Expecting that midnight knock at the door

From Marshall Law himself!

A great schism has come to the Republican party. It may result in an equally great purge, such as the sainted Bill Buckley rid the conservative movement of anti-semites, racists, and John Birchers in the mid-1950s. Thirty years later, Goldwater and Reagan marginalized the Rockefeller eastern establishment.

Question is, who gets purged? Blaska and other realists or the bitter enders willing to subvert the Constitution to save their hero, the self-destructive (but somehow infallible) Donald Trump?

martial law

Trump’s Christmas die hards have taken to their social media bunkers with conspiracies that make the supposed fakery of the moon landing sound credible. A sampling:

  • “The Electoral College votes have NOT been counted. They are sealed until January 6, 2021. Another trick by the fake news!”
  • “Trump won by a landslide.”
  • “Not a single penny to WISGOP unless WI state legislature votes to decertify November election!”
  • “Democrats are not blocking us; it’s the RINO anti-Trumpers.”

In case of our disappearance

Though the Werkes voted Trump,  Trump’s putsch people demand we be arrested for treason under “marshall law.”

Every faction has its kooks (they’re running Madison WI) but Robert Gerald Lorge of Bear Creek WI claims some stature. Son of a former state senator, a candidate for that office himself and for Lt. Governor of the state, he is an attorney and producer of some excellent honey.

Hungary tanks

What happens when you vote wrong

Mr. Lorge wants the President to declare martial law

David Blaska: How does that play out, Mr. Lorge? … like one of those banana republics, suspend habeas corpus? Shut down CNN and the NY Times? Military tanks in the streets? Line up opponents against the wall with a cigarette and a blindfold? Midnight knocks at our doors? People “disappeared”? Who enforces? Not the military, which took an oath to the Constitution, not (unlike Nazi Germany) an individual. Am I on your hit list?

Robert Gerald Lorge: “I think the gallows are just for all those engaged in defrauding this election, if that you, so be it.”

Blaska: Who and what army will march them? Under what court order? You call for insurrection, civil war, domestic terrorism and then accuse your political opponents of treason!

Lorge: “… The military in martial law would have several options, but foremost those guilty would be apprehended by force, and stood up for trial by military tribunals. Habeas Corpus would be suspended …  There would be a lockdown … to prevent rioting, looting and pillaging like we have already seen by leftists. I imagine all broadcast and cable news would be suspended.” 

“Maybe the heads of the Biden camp would be dragged out of their houses like they had their corrupt crooked FBI do to Flynn  … Lincoln even hanged a few belligerent Congressman, but that might be going a bit far since the public might want to see many more of them hanged. … If the leftists start shooting at our military, I and many other citizens would help the military shoot back GLADLY if authorized.”

G. Washington

Truly Orwellian


It’s not just Mr. Lorge. The “We The People Convention” took out a full-page ad in the Washington Times urging Trump to “immediately declare a limited form of Martial Law, and temporarily suspend the Constitution.” CNN (which works hard to justify its mistrust) reported that retired Gen. Mike Flynn talked martial law at the White House. We turn to the level-headed Jonathan Turley:

It was an outrageous and reckless statement that was tantamount to a call for tyranny.   [However,]  … it was not some agenda item of a meeting of the Trump Trilateral Commission. 

Despite his alarming rhetoric, Trump has complied consistently with court decisions and worked within the legal system. If he or his successor ever defied the court, they would be removed from office. … Even if Trump lost his mind, he would have to carry out a martial rule without the military.  The military has said to leave it out of such bizarre discussions.

Blaska’s Bottom LineDonald Trump should issue a statement decrying the sloppiness of the November 3 election but recognizing the results — if he wants to save the country and his cause.

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46 Responses to Expecting that midnight knock at the door

  1. richard lesiak says:

    trump is insane.


  2. Sir Arthur says:

    It has been the cancer of the far-left wing of the Democrat Party – The Occupy Movement, Antifa, BLM – that has pushed this country to this point. It started with Bush-Gore, although not nearly to this extreme. It intensified when Trump was elected, with his defeated opponent and former First Lady stating that she will become part of “The Resistance”. That helped embolden the aforementioned kooks, and with the help of Soros funding and the complicity of the MSM – here we are! Republicans MUST retain the Senate, then begin work on January 1 on regaining the House. It’s there for the taking, within about 10 seats now, and with the division among the Dems between the radical left-wing Dims led by wild-eyed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the over-the-hill-gang of Pelosi, Hoyer, Nadler, and Schifface. Get to work, GOP! No excuses.

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    • Gary Kriewald says:

      To call the election “sloppy” is the very niceist thing one can say about it. As for those who think martial law would turn this country into a banana republic, look around you–the sham election already did that. All that’s left is the inauguration of Generalissimo Joe and Evita Harris.


      • Liberty says:

        Very true.

        Apparently some people were more put off by Trump’s tone than by the left’s regression. In rejecting Trump, they brought us that much closer to socialism.

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  3. sentient7 says:

    If, as I suspect but do not know, the election outcome was produced by illegal activities and fraud, then Biden should not become the president. As Jim Troupis explained on Vicki’s show, no court case has been decided on the merits of the evidence of fraud, illegal actions, rigged voting machines and/or biased software. Consider that for a minute. The courts refused to hear the evidence. (review Peter Navaro’s report)

    YOU have been silent about what recourse citizens have for illegal elections. You seem to reflect respect and admiration for those who fought (and died) for the Consitution, YET, you are willing to accept fraud and illegalities “to save the country.” WTF ! What about future elections? Fraud and illegal activity will not reform themselves! They will continue. Romney and the Lincoln Project are not coming to the rescue. By allowing presidential elections to be determined illegally, what protections do any of us have against mob rule and Woke expropriation actions to create “social and racial justice?

    Reparations and free medical benefits for illegal’s are only the beginning. You may reject the views of Lorge, but you have remained silent about all other remedies to illegalities.

    Vichy France is not a model for the future. Did you really stake your personal integrity with Romney and the other Quisling Rino’s?

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    • David Blaska says:

      “Quislings.” Strong words, ill used. AKA: hyperbole. Total respect for the legal acumen of Jim Troupis. Did the best with what he had. But no allegation of forged ballots, double voting, fake voters. Citizens followed the precepts as laid down by election clerks. To disenfranchise voters for the mistakes (however intentional) of ministers is undemocratic. Besides, is it so hard to believe that four years of Mr. Chaos lost Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania after somehow drawing an inside straight four years earlier against the Hildabeast?


      • Batman says:

        Do you think that Biden won fair and square?

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        • David Blaska says:

          Trump brought many into his tent as he chased others out. Problem is he never had a majority of Americans. Won 2016 by a lucky inside straight in a few keys states like Wisconsin, PA, and MI. All very narrowly. Trump was horribly served by the corrupt news media, which peddled increasingly desperate lies (Russian collusion, nothing to see on Hunter Biden, Trump is a racist). But the guy picked needless fights with potential allies. Responding to the news media’s baiting during the once-daily Covid briefings was his final undoing. He lost 2020 in Wisconsin’s WOW counties and their equivalents in Arizona and Georgia — NOT because of Dominion voting machines. In any event, Trump is supposed to be the Master of the Universe but he got played by Joe Biden? He was supposed to drain the swamp but after 4 years the swamp won?


      • sentient7 says:

        Quisling bothers you. OK, how about RINO collaborationist?

        My rejoinders to your affirmation and rationalization of a Biden victory. –>

        * Your personal distaste for Trump’s attitude, language, etc., has NOTHING to do with the question of whether the election processes were in violation of state law, though that unprincipled view is common to most liberals.
        * What was the effect of the Wisc. Election Commission’s illegal refusal to prune the voter roll by more than 200,000 entries? How much fraud occurred from dead people who voted, ballot harvesting in nursing homes; from non-residents and illegal aliens?
        * Illegal ballot harvesting in Madison with Zuckerberg funds that promoted voting in the parks.
        * Illegal voting by those who did not complete absentee ballot applications, as REQUIRED by law — even though WEC denied a place on the ballot for Kanye West for a 14-second violation. That action, alone, could have turned the outcome to a Trump victory.
        * WOW counties were NOT Trump losses as you claimed in another post.
        * And, you have ignored what remedial actions must be taken to eliminate fraud before the next election.


    • Liberty says:

      Well said, Sentient!

      There are tens of millions of Americans who believe this election was fraudulent. That the courts won’t even hear the evidence doesn’t allay these fears.

      We’re sitting here looking at sworn affidavits, data dumps, & statistical improbabilities, yet are told to just get over it.

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  4. georgessson says:

    Who’da thunk it ? While plenty of railing at Obama’s election (and 2 terms), conservatives mostly kept it private. Even e-mails w/ explosive new “revelations”, etc. were sent mostly to fellow un-accepting die-hards. This new, well-publicized version is A. Absurd B. Dangerous and C. Scarier yet, B/C it seems to be gaining traction.

    I guess the exposure to all the Fake News (or Ignored News) by the MSM has put some folks over the edge. Or perhaps Trump’s 4 years of chaotic Tweets found their mark. But this aspect of resistance is a surprise we don’t want or need. BTW, I did vote for Trump; and for many reasons, he did not win.


    • Liberty says:

      “But this aspect of resistance is a surprise we don’t want or need.”

      Completely disagree. It’s because conservatives often times surrender that the left has been able to begin to change the fabric of this nation as much as they have. They see surrender as a weakness.

      If this was a legal election, then by all means, we need to concede gracefully. But millions of us don’t think it was fair. And why should we?

      I’m not sure how anyone can look at the evidence, the hundreds of sworn affidavits & testimonies, the data dumps, the missing USBs, the statistical improbabilities, the fact that as Trump is winning on election night, counting comes to a halt, then when it resumes, Biden is in the lead.


  5. Lars says:

    richard lesiak IS A RACIST!

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      In Related News:

      *Water is wet
      *Heavy objects submit to gravity, and
      *Jeffy Epstein didn’t kill himself…

      The Gotch

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    • richard lesiak says:

      any proof of that lars?


    • Gordy Sussman says:

      If true, it’s evident to all in this assembly and doesn’t need mention. If not, it’s nasty slander and has no place here. Either way, it smacks of a third grader calling out a classmate as a poopiehead.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      The Gotch never makes the mistake of arguing with bespawling addlepates for whose opinions he has no respect.

      The Gotch


      • richard lesiak says:

        You agreed with Lars that I’m a racist.. I am wondering why. A simple answer is needed; not another of your silly deflections.


  6. Alfred E Neuman says:

    I sort of hope trump does declare martial law, that way we can watch as the military marches him into the brig, or maybe he’ll shoot himself in the back with an automatic weapon ala Allende. Do people here really believe the election was a fraud and trump actually should be president, if so I never knew the depths of depraved moronity that human being could actually descend to.

    Anyway the NYT had this short interview with a non activist jurist today. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/20/us/politics/wisconsin-justice-brian-hagedorn.html?fbclid=IwAR0shlZPYJxt90VtSw4uqgDQx7IuF1tvYMz9PZMrHYRyJwk0szWmsE8UHAU


  7. Batman says:

    Luckyesteeyoreman, 12/17/20 from ethicsalarms blogsite:
    “Election.” Stolen. Rigged. All talking around the truth. All of you.
    Say the words: It. Was. A. COUP. Say them! Don’t talk around them.
    Trump has been ousted, and is now President-In-Exile. Biden is now President-In-Title-Only [PITO] – not a legitimate president – not a lucky outsider like Trump, but A REAL ONE [PITO].

    This blog might, just might, already have been infiltrated by agents of the junta. They’re watching. And they ARE coming. Just watch. The junta knows they pulled off a coup. They just don’t want to hear you say what they know. Because it works best for the junta, for people not to say what everyone knows to be true, if in any way that truth is adverse to the junta. NO ONE who exposes the junta’s corruption must be left un-monitored. NO ONE who dares to introduce “revolutionary” (“seditious” *) – even the least bit contrarian – thoughts and suggestions to the general public in opposition to the junta, must be left undetected, un-tracked, and eventually, un-personed. Disappeared. Just watch.

    *I predict that in 2021, “seditionist” will overtake and replace even “racist” as the predominant Ultimate Cancel Culture Curse – the ultimate (ironically) “Trump Card” – the ultimate Curse Card and Dog whistle to license the leftist mob’s no-limits-to-means personal destruction of any suspected “seditionist.”

    Since your “hateful” thought-crimes remain naked to the junta, you can expect a visit. Or, some kind of de-platforming – one way or another. Along with a steady drumbeat of pro-junta propagandizing through blog comments. Trust no one, because none of the junta – from its figurehead P.I.T.O., Biden, to the lowliest, most eager-to-prove-themselves-by-any-means-necessary activist, all dressed in black and throwing frozen water bottles at cops out of mobs they blend into and hide in – trust you. You have seen how skillful and successful the junta’s troops are, from the rioters to the media hacks to the pro athletes and other entertainers, to the utterly immune university (and student) staffs, to the Big Cyber oligarchs.

    ~~~> I bet they’ve even convinced many of you that the November coup was non-violent! But no: THIS coup was VERY violent; it simply was executed in a manner that gaslighted anyone who would dare to speak about the truth of the protracted, asymmetric urban warfare. Warfare, that was strategically and tactically executed like someone in control of heating a pot of water – heating it ever so slowly, that a frog in the pot (symbolizing the people of the “right resistance”) is oblivious to the rising water temperature – ultimately, failing to hop out of the pot to “slimy safety” before being gradually scalded to death.<~~~

    ***Well, RIBBIT! They gotcha. But, you don’t sense the heat yet.***
    So, what are YOU going to DO about it?


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  8. Batman says:

    For those seeking practical strategy/ways to repel, neutralize, and overcome, the power hungry maniacs on the radical Left; here is a very good (nuts and bolts) article addressing precisely that.



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    • Liberty says:

      Interesting! I’ve been reading a book by Tammy Bruce that offers peaceful & lawful ways to fight back against the Left’s insanity & tyranny.

      At this point, I think most of us know what the problems are and how deeply they run. What we need is to learn how to fight back.

      Conservatives don’t like to push back, content to always take the high road. Noble, except that many of the people we’re dealing with don’t play fair, or think clearly for that matter.

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      • Batman says:

        Tammy Bruce is one smart chick!
        Btw; the article I linked does *not include violence* in its strategy to defeat the maniacal power hungry radical Left but instead explains how better organized and harder working etc. the Left is at advancing its agenda, sick as it is. Conservatives have much to learn and the blueprint for success has been beating on us for many years.


        • Liberty says:

          Oh, I know your link doesn’t mention violence. I just inserted the bit about peace in case some unhinged leftist misreads my intent.

          Yes, I LOVE Tammy Bruce. One of the smartest commentators of our time.

          Conservatives have got to change their strategy because surrender is clearly not working. They see it as weakness, and without pushback, will only continue to take more and more until we no longer have a country. It’s already become unrecognizable in many ways.

          I want peace and compromise and all those wonderful things. The left, however has made it clear that that’s not in their plan.


    • Liberty says:

      One more thing.

      Biden is also #notmypresident.

      After four years of perpetrating phony Russia collusion stories, non-stop hostility exhibited towards a legally-elected president, doxing, cancelling, harassing, and attacking Trump supporters, calling us racists, fascists, and chumps, and silence from Dems as cities were destroyed, they now expect us to forget all that and rally around Biden?

      No thanks.

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  9. Liberty says:

    There was more than mere incompetence and “sloppiness” involved in this election. Even a third of Dems acknowledge this. Why should Trump agree to fraud?

    Sometimes I don’t think conservatives realize how Donald Trump has united millions of passionate patriots. It’s because of him that the GOP has become relevant again, even winning seats in liberal strongholds.

    People love Trump because he’s not part of the ruling class, doesn’t talk down to us, and is one of the few who actually fights for us and puts America first. Giving up in the face of apparent fraud would feel like a betrayal, and would only hurt the GOP.

    Donald Trump and the millions of patriots he’s inspired from all races, religions, ethnicities, etc. ARE the face of the new Republican party. Today’s GOP is no longer yesterday’s GOP.

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  10. john van owen says:

    Lorge? Really? His father was busted screwing his staffer and pandering to hookers, his State Rep brother MARRIED his secretary after knocking her up and was a terrible Elvis impersonator, and now he wants to suspend the frickin’ Constitution so he can hump Melanoma’s leg for another 4 years?

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  11. dad29 says:

    David, your first mistake is assuming that everyone who voted for Trump is “Republican.” You might want to run a study to find out how many Trump voters are NOT “Republicans.” That might open some eyeballs. Or not.


    • David Blaska says:

      Your point is well taken. Trump brought many into his tent as he chased others out. Problem is he never had a majority of Americans. Won 2016 by a lucky inside straight in a few keys states like Wisconsin, PA, and MI. All very narrowly. Trump was horribly served by the corrupt news media, which peddled increasingly desperate lies (Russian collusion, nothing to see on Hunter Biden, Trump is a racist). But the guy picked needless fights with potential allies. He lost 2020 in Wisconsin’s WOW counties and their equivalents in Arizona and Georgia — NOT because of Dominion voting machines.


      • dad29 says:

        Whatever, Dave. Biden wins 1/3rd the counties that Obama did, yet gets more votes. Sun Prairie schools teach better math than that. Where were you during class?

        Damn fortunate that you are a voting machine expert, by the way. Next you’ll tell us that ALL the Wisconsin mail-in ballots’ signatures matched 100%, hands-down, no question about it. Epstein hung himself, too.

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  12. Balboa says:

    The main arguments are fatally flawed to argue in court. The spring elections, the issue in Dane County came up claiming covid 19 could be used to petition for an Absentee Ballot without providing the proper legal ID. This was a known issue in April when the huckster Jill Karofsky won a 10 year term on Supreme Court. Last I checked the do nothing Republicans in legislature sat on their hands and did and have done nothing to clarify the rules and to put punishment on requesting an absentee ballot illegally. Actually what have they been doing, absolutely nothing at all. Covid is not an excuse to stop working for the State of WIsconsin.

    Voting is a fundamental right, you cannot take the stance that each Votes is illegitimate until proven Legitimate that just cannot be the way elections are held. You have to assume each Vote is legitimate and any vote can only be thrown when it is found to be fatally flawed and not proven legitmate. The bar is set high on purpose.

    Did fraud occur, yes, can it be proven, not under the current system in place. He lost, he will leave no matter how exasperated and shock value journalists report on the so called news of day. Just Remember Democratic Socialism only is Democratic once and then after that is just called Socialism because you can never Vote it. The only way out of that hellish path of over regulation and rule by thuggery and intimidation in your life will not be done by so called peaceful protests.


    • richard lesiak says:

      “not under the current system”? When powell goes into a Michigan court and says there was fraud in a county that doesn’t even exist in the state….YEAAAAHHHH she’s going to lose. Rudy’s clown clown couldn’t prove sunshine. Who’s paying these fools.


  13. Bill says:

    May I ask of my fellow Americans that we all think long and hard over what comes next. Prayer to Almighty God to save this once great Country would be a good start! Worked for our forefathers, please let us try it.

    Almighty God, please give us the wisdom to do what is right by ALL of our citizens.

    Folks, let’s face it, bullets, artillery shells, bombs, poison gas and alike are all dumb. They do not take into consideration the person who is dying is a baby in the arms of his or her mother, or an elderly person just caught in the crossfire from those who are actual combatants.

    I love this country, America the beautiful.

    May God have mercy on our souls.

    Can’t help but bring my Catholic upbringing into this.

    “O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fire of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially those who are in most need of Thy mercy.”

    I mean that with all my heart. My fellow Americans, I do not wish to see us a house divided.

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    • Liberty says:

      I don’t want divisions, either.

      But I also can’t rally around people who want socialism, think this country is irredeemable, think I’m inherently bad because I’m white (something none of us can control), dox, cancel, & harass Trump supporters, and stay silent as cities are destroyed.

      There is no compromising with that state of mind.

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  14. Batman says:

    Thanks Bill; love your input generally and especially how you express your faith.

    How do you propose we deal with Antifa since it appears local LE in blue cities have forsaken their oath while observing Antifa crack skulls and incite riots/violence?
    Is a paycheck really worth your soul and integrity?
    The FBI could have rolled up these well funded and well organized rat-bastards but for some reason they remain unencumbered to wreak violent havoc. Same for the rest of the violent anarchists. Something nefarious is afoot here.

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