Crime is killing Democrats and they know it

Who ya’ gonna believe:
James Carville or your lyin’ eyes?

It’s variously been attributed to Lenin, Goebbels, and Saul Alinsky. Maybe they all said it:

‘Accuse the other side of that for which you are guilty.’

Add Clinton-whisperer James Carville to that list of bunko artists. Mind-blowing in its audacity, the Rajin’ Cajun declares thatDemocrats are the anti-crime party.” Even more preposterously: “Donald “Trump presided over the greatest crime rise in modern American history.”

Kid you not! That’s the free advice (and worth every penny) that Carville is giving to Democrats reeling from the unmistakable breakdown in public safety in Democrat-run cities in blue states across the country — shooting galleries  like Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York; Milwaukee, Kenosha, and Madison WI.

As if Trump didn’t try to send federal troops to protect federal courthouses under fire in Portland and suffer the blowback from Democrats nationwide. As if Minneapolis didn’t vote to defund police. As if Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Dane County WI didn’t elect Democrats who practice critical race theory instead of protecting the citizenry.

⇒ Blame Trump? May as well blame Pope Frankie One!

Carville knows that police bashing, critical race theory, and cancel culture are killing Democrats. So blame the other side of that for which you are guilty.

Defund police paintd

June 2010

The shoe is pinching

“Wokeness is kryptonite for the Democrats,” says a prof at New York University as quoted by Thomas B. Edsall.

“Most people hate it, other than the progressive activists. When people are faced with a party that seems to want to defund the police and rename schools, rather than open them, all while crime is rising and kids’ welfare is falling, the left flank of the party is just so easy for Republicans to run against.”

  • A USA Today/Ipsos poll in March found that voters were opposed to defunding the police 58-18%.
  • Harvard/Harris in February asked, “Do you think there is a growing cancel culture that is a threat to our freedom or not?” By 64-36%, a majority of voters said they thought there was.
  • Gallup last summer: 81% of black Americans and 83% of Hispanic Americans want cops to spend the same amount of time or more in their communities.

Short memories wanted

Jonath Goldberg reminds that “just four days after the founding of the Capitol Hill Autonomus Zone in Seattle, the New York Times ran a piece by Mariame Kaba, described as “an organizer against criminalization,” titled “Yes, we mean literally abolish the police.” Goldberg continues:

The headline was telling, because some liberals in the media had started to realize that they were hurting Democrats by giving this inane idea so much oxygen. …

The roll call of Democrat cities

“Many U.S. cities are led by Democrats who supported protesters’ calls to defund the police …  In the last three months of 2020, homicides rose 32% in large cities.”

Minneapolis  cut $8 million, Los Angeles $150 million, Baltimore $22 million, Oakland $14 million (by mid-April 41 homicides, up from 13 same period…) New York City cut $400 million (January 1 through May 23 saw 531 shootings, up from 295).  (Source: Wall Street Journal) For further study:

⇒ ‘Democrats ignore crime spike at their peril.’

⇒ ‘Team Biden wants white teachers to undergo anti-racist therapy

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Which is why James Carville has to harken back to Bill Clinton’s anti-crime bill — enacted 26 years ago! What Carville doesn’t mention is that Joe Biden (remember him?) apologized for it during last year’s campaign: “Biden says crime bill was a mistake during ABC town hall.” (Source here.)

Will Democrats get away with their Big Lie?

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18 Responses to Crime is killing Democrats and they know it

  1. AdamC says:

    CHAZ in Seattle was going to be an endless progressive utopia…. that is, until they wore out their welcome by turning that neighborhood into a hellhole and — get this — their progressive security forces shooting and killing 2 Black teenagers to death!

    Of course at that point Seattle’s version of Mayor Satyaphatassdown realized the City had to immediately step in and forcefully shut that nonsense down.

    Progressives always seem to end up making life Hell for the “marginalized populations” they try to help. Scratch a progressive and uncover a secret racist, some say.

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  2. Batman says:

    “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.”

    While reading about and witnessing the insanity and violence of the radical Left, always bear this in mind to help provide a better understanding of the Left’s tactics, strategy, and end game, or just become well acquainted with *Rules for Radicals* by Saul Alinsky.


  3. Robski says:

    Hard to say, I think in some more moderate areas the left has the potential to lose badly. But moderates might just not vote or vote 3rd party. I’d forget about the GOP making in roads in places like Madison, CHAZ and other Uber leftist areas. In addition, I don’t necessarily believe that rising crime is going to push sane, moderate/centrist democrats into the awaiting arms of the GOP. The GOP has an image problem of being old and staid. They need to get younger and hipper and they are going to have to adopt (gulp) some liberal platforms to appeal to mods. You can’t just run on law and order without doing something bold like say, legalizing pot! I compare the GOP to going shoe shopping with your grandparents. “No I don’t want those old looking Converse, I want the Nike Airs with the Velcro strap!” There is a lot of satire intended in this post, but seriously the GOP needs to do a better job of bringing mods into the fold. I say give the people what they want.


    • Good Dog, Happy Man says:

      ” I don’t necessarily believe that rising crime is going to push sane, moderate/centrist democrats into the awaiting arms of the GOP.” Sorry, Dood, I don’t want to harsh your mellow, but “a sane, moderate/centrist democrat” is a non sequitur. It’s like talking about a unicorn, Bigfoot or an alien, … everyone is always talking about them, … but no one’s ever seen one.

      Giving people legal weed? Really?!! That ain’t edgy, cool or hip. In fact, Lefties are both boring and predictable. They’re simple reactionaries who are against everything that’s lawful, traditional, patriotic, good and Godly.

      But you’re right, the D卐M☭CRAT Party proglobotically want more stoned, stupid, lazy, slacker voters because you’d have to be ripped to vote for any of their policies.
      Here’s the good news: George Floyd has been drug-free for over a year.


      • Robski says:

        I guess we’ll see about that red ripple I mean wave in 2022. As if there aren’t millions of conservatives out there who smoke dope lol! And you mean to tell me that there isn’t even a few hundred thousand sane, moderate Dems out there who voted Trump or independent because they were turned off by the rioting and the BLM toxicity and lame, boring choice of Biden Harris? You don’t really believe that do you dog-man? If you do I would be worried that you are on the hippie lettuce hard! I’d also ask you what brilliant and new and dynamic ideas do you have to appeal to all those voters who are thinking about leaving the far left lunacy or are on the fence? What you said about the Democratic Party is spot on, but the GOP has the vacuum but it isn’t being filled. And I’m glad the Dems are losing support, they should be. But I firmly believe the GOP isn’t really offering much to potential supporters that they so desperately need.


        • Good Dog, Happy Man says:


          You’re right. Republicans find it hard to compete with Uncle Sugar. The yutes of America like big government giving away free stuff and OPM, (other people’s money). But young, idealistic, furry-headed youth haven’t yet been mugged by reality; working hard, making a payroll, getting a good job, raising a family and paying confiscatory taxes. When they get woke to reality, they’ll vote for strong Conservatives.

          Stoned snickerwrappers with skulls-full-of-mush call corporations and rich people, “too greedy”. Why don’t they ever call government, “too greedy”? And today it’s not the Republicans who are rich, they’ve evolved to become the ‘working family” party.
          Rich socialist snootyelites are all Democrats. But I digress.

          Indeed, nothing motivates young people to vote like concern for their future THC. How comforting to know the next generation has its priorities in order. (sarc/off).

          BHO, (pronounced bee-hoe) bought their vote; Yes, we cannabis!

          @georgegesson, (below),

          Trump is the defacto leader of the populist Patriot Wing of the GOP, but if he doesn’t choose to run again in 2024, Ron DeSantis is the next clear favorite son of freedom. While Zhou Bai-Din was the oldest person to become president, DeSantis would be one of the youngest.

          Democrat leadership is a geriontracy. Average age 72, while the average age of the GOP leadership is 48.

          Madison Cawthorn, (R-NC), the young man who stood up and saluted the flag from his wheelchair, is the youngest-ever member of the House. He’s 25 and his future’s so bright he’s got to wear shades.

          If Trump should run again, Candace Owens has offered to be his vice-president.

          And finally I’d like to see Tim Tebow run for political office. He’s a strong manly man of faith. However, he may already have a gig, as a starting tight end for NFL’s Jax Jags.

          These diverse young people certainly appeal to me.



      • georgessson says:

        GoodDog-HappyMan, There is ONE “moderate/centrist” who’s been seen in good ol’ Dane county -Ex-Mayor Dave. But it seems like neither side notices. Worse may be that they don’t care. Be that as it may, I do think that the GOP needs to seek/integrate some youthful appeal as well. However, no clue as to who or how w/ the current line-up….


      • Robski says:

        You have some very astute points GDHM. Upon reading your second reply I recalled a time when my now long deceased grandparents told me that once I hit my mid 30s, that I would grow tired of Democratic and liberal politics. They were absolutely right, literally down to the year and so on. Ultimately though I think that the left can get away with the big lie by default, by barely winning ugly due to lack of enthusiasm for GOP candidates. If Rep. Don Young (R-AK) and Rep. David Joyce (R-OH) can introduce an act to deschedule cannabis then a great deal of these old clunker GOP politicians can get with the changing times! These two forward thinking conservatives don’t think legal weed is a dumb idea. I say stop being inundated with the outdated. Of course there are other issues (climate change, immigration, equality over equity) that the GOP can revise their stance on. If they want to win then platform their has to change.


    • One eye says:

      I thought the Chuck Taylors were the one thing that all generations could agree upon (i.e., awesome).


  4. georgessson says:

    Yep, “Projection” is curiously omnipresent in many Lib
    diatribes against their opposite-aisle opponents. And,
    they never see the self-parody. Or irony…

    It was from Sigmund Freud’s 1890’s work that the concept emerged
    on “defense mechanisms” and further refined by his daughter, Anna Freud.

    From my 2nd year Psych text:

    “People tend to project because they have a trait or desire that is too difficult
    to acknowledge. Rather than confronting it, they cast it AWAY and ONTO someone else.
    This functions to preserve their self-esteem, making difficult emotions more tolerable.
    It’s easier to attack or witness wrongdoing in another person than confront
    that possibility in one’s own behavior”

    Bottom line? Expect a whole lot more mis-placed blame. Whirl is king, after all.


  5. Bill says:

    What I think is that there is a small minority of those on the left who are really communists who pretend to be democrats or republicans in order to bring about a “new world order”. This “new world order” will bring about the following changes in America.

    1. America will come to resemble a third world nation.
    2. Extreme poverty for all except for that small minority.
    3. Extreme loss of human rights for all except for the “in” group at the time.
    4. Complaints against those in power will brand you a traitor and have you either worked to death or shot.
    5. The brainwashing of our children will continue until they don’t have an original thought in their heads.
    6. Denouncing those around you to include your own parents, children, spouses, co-workers will become the norm.
    7. People will be rounded up just because they are associated with someone accused of a crime.
    8. There will be no God except for the state.
    9. The leadership of the state will have absolute control over everything and everyone.
    10. Any attempt at exercising your own individuality will be crushed, there will be no individuals, only the collective.

    Just to mention a few.

    That along with the ban on owning property to include housing, cars, guns and other markers of an individual will become the norm.

    In short, look to North Korea for the role model of what America is about to become under the leadership of those who want to control America and all Americans.


  6. Bob Dane says:

    From the WSJ about reimagining downtown, “New Wisconsin Historical Society and Veterans museums could have shimmering glass sheathed facades”. Can’t make this stuff up.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      How long do you think it would take for those “shimmering glass-sheathed facades” to be replaced by plywood boards covered in the primitive daubs of BLM-sanctioned “artists”? The predictable aftermath of the next media-hyped shooting of an “unarmed” black man by cops who had the racist audacity to defend themselves.

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      • richard lesiak says:

        Or if the right decides to have another group of happy tourists gather to “hug and kiss” the cops.


  7. Sheppy says:

    The headline could read “Democrat voters are killing Democrats and they know it”. The politicians they manage to elect don’t care one bit.

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  8. Balboa says:

    Equal Misery for all is what D.E.I is all about!, don’t like it go back to you ancestral homelands. this is the U.S.S.A.


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