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Crime is killing Democrats and they know it

Who ya’ gonna believe: James Carville or your lyin’ eyes? It’s variously been attributed to Lenin, Goebbels, and Saul Alinsky. Maybe they all said it: ‘Accuse the other side of that for which you are guilty.’ Add Clinton-whisperer James Carville … Continue reading

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Racism of the woke dead

 How much more ridiculous can identity politics get? Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is only accepting interview requests from “black and brown journalists” as a matter of policy, according to a spokesman. Imagine the reverse! The mayor is tied of “educating … Continue reading

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Got pronouns?

Mine are “Mr., Sir, Your Lordship,” and “Hey You.” Now buzz off! More proof that the City of Madison government is more Woke than an over-caffeinated insomniac at the dynamite factory. The Police Civilian Oversight Board is what we conservatives … Continue reading

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