that as you start entering the workforce or enter your adult lives you’ll be informed and educated and ready to take on these fights,” he said. Key word: “Fights”. Why always a “fight”? Further, I ask: Fight for financial independence or fight for more “gimmes’….

    Hopefully, Young Folks will realize all the opportunities presented to them, regardless of race. More importantly, they’ll ignore the obvious and non-productive attitudes assigned to them by the “Woke”. W-a-a-y more positives for success are available/created each and every day.

    Thank the Lord for Pleasant Frautschi and her emphasis on the need for useful education in the trades. Lotsa dough for trades, always has been vs. obscure ephemeral degrees in (you supply the name here)….

    On a final note. Of course Ali Muldrow worries that “the [Republican] bills could open a floodgate of SCRUTINY around conversations about race and U.S. history.”


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  7. Chuck Johnson says:

    I applaud what Pleasant is doing, but does not MATC teach all of those trades? I took a welding class at MATC in Jan 2020, in the before times. It was well taught and I learned to be an OK welder for a reasonable cost. Why not leverage what we are already paying for rather than creating a new center out of whole cloth?


  8. Bill says:

    Thank you for the excellent information on CRT. Of course, it goes without saying that if only 9-10% of students of color here in Madison are proficient in math, reading and writing skills then they will always be at a disadvantage to their white counterparts.

    With that, these questions come to mind; why are so many students of color failing so badly in the Madison Metropolitan School District?

    Who is responsible for this miserable failure to educate these students so they are proficient at their math, reading and writing skills?

    How much more time will be spent teaching these students of color and for that matter all the students in the MMSD, critical race theory and what time will be taken away from teaching them math, reading and writing?

    Should we educate our students that the only way to get ahead in life is to compete in the oppression olympics or do we teach them to strive to always do their best?

    I think it is long past the time that we the taxpayers go to the school board meetings and make our voices heard.

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  9. Bill says:

    One more thought on this topic.

    I volunteer to a local branch of a national charity that builds houses for people. When I am working on a house; I am working with the people who are from all over the world who will come to own the house we are working on, (as part of the deal, they have to put in sweat equity hours), I always ask them; why did you come to America?

    The inevitable answer is that there was so much corruption and no opportunities in the countries that they came from and that they saw the only way out of the poverty they were living in was to come to the United States.

    My question to those who want critical race theory to be taught in our schools would be: If America is such a shit hole and anyone who is not white is oppressed, then why do so many people of all colors, races, religions, and ethnicities come to America?


  10. Bill says:

    Thanks Good Dog, Happy Man; I was able to come across the work of A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect and thought it was funny.

    One thing I did find out today when I was watching the PBS show, Finding Your Roots with Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. BTW- Henry Louis Gates Jr. is a black man who is a professor who serves as the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and Director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University. This is one smart dude. Way smarter than I will ever be. He stated that there were a number of freed black people who were formerly slaves who then turned around and owned slaves themselves.

    Never in all of my 63 years have I heard that one.

    So I did a quick search, and low and behold it is true.

    Here is an article from 1997 by Robert M. Grooms called DIXIE’S CENSORED SUBJECT

    And this one:

    As it turns out, even black slave owners owned white people as servants. Are they were really servants and not slaves. Read this: “Johnson was freed and given a 250-acre plantation where he was master over both black and white servants.”

    Or this from the THE ABBEVILLE BLOG.
    This paragraph in particular: “Yet at one time or another, free black slaveowners resided in every Southern state which countenanced slavery and even in Northern states. In Louisiana, Maryland, South Carolina, and Virginia, free blacks owned more than 10,000 slaves, according to the federal census of 1830.”

    Yup, black people in this country owned other black people and perhaps even white people as their slaves!

    So, who owes reparations? Do I, because I am white, owe reparations, even though my Irish Ancestors were serfs in Ireland and came to America long after slavery had ended. Should I as a white guy, have to pay reparations to those who are descendants of black people who owned slaves? Or are we to make the descendants of black people who owned slaves pay reparations?

    Or let me ask this question: Should I who have very little, have to pay reparations to the likes of Kolbe Bryant, Micheal Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Kamala Harris, Barak Obama, Rosalind Brewer who is the CEO of Walgreens and many other black people who are way smarter and richer than I will ever be just because they are black?


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